Another twist is connected to the Justice League trailer that was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con, and it had shown Alfred speak to a stranger who could have changed the course of the battle. And Wizard wins this battle, he was stalemating Unbound Spectre, while Wizard was at his weakest, and feat-wise Unbound Spectre destroyed a Universe inside Fate's helmet. However, he's more than met his match with Shazam. Therefore, the reason behind the three Mother Boxes existing on Earth and Steppenwolf coming back to return with greater fury at a time when it is considered that “, It is very plausible to think that Batman would be aware of the alter ego of the young Billy Batson being Shazam as he researched for the potential Justice League members. new 52 shazam vs current hercules who i think is dewpowered = shazam wins. As for Supes vs Billy they had battles when neither of them held back. This suggests that the duo is none other than Zeus and his brother Poseidon who are fighting against Steppenwolf and the army of Apokolips who are attacking the Earth. @krleavenger: Superman had better feats than Doomsday when Hunter/Prey came out, yet Superman still got his ass handed to him. Billy does have a handful of impressive combat and reaction time speed feats tho. Shazam! Shazam receives his God-like strength, from Hercules, the Roman aspect of the Greek demigod Heracles. ! I don't see Captain Marvel being able to do much about that. Physically Shazam is not that much of physical match. @itachus17: Nope, Captain Marvel has only used magic against Superman once; it was in JLA #29, and I'm unaware of any context involved in their fights. Justice League hits the theaters on November 17th. If you are talking about speed/strength/durability, then Superman wouldn't win in this category either, he is as tough and strong as Supes and way faster than him and has powerful magical abilities Superman is not gonna win, unless Billy jobs. There are other examples, but those 2 are good enough. Since this fight takes place in Asgard I give Zeus the win. In case, the Justice League entered the ultimate battle against Steppenwolf severely outnumbered then Batman would be compelled to summon Billy Batson to join the battle. This thread is about Pre-52 Wizard Shazam. Superman is vulnerable to magic. I acknowledge the fact that Captain Marvel is Superman's equal, at least when it comes to strength and durability. Zeus = Odin (It's a known fact), Odin >>> Silver Surfer (Easily one-shotted him while beating up Thanos), Silver Surfer > Superman (Most can agree on this one), Superman = Captain Marvel (This one too). This suggests that the duo is none other than Zeus and his brother Poseidon who are fighting against Steppenwolf and the army of Apokolips who are attacking the Earth. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Now a new Justice League spot provides a detailed insight into the two aspects of the story: the face-off between the superhero team and the cosmic raider Steppenwolf and the other battle between the army of Steppenwolf and the Amazons of Themyscira which most likely took place in the past. I feel like they'd stalemate. If this Zeus (Marvel) can control Shazam's lightning like DC's can, then it's a murder stomp with no chance for Shazam whatsoever. So no shazam would not stand a chance. Context of that fight was it one on one or Shazam with a team with Spectre. Both of them are some of the best magic users around and and to DC Zeus being weak, well DC Zeus himself was a member of the Quintessence. Copyright © 2020 Comicbooksgalaxy/All rights reserved. If you pause the clip carefully several times over then, it becomes clear that the person who wields the lightning bolt is dressed in red with gold-plated armor and something resembling a cape, which hints at Shazam. Several fans have been debating about the mystery figure being either Superman played by Henry Cavill or the debut of Green Lanterns. Supes has vastly superior combat and reactionary speed feats, and Superman has never utilized his super-speed in any of their fights. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fans have been minutely scrutinizing every aspect of the new Justice League footage released online, which is pretty much the same set of visuals fine-tuned and freshly colored. The clear answer to the question about the mystery guy being Shazam or Zeus can be found by figuring out the time period of this battle visual. Supes also stated that against people like Adam he doesn't hold back, and still couldn't put up a normal fight against Adam, who didn't even want to fight. Zeus is a god his powers have almost no limits. As seen in the myths Hercules was the son of Zeus and the mortal Princess Alcmene and possessed otherworldly strength. At any given time, it would be Zeus. Learn how your comment data is processed. This also clarifies why the old gods (Greek gods) intervened and supported the Earth forces. Another battle where Supes wasn't holding back was when he was possessed by Eclipso(and there is an argument that Supes was made stronger by Eclipso because anyone whom Eclipso possesses become stronger), though in this battle Billy was holding back. He has access to some of his power. It is obvious that Superman has better feat(minus the feat where Billy fought Spectre and few others), it is very simple, because he simply has way more showings, and the said feats don't help him when he fights Doomsday and many others, it is because they are his equals in terms of strength and durability, and from your post i can see that you didn't even read my post, which provided information from DC Handbooks and Encyclopedia stating that Billy is as strong and tough as Supes.


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