doing…. take on fly fishing from the popular Rocky Mountain author and angler that Yes, the fishing at Spinney Reservoir is so storied and and so legendary that locals and fishing tourists alike line up before the sun rises to get in and get on the water first. Best Time to Fish Spinney Mountain Reservoir. It was a chironomid day and I wished my friend and acknowledged stillwater fly fishing expert, Phil Rowley, was along to teach me how he catches trout that are feeding on these larger midges. In order to successfully manage both the trout and pike populations in stable numbers, CPW has instituted several innovative management techniques for Spinney Reservoir. Here are the special rules for fishing at Spinney Mountain Reservoir: - All trailered/gas boats must undergo inspection for invasive species prior to launch and before exiting the reservoir, - Artificial flies or lures only-Bag/Possession Limit: 1 trout, 20" or longer-No fishing from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise. I nonchalantly cast my two-fly rig out armed with this fly pattern and another gray midge larvae pattern with a tungsten bead for weight and it wasn't long before the indicator went down, stayed down and I set up. Colorado Springs Airport is roughly a 2 hour drive from Spinney Mountain State Park if you take US-24 West. The reservoir itself has over 2500 surface acres for you to try, and even if you find a spot and feel like moving on later in the day, there’s plenty of room to do so. I’ll for sure be tying some of his chironomid patterns tonight. It’s nothing more than a Brassie tied on a curved hook with a cream colored thorax with a little mylar thrown into the dubbing mix for good measure. - Special rules also for South Platte River above/below reservoir - catch and release below dam; - Above reservoir: limit 2 trout, only one larger than 20", catch and release on all trout between 12" and 20". Camping is available at nearby, Eleven Mile State Park​, and enjoy even more fishing! The operative word here is “early” because this time of year you can bet that the wind will come up about noon and you’ll want to make your way back to shore. When he hit the water after the aerial display he headed straight for me. I thought I might be able to catch a few trout rising to the emerging Chironomids, but that has always been a tough game on Spinney Mountain Reservoir and it was even tougher because not that many trout were rising. The good news is that the reservoir also boasts a population of large Northern Pike who enjoy feasting on trout, and the Division of Wildlife is keen to eliminate them. Spinney Reservoir has become one of the premier still water locations in the Rocky Mountains. I was not ready for this and furiously stripped line, but could not keep up. I couldn't stop thinking that if I’d furiously stripped line and cranked into warp speed on the flippers I might have been able to keep up with that trout……. What awaits you at Spinney Mountain State Park: NO Camping is allowed at Spinney Mountain State Park as it is day use only. As always, don’t forget to check local vacation rentals and cabin rentals in the area as well, as many times you can find some excellent deals on stays nearby for much less than a hotel. Looking for more places to fish? The fishing was a little bit of a different story. Fishing is prohibited from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise. The park is normally open, subject to change, from ice-off (typically April 15th) to November 15th​ annually. You can also find places to camp out in Pike National Forest just east of the reservoir, too. It would be hard to find any that is better in such a peaceful and scenic setting. You can camp at the Eleven Mile Reservoir State Park, or at the private camping grounds right by the entrance of the reservoir itself. For those who prefer hotel stays to roughing it or the RV life, there are plenty of accommodations to be found in Colorado Springs. I’ll give it another try then. Early morning "flat" water on Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Repeat visitors to the reservoir find that boating improves their chances of catching that giant rainbow they’ve been after for years. The rather large rainbow trout that had taken the fly immediately got airborne to the tune of about four or five feet. The catch limit is 2, and you can only keep 1 if it is over 20 inches. Campsites are also available at the Chaparral General Store Campground located just outside of Spinney Mountain's Park entrance. You want to make reservations locally well ahead of time if you are planning an extended trip too, especially if you are looking to visit on or around opening day. Early morning "flat" water on Spinney Mountain Reservoir. It looks like the wind will be calm in the morning. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Float tubers and light water craft head to shore when the wind kicks up on Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Check the Conditions page for all current information and see the Park Map for other important details. Pike Management at Spinney Reservoir. Anglers and fisherman alike are intent on being first to cast and land giant trout rising up from the depths to feed after a long winter. That doesn’t mean that it won’t calm down toward evening, but I usually pack up and head to a nearby river or stream to pass the afternoon hours. Local cabins, campgrounds, hotels, and other accommodations fill up fast. If the indicator is just “nervous” I try to hang on and wait for a more authoritative take. There are a number of area fly shops and on-line retailers that publish Spinney Mountain Reservoir fishing reports. Everything went according to plan when I launched my new float tube on Spinney Mountain Reservoir early yesterday morning. Everything went according to plan when I launched my new float tube on Spinney Mountain Reservoir early yesterday morning. Sagebrush & Sage Species Conservation Strategy, Birders have plenty to observe and discover; and. In the most basic incarnation of the tactic you suspend your fly imitations below a strike indicator, cast it out and wait and hope for a strike. Be sure to keep well away from the dam whether you are fishing above or below it though, as fishing is prohibited in these areas. -Park is closed for the winter months (dates vary each year); no ice fishing is permitted. Check the Conditions page for all current information and see the Park Map for other important details. If I have any energy toward evening I sometimes head back to the reservoir. While you boating may be the preferred method for fishing at the reservoir, those who take a waders-only approach to fly fishing will not be disappointed. World Class Gold Medal trout fishing awaits you at Spinney Mountain Reservoir. For larger nymphs and streamers a 9-foot 6-wt with a sink tip fly line makes life easier. The new float tube is a dream. It would be hard to find any that is better in such a peaceful and scenic setting. However that doesn’t mean they weren’t feeding below the water’s surface. Despite the limited time to fish each day (sunup to sundown), there is a lot of potential waiting in these Gold Medal waters. Ed Engle’s blog, The Lone Angler Journal, is a different After a frustrating hour or so I decided to switch over to “suspension” style fly fishing. When it comes to pike and yellow perch, you can catch and keep as many as you like. Spinney Mountain State Park is run out of the Eleven Mile State Park Office. Get the DIY Fly Fishing Web App to get turn-by-turn directions to the access points shown on the map above. The only time fishing is permitted at Spinney Mountain Reservoir is spring after the ice thaws until early autumn. My rule of thumb is that I set when the strike indicator goes under with authority or when the trout runs with the fly. Spinney Mountain Reservoir sits an at elevation of 8680 feet. Spinney Mountain Reservoir is known for their giant rainbow trout, extra large brown trout, and rainbow/cutthroat hybrids that swim the long-sleeping waters of the reservoir each year. See Eleven Mile State Park. Not only trophy fish into the double digit range can be possible, but also a higher average size range than any other reservoir in the state. World Class Gold Medal trout fishing awaits you at Spinney Mountain Reservoir.


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