Keep listening and discover the sound of music without limits. FJO: But what’s strange about that—maybe this is part of us being in a new dark age—is that even though music gets primarily transmitted through recordings, recordings are no longer a viable economic stream for most people now that so many people are just listening to music online. And I was so happy because I think that it made the experience more intimate for everybody. Roomful of Teeth Dublin Guitar Quartet. (1982). So it seemed to tap into something more universal. Schaid TA, Uresk DW, Tucker WL & Linder RL. “I still feel like I’m asking the same questions,” she said, “and, with each piece, finding different answers to the question of how to bring an intimate, vulnerable, human experience to a situation like working with an orchestra, which is a little bit disconcerting and I feel kind of disconnected as a composer for a couple different reasons.”. There’s a lyricism, and there are these melodies that float around the listener in a way that I think could be described as beautiful. FJO: Even though they share the same material, that material is presented so differently to the point that I don’t think they’re the same piece at all. Frank J. Oteri: The main impetus for our talk right now is that your choral piece Vesper Sparrow will be performed during the 2016 ISCM World Music Days in Tongyeong, South Korea, at the end of March. I wanted to make records. And I’m not terribly excited about it, but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t do it. How did that come into your life? I should get inspired by nature. We reserve the right to remove any comment that the community reports as abusive or that the staff determines is inappropriate. I met with their board. I think a lot of composers do, and I think it’s a fallacy that we’re supposed to reinvent ourselves completely with every piece. A testimony to Missy Mazzoli’s voracious reading habits is the bookcase in her living room which is filled beyond capacity. Saveraid EH, Debinski DM, Kindscher K & Jakubauskas ME. Once again, these pieces come out of your love of literature and, in the case of the most recent one which we’ll get to a little later, film. MM: I really can’t think of it. I was a little surprised by that. FJO: You shouldn’t be; they’re great. Let us know what you think of the website. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. I think that that left space for me to create my own music for it. But I love the musical form of that prayer service, the idea that it’s a series of invocations broken up by singing. They were about your concerns about the experience right before the Institute got under way, and they are extremely heartfelt. But I think the result is something that does capture the spirit of not only the Sardinian singing, but also of Roomful of Teeth itself. It is dead in my mouth.” Who hasn’t felt like that sometimes? And so when I was trying to figure out the connections I thought, well I know that you come from an Italian background, but you were using a poem by a woman with an Iranian background. At the same time, she’s a really tragic figure; she died at the age of 27. But you initially didn’t want to do this. FJO: There’s another backstory with These Worlds In Us which is a purely musical one. So once they understood that, I think that they were at least willing to give it a shot. FJO: I have a demo recording of you playing it that you gave me the first time we had lunch together ten years ago. The one thing we didn’t get around to talking about is the label “Women Composers” but as we were packing up the equipment she brought out a divider labelled “women composers” that was where any piece composed by a woman was filed at the former NYC sheet music store Patelson’s. I wanted to perform all over the place. I think it is being done in Cincinnati somewhere; I’ll get that recorded and let you know. I love to perform. FJO: That’s the opposite of intimacy, but I guess it’s vulnerable, isn’t it? But it’s important to me that people generally understand what’s going on, even in the simplest terms. I like the Sardinian aspect of it and I like that there’s a recording that these singers will hopefully listen to, even just to get an idea of what the piece is about and the character. The Vesper Sparrow inhabits grasslands and fields across much of the northern United States and Canada. The most recent all-Missy Mazzoli album, Vespers for a New Dark Age, was released last year (March 2015) on New Amsterdam Records. I went to luncheons. How much time do we have? This ties back to an earlier thread in this discussion about communication being the core of your music. FJO: Unfortunately nowadays so many composers do everything on computers, so no one can see sketches with Xs on them. The singers who are performing it there might not necessarily have the same background as Roomful of Teeth. In fact, one of the reasons you said that you formed Victoire was that you wanted to make albums. That’s been an interesting shift. It was a very different world than the world we live in now in many ways. She also experienced extreme poverty and extreme loss. But part of the reason I love it so much is I don’t think you even need that program note. Only someone reading the fine print could see that all the compositions were by Missy Mazzoli. There’s a brand new solo piano piece of hers on Michael Mizrahi’s forthcoming CD (which will be released on March 26) and an older solo piano piece on Lisa Moore’s new disc. So even that early on, you were involved in several different approaches to making music. FJO: But there are also all these other syllables that are not really comprehensible as language. Certainly not everything you’ve written is so decidedly and so intentionally pretty, but beauty has definitely been part of your compositional arsenal. A new edition had just been published in English, and I was immediately struck by what I read when I opened it up. February 17, 2016—2:00 p.m. Avoid personal attacks and defamatory language. to receive our email newsletters and get updates on news, events, articles, and opportunities. I read in The New York Times this week that Opera Philadelphia will be staging your new opera Breaking the Waves next season, and Michael Mizrahi’s latest solo piano CD, which is being released in a couple of weeks, includes a piece of yours. We were taking so much from the band world that I wanted to give it a name that wasn’t my own name. It’s hilarious and dark. MM: Well, yeah. But you have a lot of other stuff going on as well. She has this great poem that at the time was called “Vesper Sparrow,” which was later changed to “Home State,” and that’s where the text comes from that happens like three-quarters of the way through the piece. But if you’re basing something on a film, that film already comes with its own sound world: the sounds of the actors’ voices as well as the music of the soundtrack in the film.


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