They found several determinants that could influence perceptions on tourism impacts and some are as follows; community attachment or length of residence, knowledge about tourism, contacts with tourists and concentrations of visitors, demographic variables, etc. This paper begins with the interpretations of the concept of sustainable development(SD) and definition of ST. Then will discuss the fundamental information of Tourism, for example the two types of it. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? Why do we try to understand the concept of sustainable tourism? NY: Dowin Publishers. As others he also stated that more and more research needs to be done for sustainable tourism development and there several factors that will affect the tourism industry, thus what research is done now will be outdated for future predictions. 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Tourism is an important industry that depends on culture and, people-organisation relationships in terms of the whole person, whole group, whole organisation, and while social system" (, 2008). 0 Firstly they argued that sustainable tourism should include the participation of local residents, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the local tourism businesses such as hotels, restaurants, etc. In this paper, according to a lot of authors perspective, it help readers realize definition and characteristic of ST and SD easily. Many tourists are visiting tourist attraction areas all over the world. Although a detailed discussion of sustainability is difficult, but in order to understand the views are emerging of sustainable tourism now, and can work out useful strategies about the future development of tourism at destination areas.(Hunter,2002). 0000023343 00000 n The principles of sustainable tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals are at the DNA of the Tourism Strategy 2027, which defines sustainability as its basis, in its vision and in its strategic priorities, defining ambitious specific goals in both economic, environmental and social pillars. Sustainable tourism has also it drawbacks both to the local community and the neighbourhood at large. Resorts are the perfect place for such people who can happily spend time with their families and also getaway places for birthday parties and, Caribbean Travel and Tourism (HM321) Both the tourist and the community should be proud of the benefits that they derive from the industry and there should not be a situation where the disadvantages outweigh the advantages (Sostrand 2000). However what I can say is that my research is related because am interested to find out whether tourism development is harmful through attitudes of locals. From both definitions we have seen that both encompasses importance to protect resources on which the future tourism depend, hence we can say that the idea of sustainable tourism development goes around this issue. seems to be reasonable in order to justify sustainable tourism development and regarding my research am somewhat meeting their criteria on sustainable issues by knowing the local residents’ attitude towards that concept. With the global emphasis on sustainable development, a growing proportion of the tourism research has paid attention on the sustainable tourism. In contrast, the sustainable tourism is planned with the aim of benefiting the local residents, protecting the culture, and conserving the natural resources. ?��O�&sF�$}N%��/"�9c���B��˺�X�Ʊ�d�����PeK�@��r��zh*]��~�,�q�Rw97��$ՖG d�M�����ov�S$�:�/�2醹�����r�e���[�#�J(x�W��Ѿ9թ�C���4ʞ^1��8���E�/.���n'8#�����'�;Q-ճ�u�d�ӉI��J{��7��uBE�k�lj�����~r�����x�7�78�p�|A��"�����S �j�^|�eS�NDE�q���7���B*'X�TP OY��+$D��( ����)�'�����w��� �)���1�^�@��1�JY�j\Gwj�b̕(;J�p��U�R�n�;��Y:�tQ�1\⌏�d� ǁm�����0'�V}Ѣ��Zb9h���:h��Y� _���Z���h��a�o��M� �?p�H���?�� �sG @��I��5n��z�ژP�4n��۲gׅ���O ��'� Practitioners expected the academic community to come up with applicable and practical models and frameworks. However with these theories we could not compare and lack of a theoretical framework to give common explanation. The local communities should focus on business making and transactions that lead to foreign exchange should be clean with no scandals of whatever nature. 0000009546 00000 n Ko and Stewart (2002) used the structural equation model between residents’ perceived tourism impacts and attitudes towards host community. Mohinder Chand and Vivek studied residents’ perceptions towards sustainable tourism development in Manali region. Ensure economic long-term operation for an equitable distribution of socio-economic benefit to all stakeholders. However it is most likely that the environment would be damaged in any case, so sustainable tourism development even means to stop this damaging from continuing. Like other researchers he also found out that the local community involvement is important. At same time contribute to the poor area. Bülent Cengiz studied local residents’ perceptions of and attitudes towards sustainable tourism planning and management in Amasra (Turkey).


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