Clinical thermometer is a slight modification of mercury thermometer. Structure: It is smaller in size than the laboratory thermometer. Structure of Clinical Thermometer . Precautions while using clinical thermometer - definition. Download PDF for free. Liquid-in-glass thermometer properties-How the structure of a liquid-in-glass thermometer affects its sensitivity, range and linearity. A calorimeter is a device, or machine, used for calorimetry. Do not wash the thermometer with hot water. Post navigation Thermometer is made of a long narrow glass tube; with a bulb at one end. The principle and structure of common pointer thermometer. It has a constriction in the fine capillary tube. Answer:Thermometer is a device which is used to measure temperature. Fahrenheit created the first thermometer for measuring temperature. The clinical thermometer consists of a glass stem on which readings are marked. The stem consists of a thin capillary tube at the end of which there is a bulb containing mercury. GCSE Keywords: Bulb, Thread diameter, Liquid, Glass thickness. The scale on the thermometer is markrd from 95 F to 110 F (35 C to 43 C).The normal body temperature is shown by a red arrow at 98.4 F (or 37 C). Calorimetry is the process of measuring the heat of a chemical reaction or the physical changes as well as the heat capacity. Thermometer should be washed be fore and after each use ,preferably with an antiseptic solution. It is specially designed to measure the human body temperature. The narrow tube ap… by:JVTIA 2020-11-26 2020-11-26 Course overview. The structure of the hemoglobin in a molecule is the quaternary structure. What did farhrenheit do for science?


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