©2020 American Peony Society. Peony cultivars of this class are almost always of two-stage (flower-in-flower) anatomy, presumably accounting for genesis of the term “Double” in traditional peony dialogue. Other regional systems exist in practice and in publication, but are neither used nor recognized by APS in any official capacity. Bartzellas are one of our favorites, and they should be yours too. Type of Peony Plants Peonies are divided by plant growth habit These types include Herbacious, Tree, & Intersectional Also see peony flower types Herbaceous Peonies Herbaceous peonies are soft stemmed peonies. Their 6,500 cultivars are almost always some shade of pink. You’ll surely catch their scent as you pass by them. With that in mind, let’s first break down the three types of peonies: Herbaceous peonies are considered bush peonies because they grow in neat mounds only about two feet tall. Peonies are show-stoppers. Their flowers hold a lot longer than herbaceous peonies. Take a look below to see nine of the most gorgeous varieties of peonies. Peonies may even outlive you! Would love your thoughts, please comment. This makes for a wide variety of bloom with a greater range of colors. Their petals are dense and large, and spoon around a delicate golden center. They are deer-proof and bloom every year. You may confuse Big Ben Peonies with carnations due to their ruffled petals. This type of peony is most commonly used in gardens and as cut flowers. Each flower form presents intrigue, beauty and contemplation for the viewer. Gardeners love their hardiness, early blooming season, and longer-lasting flowers. Herbaceous peonies offer a wide variety of flower types from single peonies to semi-double, double, bomb, Japanese, and Anemone peonies. Want to learn more? Some types of peonies can survive for a hundred years. Outer tips and petals of the flower containing the deepest of the coral hue. Although varieties of peonies reach into the thousands, there are only three types of peonies. Choose these peonies for their hardiness, drought tolerance, fall colors, and deer resistance. They have woody stems, grow slowly, and lose their foliage every fall. They are also typed according to growing environments, needs, and so on. (photo source: National Gardening Association). Although varieties of peonies reach into the thousands, there are only three types of peonies. Due to their size, fragrance, and delicate pink petals, they are a garden favorite. Each flower form presents intrigue, beauty and contemplation for the viewer. The width and length to which the inner segments have progressed in size is such they have become inner petals, almost always the same color as the guards. Peonies are a wonderful flower to place in any garden. This hybrid flower blooms in the spring and makes a great cut flower for ornamental purposes. Stamen transformation in the anemone form has progressed toward petal characteristics to the point where all visible evidence of stamen origin, except for yellow color, has disappeared. See below for a list of downloadable PDF resources. The relationships between the species need to be further clarified. They actually change color heading into fall, taking on more bronzy tones. All rights reserved. You’ve likely seen Coral Supreme Peonies. Types of Flowers, Flower Pictures, Rose Color Meanings & More. And they can form enormous blooms an average of 20cm in diameter. This center ball will vary in size in different Bomb form cultivars, Red Charm and Mons. But make sure you leave plenty for the butterflies to enjoy. The flower forms of peonies are wide and varied. We love their apple-blossom guard petals mixed with sunny yellow stamens. Besides the range, they are rather sturdy. Peony Types Herbaceous Peonies Herbaceous peonies are the most common form of peony. They add romance, life, and vibrant colors to your garden or backyard. Check Out The BenefitsBecome an APS Member. They are one of the newest colors of peony and have since skyrocketed in popularity- particularly for weddings. There are also seven flower types: single, Japanese, double, semi-double, full double, anemone, and bomb. These are herbaceous, Itoh, and tree. Some of the few varieties of Peonies are: Chinese cut flower Peonies, with … They have green bushes and leaves that exist all summer. Flower types refer to blossom construction, sometimes including the length of their stems. See Addtional Resources below for more information. The two-stage anatomy accounts for the greater amount of petals seen in Full Doubles. P. lactiflora has provided hundreds of cultivated varieties, including the Japanese types, with one or two rows of petals surrounding a cluster of partially formed petals in the centre (petaloid stamens). Peony: The Best Varieties for Your Garden. Typically resembles the wild form with 5 or more petals, pollen bearing stamens, and functional carpels. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running. Peonies may even outlive you! Peonies are a wonderful flower to place in any garden. They’re a common choice in wedding bouquets, and make dashing centerpieces in the home. They’re exceptionally beautiful too, with bulbous blossoms of wide and dense incurve petals. Or stagger cultivation to extend blooming time up to six weeks. They’re known for their cup-shaped petals. The Philomele peony is one of the most fragrant among them. The types of peonies refer to several characteristics. Scientists differ on the number of species that can be distinguished, ranging from 25 to 40, although the current consensus is 33 known species. True to their name, they can grow up to 48 inches tall and spread nearly 20 inches in diameter. The American Peony Society’s official standard includes six Many gardeners have a lot of success with Bowl of Beauty Peonies. Jules Elie are examples. The flower forms of peonies are wide and varied. Take a look at the five most distinct types of peony blooms: It may be difficult to visualize these different bloom types, but we assure you they are spectacularly beautiful. Their growing periods are only two weeks, and the blooms are often too heavy for the stems. Join our family of passionate enthusiasts, including, botanical gardens, public gardens, gardeners, collectors, hybridizers, educators, scientists, floral designers and commercial growers. The American Peony Society’s official standard includes six forms – Single, Japanese, Anemone, Semi-double, Bomb and Full double. Their color also darkens on its way out from the center. These have for long been the commonly recognized classifications in North America and, for the most part, in Europe. And they can live for fifty years if you know how to keep them. The original peonies of this form were imported from Japan where the lack of pollen drop was a wanted feature. They’re often a great choice for home gardens. While there are different types of peony blooms, most have big “guard” petals that surround the center stamens.


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