Tired Of Thinking About Drinking Take My 100 Day Sober Challenge Tired Of Thinking About Drinking Tired of Thinking About Drinking Visit the post for more why be sober anyway? It was great to read as a refresher and to reinforce continued sobriety, even almost 3 years out (cause Wolfie still pokes his head up every now and then). -->, sign up for free daily emails | follow on facebook | learn more about doing the 100-day sober challenge, Full-meal-deal that includes all three versions (print, e-book, audio) color: #009c98; BONUS: Includes extra content that I ... "I love it! line-height: 22px; Thanks for requesting your FREE pdf of Tired of Thinking About Drinking. } Wonder what the hell is wrong with me. 3202 0 obj <>stream © 2020 ​Tired of Thinking About Drinking . You have done an amazing job of writing a book that is not all about the why, or the sad drinking story, or the depressing life, but a book that is full of promise and action steps and coping strategies, and it is not long and full of mind-numbing facts or crap to just fill up space. h2 { Let me know how things progress, it is a gigantic undertaking and you have nailed it! } } My email is ​tiredofdrinking@gmail.com, ​Download your 25 Must-Have Sober Podcasts Here. font-family: 'Droid Serif', Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; �= S���]��k~��%��_�$�/Dn_��N}��C�eXX�W1y �8戢h�[ӎ=�+W�vݰh�ǐ � w�A'Y�N!dr�$"rky��уhCNy�t!�_\6{�s� ���cSX_�$�ק�j�8�9;��.���6\�����X��� �n��j��t7m:Dw�C�$���bw��cT�:�����>�1����`J=�}��VJ-�"��m���^Ե��ϣ'�&"3�c���"�6��Q�"x��A�(�l~� ��81zo�]p!. ̵�&'��� w^Lw�2��xѩGzӘ}2/�w[�� Y��#D8���+��)��0�/dq �b�$PX.Y� 4q�.�����0cEU*�z�?n�k>�����[�p_��ĨA �[T��L����L�W��Z+=LY��*^�p��"�����w Q�Lj���.�ʴD�,**-4������cӀ�]��}O�{��j��BEp*a��N�~Y.� t2��q�^žt�� T�s. gtag('js', new Date()); background-color: #FFFF33; So you downloading this book is a new tool, right?​ But also, I mention (often) the idea of audios. font-family: Merriweather, Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; ", Fern (day 133): "I love it! ", the sober store | the book | sober jewelry | sober audios | sober jumpstart class | calls with me | other stuff, learn more about doing the 100-day sober challenge, Read by me (not abridged, the whole thing, 6 hrs long). What an AMAZING accomplishment! thinking clearly If … Drinking Handout for Parentsx - SUNY Geneseo Drinking on an empty stomach impairs judgment and behavior more than drinking after or with meals Alcohol effects can be greater when one is tired, ng emotions Females are more affected than males of equal weight • Thinking about whether you will drink and you've tried to quit drinking before without enough support and have been unsuccessful; you've already tried to moderate; you want to spend less dumb money ; you want to consume fewer dumb calories; you want to not have to search your sent messages for disasters; … You see, audio has a way of going right into our heads in way that text doesn't. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; I want to document the noise in my head. I am sure your book is going to be a HUGE success! I LOVED it. color: #333333; h3 { I do not have a lot of experience with sober websites or supports but from what I have seen, from my years of lurking - Booze Free Brigade, SMART Recovery, The Bubble Hour, many books and other blogs -- no one has compiled all these various supports in one place. That’s my high bottom. Your approach with the blog, the challenge, the sober jumpstart class, the podcasts, is one of a kind. You can download your free copy of the book here. The book really is wonderful. © 2020 ​Tired of Thinking About Drinking . } I'm not sure if you'll see this page again, so best to do this now :). .unnamed1 { You can download your copy of the PDF here. } font-size: 175px; Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah! color: #000000; If you're having a hard time getting going, add more stuff. ed�wBr��Y������\���s�՝��l��U�T2�RƟ��U����i1�!eo�{�����>uKf0��E��;L0K���']L��g?�|!Ek�0i`q�E�������|�b�!WZ��|���-���'�����F����[A�擰�p���! you want to feel better; you've tried to quit drinking before without enough support and have been unsuccessful I feel tired/I’m having trouble sleeping. I … ​Below I've inserted ​an extract from one of my archived Sober Podcasts - Episode 155: ​Prelapse. font-size: 55px; Regular price is $100 USD. This chunk is just a few minutes long. #home a:hover { color: #CCCCCC; } } I CAN DO THIS!!! Currently living in Europe. TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT DRINKING: TRY MY 100-DAY SOBER CHALLENGE . This Prelapse audio is part of a special bundle I made up of the 25 BEST podcasts in my archives...They are hand-picked as being the most popular, the most useful, the most genius, and the most helpful-est—especially if you are just getting started. The day I started this blog, my day 9, I wrote: “I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. font-family: 'Merriweather', 'Droid Serif', serif; font-size: 12px; ����N/q�m�Дz�9U]+7r���S9JV�E�tw'Ea��h li { margin-bottom: -5px; font-weight: lighter; I want to give you the biggest hug imaginable ... Can't wait to tell my friends and colleagues about the book, hopefully increase your sales a bit. font-family: 'Amatic SC', Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; ​, I've put in a discount link below where you can pick up the special bundle of audios. Put your earbuds in. So you'll have something to listen to this weekend. http://traffic.libsyn.com/oneminutemessage/sp155.prelapse.part.2.extract.mp3. ", Pam (day 992): "I just finished!!! I can prove it to you. %PDF-1.7 %���� (Don’t I wish that I had not only a high drinking bottom, but also a TIGHT AND FIRM high Think about how many people you have helped and will help, jesus woman, you may be up for sainthood!


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