Fashion marketing is the process of managing the flow of merchandise from the initial selection of designs to be produced to the presentation of products to retail customers, with the goal of maximizing a company’s sales and profitability. Magazine advertising rapidly became a principal marketing tool for the fashion industry. The fashion system involves all the factors that are involved in the entire process of fashion change. The development of effective and inexpensive methods of reproducing photographs in print media in the early 20th century led to the rise of fashion photography and of heavily illustrated fashion magazines such as Vogue. Most people in the world today wear what can be described as “world fashion,” a simplified and very low-cost version of Western clothing, often a T-shirt with pants or a skirt, manufactured on a mass scale. To Support Customers in Easily and Affordably Obtaining the Latest Peer-Reviewed Research. In an era of increasingly diverse shopping options for retail customers and of intense price competition among retailers, merchandising has emerged as one of the cornerstones of the modern fashion industry. Muslim and non-Muslim designers produced a widening selection of appropriate and stylish looks, and numerous fashion blogs and magazines targeting Muslim women became available. Fashion merchandisers must thus utilize marketers’ information about customer preferences as the basis for decisions about such things as stocking appropriate merchandise in adequate but not excessive quantities, offering items for sale at attractive but still profitable prices, and discounting overstocked goods. Search our database for more, Full text search our database of 145,100 titles for. Definition of Fashion Retail: A consumer goods market focused particularly on clothing, footwear and accessories, which is characterised by short lifecycles, intensive competition and fickle consumers. The fashion designer is an important factor, but so also is the individual consumer who chooses, buys, and wears clothes, as well as the language and imagery that contribute to how consumers think about fashion. Search our database for more, Full text search our database of 145,100 titles for. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. The dominance of visual media continued in the Internet age, with fashion blogs emerging as an increasingly important means of disseminating fashion information. An inventory-tracking computer program in a department store in London, for example, can trigger an automatic order to a production facility in Shanghai for a certain quantity of garments of a specified type and size to be delivered in a matter of days. Definition of Fashion Retailing: Group of companies, part of the fashion supply chain that goes from the manufacturers to the consumer, offering fashion goods and services, through traditional seasonal spans and/or fast fashion timing, ranging from budget to designer price lines. At both the wholesale and the retail level, marketing also involves promotional activities such as print and other media advertising aimed at establishing brand recognition and brand reputation for diverse characteristics such as quality, low price, or trendiness. Red-carpet events such as awards ceremonies provide an opportunity for celebrities to be photographed wearing designer fashions, thus providing valuable publicity to the designers. Fashion retailing, marketing, and merchandising. Copyright © 1988-2020, IGI Global - All Rights Reserved, Additionally, Enjoy an Additional 5% Pre-Publication Discount on all Forthcoming Reference Books, Learn more in: Visionary Leadership: Learning from Exemplary Organizations. Merchandising also involves presenting goods attractively and accessibly through the use of store windows, in-store displays, and special promotional events. Still others have sought looks that are themselves both chic and modest. However, there are literally dozens of other Fashion Weeks internationally—from Tokyo to São Paolo. The fashion industry forms part of a larger social and cultural phenomenon known as the “fashion system,” a concept that embraces not only the business of fashion but also the art and craft of fashion, and not only production but also consumption. At the beginning of the 21st century the international market for modest fashions was growing. Successful fashion marketing depends on understanding consumer desire and responding with appropriate products. Some designers and manufacturers confronted not only the aesthetics of modest attire but also the practical challenges associated with conservative dress, as seen in efforts to produce modest yet effective swimwear and sportswear for Muslims. Other factors are external (e.g., major historical events such as wars, revolutions, economic booms or busts, and the feminist movement). By the early 21st century, fashion shows were a regular part of the fashion calendar. Extensively covered in the media, fashion shows both reflect and advance the direction of fashion change. The following are some steps that will guide you to a career in fashion retailing: Fashion is a complex social phenomenon, involving sometimes conflicting motives, such as creating an individual identity and being part of a group, emulating fashion leaders and rebelling against conformity. Photographs and videos of fashion shows are instantaneously transmitted to mass-market producers who produce inexpensive clothing copied from or inspired by the runway designs. One significant development in the field of ethno-religious dress was widespread adoption of the hijab (religiously appropriate attire) among Muslim women not only in the Middle East but throughout the Islamic world in the early 21st century. In the standard definition of the term, merchandising involves selling the right product, at the right price, at the right time and place, to the right customers. Marketing operates at both the wholesale and retail levels. They use fashion shows, catalogs, and a sales force armed with sample products to find a close fit between the manufacturer’s products and the retailer’s customers. The fashion industry thrives by being diverse and flexible enough to gratify any consumer’s desire to embrace or even to reject fashionability, however that term might be defined. A consumer goods market focused particularly on clothing, footwear and accessories, which is characterised by short lifecycles, intensive competition and fickle consumers. By the early 21st century the Internet had become an increasingly important retail outlet, creating new challenges (e.g., the inability for customers to try on clothes prior to purchase, the need for facilities designed to handle clothing returns and exchanges) and opening up new opportunities for merchandisers (e.g., the ability to provide customers with shopping opportunities 24 hours per day, affording access to rural customers). Media of all kinds are essential to the marketing of fashion. A model on the runway at Zac Posen's fashion show during Fashion Week in New York City, September 2010. Global Perspectives on Achieving Success in... Servant Leadership: Research and Practice. Global Perspectives on Achieving Success in... Servant Leadership: Research and Practice. Search inside this book for more research materials. However, there are also numerous smaller and specialized fashion industries in various parts of the world that cater to specific national, regional, ethnic, or religious markets. Already in the late 19th century, Paris couture houses began to offer their clients private viewings of the latest fashions.


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