Like any other language, Tamil do have a font for numbers, but not widely known or used. Learning counting in any language is not easy if you can’t read the alphabet or the numerical symbols. The alphabet, the grammar, the words are different for all these languages barring some of them where many words overlap or sound similar. Tamil Counting 1 to 100 in English. SSC-Addicted. For numbers from 100,000 there are two systems: the Tamil system (TS), and the Sanskrit system (SS), which counts in 100,000s (lakhs), which is written 1,00,000 in Indian English. Points: 461. Sathyanarayanan 3 years ago 2 min read. But when it comes to India, you have to really put in a great effort because almost every Indian state has its own language. Telugu Counting from 1 to 100. Telugu counting from 1 to 100 is like that only. If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. Eli Leiba. However, if you have them in English language, you can at least learn how to pronounce the numerals. Tamil Language/Tamil Video/learn tamil/TAMIL ENNGAL(TAMIL NUMBERS) 1 100 TSQL that lists all numbers from 1..100. Roman numerals 1-100 chart. List of Roman numbers from 1 to 100, with including printable table of roman numbers. Learning any language is a prospect of excitement. MULTIPLICATIVE NUMERALS: MULTIPLICATIVE NUMERALS IN TAMIL: Two Fold: இரண்டு மடங்கு : Three Fold: மூன்று மடங்கு: Four Fold: நான்கு மடங்கு: Five Fold: ஐந்து மடங்கு: Six Fold: ஆறு மடங்கு: Seven Fold: ஏழு மடங்கு: Eight Fold: எட்டு மடங்கு: Nine Fold 100 is the basis of percentages (per cent meaning "per hundred" in Latin), with 100% being a full amount. More actions February 18, 2012 at 12:22 pm #268572. 100 is the sum of the first nine prime numbers, as well as the sum of some pairs of prime numbers e.g., 3 + 97, 11 + 89, 17 + 83, 29 + 71, 41 + 59, and 47 + 53. Tamil numbers from zero to a trillion with the numerals, the numbers written out in the Tamil alphabet and transliterated.


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