The documents confirming this status, and which recognizes older privileges granted to the monastery, are now kept in the monastery's gallery. Bus service to and from Cairo became available on a daily basis in 1986 and today it is not uncommon for a hundred or more pilgrims and tourists to visit the ancient sacred site in a single day. Obviously, the region is sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. [9] The furious emperor condemned Catherine to death on a spiked breaking wheel, but, at her touch, it shattered. [23], The library, founded sometime between 548 and 565, is the oldest continuously operating library in the world. [25] These images have subsequently been digitized and are now freely available for research at the UCLA Online Library for scholarly use. 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N. Pigoulewski (1937), Manuscrits syriaques bibliques de Léningrad. Sebastian P. Brock, Two Hitherto Unattested Passages of the Old Syriac Gospels in Palimpsests from St Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai, Brandie Ratliff, "The monastery of Saint Catherine at Mount Sinai and the Christian communities of the Caliphate. Upon his return Moses twice climbed the mountain to commune with God. And Moses entered into the midst of the cloud, and went up into the mount; and Moses was in the mount forty days and forty nights. Sebastian P. Brock (2012), Sinai: a Meeting Point of Georgian with Syriac and Christian Palestinian Aramaic, in The Caucasus between East & West (Tbilisi), pp. It is a region of wilderness made up of granite rock and rugged mountains which, at first glance, seems inaccessible. [28][29], as well as among the New Finds of 1975. Grigory Kessel (2016), Membra Disjecta Sinaitica I: A Reconstitution of the Syriac Galen Palimpsest, in André Binggili et al. The completion of a paved road further increased the number of visitors to Jebel Musa. ", Keith Knox (Chief Science Advisor, EMEL, USA); Roger Easton (Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, Rochester, USA); William Christens-Barry (Chief Scientist, Equipoise Imaging, LCC, MD, USA); David Kelbe (Centre for Space Science Technology, Alexandra, New Zealand). ), and workshop, Miniature of Christ’s Side Wound and Instruments of the Passion from the Prayer Book of Bonne of Luxembourg, Four styles of English medieval architecture at Ely Cathedral, Porta Sant'Alipio Mosaic, Basilica San Marco, Venice, Spanish Gothic cathedrals, an introduction. The monastery was supported by its dependencies in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Crete, Cyprus and Constantinople. Moses, being highly trained by the Egyptian priesthood, was certainly knowledgeable in these matters and thus the astonishing powers of the Arc and its 'Tablets of the Law' may have derived from archaic Egyptian magic rather than the mythical god Yahweh. The 4th and 5th centuries were particularly troublesome times, when Christians were not only persecuted, but suffered from barbarian assaults. Then Moses said, “I must turn aside and look at this great sight, and see why the bush is not burned up.”, Then he said, “Come no closer! During the seventh century, the isolated Christian anchorites of the Sinai were eliminated: only the fortified monastery remained. [30] On other visits (1855, 1859) Constantin von Tischendorf also amassed there more valualable manuscripts (Greek, Christian Palestinian Aramaic, Georgian, Syriac) and took them with him to St Petersburg and Leipzig, where they are stored today. Contemporary scholars, however, believe that there may be another explanation. The monastery, along with several dependencies in the area, constitute the entire Church of Sinai, which is headed by an archbishop, who is also the abbot of the monastery. Although information on this period is scant, one source tells that by the year 808, the number of monks in the monastery had been reduced to thirty, while Christian life on the Sinai peninsula had all but vanished. According to tradition, and evident from indirect information, the Fathers of the Monastery requested the protection of Mohammed himself, who saw the Christians as brothers in faith. Some scholars believe that the Arc may have contained, in addition to the Tablets of the Law, pieces of meteorites and highly radioactive rocks.


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