Here the list of top 10 most beautiful fishes in the world. 20 ferocious storm formations that are absolutely stunning to look at from far away, but you won't want to be anywhere near them when they strike. Killifish vary widely in their care level and tankmate compatibility, so it is important to research the species you prefer before adding them to your collection. 18 Gorgeous Costa Rican Birds You Should See. On the massive island of Borneo, you can find numerous animals only native to this region, and none are more beautiful than these 15 birds, Ever Seen a Large Group of Dolphins Swim? Mandarinfish. It requires tank mates that are similar in size in order to prevent smaller fish from becoming food. Stunning Moments of Animal Migration That Left Me in Awe... 25 moments in nature of animals migrating you must see! Aquarium fish come in all shapes, sizes, and activity levels. Leap Into the Ocean With This Freediving Compilation. Oct 26, 2017 - All fish exist in various forms, shapes, and colours. While they get along with their own kind as juveniles, as adults, they will become aggressive and kill each other. Apr 28, 2019 - All fish exist in various forms, shapes, and colours. You think of squirrels running up trees and eating nuts, but a Swedish photographer magically captures their world in a way that you usually don’t get to see. Electric Blue Hap. Read about some rare and endangered animals that have been saved from near extinction through concentrated efforts of humans. It is native to the Amazon basin of South America, found in blue, brown, green, reddish and golden colors. They can be aggressive toward tankmates and their owners, so they should be kept in large tanks. Otherwise, they will start hiding, become stressed, and die. This filament, looking much like another fin, spans outward from the tip of the dorsal fin. This video gives us the answers. They are carnivorous in the wild, so they should not live with tankmates that would fit in their mouths. These fish like to be kept in groups of eight or more and love a tank with plenty of hiding spots. They have a symbiotic relationship with the structure, as the anemone provides shelter and protection while the clownfish brings food to the anemone. All Rights Reserved. Consider these fish species to add a more colorful appearance to your tank. They should be kept in groups of at least 6 and prefer warmer water. These large fish are very aggressive and prone to pushing around other tank inhabitants. It is a common mistake to keep a Goldfish in a bowl, but just like the Betta, they need a suitable home with a water filter and decorations. There are 28 different species of clown fishes are in total. It has a tan body and bluish black stripes, giving it a cartoon-like appearance in captivity as well as its native habitat of the Indo-Pacific Ocean. They do require some specific care guidelines but are generally suited for beginner or intermediate fish-keepers. In Brazil's vast Amazon rivers lies this beautiful fish, which prefers to hide in thick, dense vegetation, making it hard to find. If you’re looking to add bold color to your freshwater aquarium, look no further than the Electric Yellow Cichlid! Whenever the previous fish died, I chose to give up! The German Blue Ram is possibly the most docile of the Cichlid varieties. Just like any other aquarium fish, they need a proper home. Banggai cardinalfish is one of the peaceful aquarium fish endemic to the banggai Island of Indonesia. Since it emits a strong odor, it is often used as bait. Frogspawn Coral
Often regarded as the king of the aquarium, this fish grows up to six inches in length and is a peaceful, graceful addition to any setting. You can keep a single Gourami in as small as 20 gallons. They are peaceful fish and do well with other non-aggressive fish. Make sure you keep them in a large tank (larger than 120 gallons) to give them plenty of spaces to swim and hide. The Dwarf Gourami only reaches about 2 inches in length, while the full-size variety typically grows to 5 or 6 inches. If keeping them in a community tank, make sure that the Paradise Fish is the dominant species. We have all heard of a stamp or comic book collection, but we bet you have never seen collections like these before. It’s a good idea to add all your Discus to the tank at the same time, as adding others later will disrupt their pecking order. It has large vertical stripes in black, white, and yellow, along with a long snout with a similar pattern of striping. However, all of them would make an excellent choice as inhabitants for your aquarium. And it’s no surprise! Staithes, England. what kind of grandparent will you be (or are now)? They can reach up to fifteen inches in length, but usually don’t grow quite as large in captivity. The Starlight Bristlenose Pleco has a galaxy-like array of white spots that look fantastic on its solid black body. Top 25 World’s Most Beautiful Fish. Males have a tendency to fight, so consider keeping them separate. These fish, some of which are extremely rare and can cost tens of thousands of dollars, are found all over the world, and in the following series you can dive into the mysteries of the sea and watch the breathtaking beauty of nature with each of them. Small worms and ocean isopods are the main foods of mandarin fish. Keeping 15-20 in a 20+ gallon tank will keep them well content. Fishes are always one of the most interesting species in the world because of their colorful patterns and beautiful fins. Angelfish have one of the most recognizable shapes in the fishkeeping world. Their body is silver, with a bright red nose and black and white striped tail. Duncan Coral
Subscribe to our Newsletter and never miss another TMW article... Top 10 Most Incredibly Colorful Ocean Creatures, 10 Aquatic Animals With Mind Blowing Superpowers. The Fire Eel is a nocturnal, semi-aggressive carnivore that reaches up to 2 feet in length. But even experienced aquarists love guppies because of their active swimming and peaceful nature. Discus fish are considered intelligent and sociable and always move in large groups of their kind.


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