David Foster Wallace creates harmony with his audience at the beginning of his speech when he says “If anybody feels like perspiring, I’d advise you to go ahead, because I’m sure going to.” Wallace undermines his own authority to prevent alienating himself from his audience, graduating college students, by saying “I am not the wise old fish. READ PDF: Rhetorical Analysis of This Is Water by David Foster Wallace, .dc-included-main{border-radius:0px!important;box-shadow:0 1rem 3rem rgba(0,0,0,.175)!important;background:#fff!important;padding:10px!important}.dc-included-header{text-align:center!important;font-size:20px;margin-bottom:20px;color:#212121!important}.dc-included{padding:5px 10px!important;text-align:left!important;border-bottom:1px solid #eee!important;font-size:16px;color:#000}.dc-included-item{width:10%!important;float:left!important;height:30px!important;text-align:center!important}.text-success{color:#ffd200!important} Wallace, David Foster. Rhetorical devices are employed to deliver a message to the targeted audience effectively. The speech titled “This Is Water” was a commencement speech by the author to the graduates of 2015 in Kenyon College and has been transcribed to be used by learners in identifying what made the effectiveness of the speech. A Rhetorical Analysis of “This is Water” If one were to try to imagine a world without air, then it would certainly be very different than the world as humans know it. . Just last month I got caught away from the camp in that terrible blizzard, and I was totally lost and I couldn’t see a thing, and it was 50 below, and so I tried it: I fell to my knees in the snow and cried out ‘Oh, God, if there is a God, I’m lost in this blizzard, and I’m gonna die if you don’t help me.” The religious person then told his friend that he should have faith in in God because he saved him from the situation, and the atheist replied: “No, man, all that was was a couple Eskimos happened to come wandering by and showed me the way back to camp.” While the religious man believes that  God  rescued the his friend from the situation, the atheist emphasises that it is the Eskimos that saved him. He talked about two people ,one was an atheist, and one was a religious man, and they were disagreeing about the God’s existance. Wallace doesn’t leave the audience with advice in this situation. Hachette UK, 2009. This is Water is the title of a commencement address written and delivered by David Foster Wallace to Kenyon’s graduating class of 2005. The religious guy infers that since the atheist is safe and in the bar, he must believe in God. Maybe she’s been up three straight nights holding the hand of a husband who is dying of bone cancer.” He used “Maybe she’s” to emphasize on the different possibilities at hand.He said that also capture the attention of  his audience and make them relate to the story. Rhetorical devices are employed to deliver a message to the targeted audience effectively. Posted on March 15, 2016. 29 Feb. 2016. However, a person can experience freedom from this imprisonment by exercising awareness, discipline, and being compassionate towards other people. People concentrate and bigger things and forget the smaller but significant things in their environment. Wallace used a sincere tone coupled with rhetorical devices to relate with the audience and to make his speech exciting and understandable. ALSO READ: Professional Custom Essays Writing Services, When he was introducing the speech, David Wallace greeted the graduates and then introduced a story of two fish. Wallace personifies fish to deliver his point; he depicts the fish as humans by saying that they were talking to each other. This is water: Some thoughts, delivered on a significant occasion, about living a compassionate life. He also employed the technique when he was explaining about compassion and understanding other people's situations before judging them. When he talked about the fish, people expected him to refer to himself as the big fish who asked the smaller ones about the water since he is the one advising the audience. Work Cited Rhetorical Analysis: David Foster Wallace’s Commencement Speech “This is Water”, The Truman Show Part Two: Life Outside The Dome. He said, “There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys. Wallace says that “the point is that petty, frustrating, crap like this is exactly where the work of choosing is going to come in.” If a person doesn’t make a “conscious decision about how to think and what to pay attention to” then that person will become morose and irritated.


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