The Florida Pest Control Association has long been known for its forthright stance with regard to the image of the pest control industry in the public eye. DriDie is composed only of silica aerogel and is used in sensitive situ ations where organic insecticides cannot be used. You may be wondering what, if anything, this situation has to do with your pest control business. Like silica aerogel, it acts as an abrasive and a desiccant and takes a number of days to kill an insect. After the reorganization, the association began to branch out to attract new members, and it placed a continuing emphasis on education. 0000005186 00000 n Unfortunately, at this time DeltaDust is not labeled for use in commercial food areas where most situations involving wet cracks and voids are encountered. Another benefit of the new structure, Brooks explained, is cultivation of the leadership pool. Within the same room, a pest management professional may need to use two or even three different formulations to achieve the best results for his or her customer. Traveling workshops were initiated. The balance of $260,000 came from member donations, many in memory of Robert Dixon. But it may not be enough when a case like this comes along that threatens to taint the rest of the industry. Application of dust insecticides and baits into the same cracks and voids is also not advised. Later that year the association formed its own political action committee, PEST PAC. Formed from a group of about 25 PCOs who wanted to fight proposed state legislation, the Texas association was officially established in 1945. The type of dust chosen will depend on the target pest, the site being treated, and the type of area such as a commercial kitchen. Cockroach baits need to be used outside these de vices so the cockroaches will feed on it as they leave in search of food. There is an artistic medium known as "Roachart," created by an artist, Richard Boscarino, who poses dead cockroaches in lifelike backdrops equipped with tiny props to suggest, among other settings, a beauty parlor, a sales counter at Bloomingdale's, a public restroom, a bowling alley, a diner, and a re-enacted Last Supper? 0000005801 00000 n It enabled members to work with state senators and legislators to pave new ground. Placing the station close to active harborages is also preferred. An annual scholarship to the University of Florida was established in 1963, further cementing the association's long-standing commitment to education. But the 20 people went along with the 21. Cockroach debris, including excrement and body parts, is a major allergen in house dust? In late 1961, the South Florida Pest Control Association merged with the FPCA, leading to a much stronger and larger organization. A dust is not designed to treat exposed surfaces, except in areas that are inaccessible or are rarely entered, such as an attic or a crawl space. 0000003592 00000 n To receive a list of the sources from which the facts and near-facts in this article were drawn, send or fax a request to PCT, 4012 Bridge Ave., Cleveland OH 44113, fax 219/961-0364. There are more than 4,000 known species of cockroaches? To you, maybe this case is just one more thorn in your side, or yet another round of ammunition for the media to use against the pest control industry. • Each different dust requires a differ ent, properly labeled hand duster. The reasons for these feelings primarily involve the unsanitary nature of a cockroach's activities. That ain't all: They also eat cereals, sweetened or sugary substances, meat products, cheese, beer, leather, hair, wallpaper, artwork, legal documents, postage stamps, draperies, paper currency, and dead and rotting organic matter? A dust insecticide is the ideal choice for treating cracks and voids because it is easier to achieve complete coverage of surfaces inside the crack or void. Moldy baits are generally avoided by cockroaches. Dusts require air in the duster to pick up dust particles and carry them out the tip of the duster into the crack or void. PCOs, after all, are in the best position to hear about unqualified individuals doing business in their industry. In that revision, it was determined that the Structural Pest Control Board would be composed of five certified pest control operators.


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