Standard thin profile. I bought the neck about 5 yrs ago for a project that fell thru. 1-11/16" nut. Not the best but gives it character. The neck is straight and truss rod functions as it should. Scale is 25.5” 10” - 16” radius. It is currently mounted on an old Ibanez body, so I'm assuming it is fender 25.5" scale/neck pocket. Non standard Fender specs are: 12" radius. 1.69” graphite nut. This is a brand new neck and has never been mounted to a body. Modern construction, 6105 frets, and … The figuring on this neck is pretty cool, I tried to show it in the pictures. Looks like an aftermarket finish. There was 1 issue with it at the time. Up for sale is a Warmoth USA birdseye maple guitar neck with rosewood fingerboard. This auction is for a used Warmoth birdseye maple neck with non locking Schaller tuning pegs. It's in great structural shape. Comes with factory Warmoth packet. Beautiful Birdseye Maple neck with Birdseye fretboard. The neck seems to be pretty old. It is stamped Warmoth on the pocket. Light birdseye front and back and side adjustable truss rod.

Up for sale is Warmoth Modern Tele build. Heel width is 2-3/16”. 6230 medium frets. 6150(jumbo) frets. The frets are great. Clear satin finish, standard thin profile with Warmoth’s 10-16 compound radius fretboard.


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