Concrete Water Tanks Auckland | Waikato, Te Awamutu, Otorohanga: Manufacturers of precast concrete products and suppliers of ready mix concrete 07 871 5209 CENTRAL NORTH ISLAND Auckland, Waikato (Including Coromandel), BOP, Gisborne, Taranaki WATER TANK IBC BSP50-50mm MALE CAMLOK ADAPTOR Start price. Accessories (20) Options for grape marc leachate & liquid fertiliser are now available. We sell Devan and Aqua Tank water tanks that can hold up to 30,000L of water, most of which come with free delivery. Bladder tanks are available in a wide range of sizes to maximise your water storage capacity. It can easily be connected to a downpipe with a Maze Downpipe Converter , or linked to another tank with the Maze Water Tank Linking Kit so you can increase your rainwater collection capacity. Buy Now. Made from Medium Density Polyethylene, this is a heavy duty tank with a high shot weight and a strong, conical roof design. It is available in a variety of colours. Buy Now. Shop Today and Save! Water in the great outdoors is liquid gold, so set up your vehicle with an Ironman 4x4 Water Tank. ... Great Water Tank, Brought 2 of the TT276, See all reviews 14/06/2018 . Tank materials Our specialist Water Services team can provide you with a water tank & pump combination to suit your needs, whether its a 1,800 litre garden tank, a 30,000 litre farm storage tank, or a combination of both. Our water tanks come in a range of sizes and are fully compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards for polyethylene storage tanks for potable water and chemicals. Warkworth Tanks manufacture a wide range of tanks, our water tanks can be either Above ground or fully buried. Tank H2O installs emergency water tanks in Wellington & Wairarapa, and gutter foam protection systems in Wellington, Wairarapa & Manawatu 021 795 296 About Us Tanks are moulded in one piece and can be mounted either way round. 1200 litre Polyethylene liquid Storage Tank . Dirt and dust, leaves, animal droppings, and other substances will settle in the bottom of a water tank over time. Our slimline water tanks are designed for narrow spaces next to your home or for areas with limited space, and our round corrugated rainwater tanks are ideal for larger properties with more space. Most councils now require new developments and house renovations to include detention tanks. The TT1200 captures rain water for recycling by fitting snugly under any eave with your building downpipe connecting directly into it. Fittings; Combo Packages; Export Tanks; Filtration; Slimline Water Tanks; Underground Water tanks; Water Pumps; Water Tanks; Get … Detention tanks can also be used to retain water as retention tanks. We use plastic, manufactured locally to NZ AUS standards - suitable for potable water. Tanks are moulded in one piece and can be mounted on any orientation. Call us on 09 443 5880 for more information! See our wide range of home and garden water storage tanks and get one for your home today! Can’t find what you're looking for? All our Tanksalot® Corrugated steel water tanks have low maintenance costs, are fire resistant, and come with a virtually unlimited service life. Inlets and outlets can be fitted on our range of tanks during installa A storm water detention tank ‘detains’ or slows the release of storm water from your property, and in particular your roof, through the provision of an on-site water tank. Making rural water simple. Water tanks, pipes & pipe fittings and culverts. Tanks are supplied with no inlets or outlets. FenceTank water tanks or retention systems naturally blends with your property's periphery allowing for a smart and almost invisible solution that's perfect for projects where space is a premium. No more guessing. Liquid or water storage tanks . Store anywhere from 25,000 litres to 2 Million litres for when you need it most. Think Water Auckland supply a full range of high-quality polyethylene (plastic) water tanks for commercial, residential and agricultural use. We buy our tanks directly from manufacturers. Looking to store water for your home? Read More → Water tanks done direct. Water is heavy, so even slim-line tanks need to be well supported. Manufacture. We often hear people remark that our tanks can't be … Rural Water stocks a range of high quality small & large plastic water tanks that will meet all your Farm Water Reticulation, orchard or residential needs at wholesale prices. The 25,000L Standard "Cone Top" tank is suitable for above ground applications and partially buried applications to a height of 2.4m maximum.


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