This is a criminal offense in Colorado and you can be arrested for it. Islands within the reservoir and the fenced area directly below the dam are closed to all public use at all times. Turn north on US 285 and drive 28 miles to US 24. Trolling with spinners and spoons is also an option before trading for tube jigs as the water warms. Drive 10 miles west on U.S. 50. The regulations are flies and lures only and you can harvest one trout over 20 inches. Turn south and drive 1.8 miles to County Road 59. Best stretch: East Shoreline, South coves. Before leaving any lake or other waterway, fishermen and boaters should: DRAIN all water from the boat, including live wells, bait wells and ballast tanks. The park closes to all public use 1 hour after sunset. For current ramp conditions, see Spinney Mountain's Conditions Page. ? April is typically a pretty wet month, so we hope we can add to the existing snowpack and have good water levels throughout the summer.”. Please remember to bring correct change or a personal check for payment. When fishing, don't forget about local our rivers and streams, which are open all year long. You may also email us a photo here. AIS species can destroy facilities, ecosystems and recreational equipment alike. Boat ramps are located on both the north and south sides of the reservoir. That’s all well and good when it comes to fish counts, but what about those big fish? Review specific information here and stop by for specially-tied flies. Turn west and drive a half mile to the park entrance (where the asphalt ends). We're open from ice-off to ice-on seven days a week, so stop by to buy supplies, stay in one of our bunk rooms, or to make use of our convenient campground. The conditions in Spinney Res. We might even use your image as one of our photos of the week! Spinney Mountain Reservoir can be as about as good as it gets for the still water angler. In order to successfully manage both the trout and pike populations in stable numbers, CPW has instituted several innovative management techniques for Spinney Reservoir. For Antero reservoir info, click here. This is a two-mile section of Gold Medal River between Spinney and Eleven-Mile reservoirs. Water-body contact activities including scuba diving, water-skiing, wading, swimming, etc., are prohibited. The lake is heavily populated with rainbows, cutbows, browns and northern pike. This Denver-owned recreation area features good fishing, including great ice-off fishing using bait, lures, and flies. USGS 06700000 – SOUTH PLATTE RIVER ABOVE CHEESMAN LAKE, CO. Visit us to ask for updated fishing info. “The reservoir is only 2.7 vertical feet below the spillway elevation, so boats will be allowed to launch at both the north and south boat ramps on opening day,” park manager Kevin Tobey said. Turn north on CO Hwy 9 and drive 47 miles to Hartsel. Turn right and continue another 1.1 miles to the park entrance (where the asphalt ends). With a nickname like the Dream Stream, you know it has potential. “The annual opening day at Spinney can be the best fishing of the season,” said Jeff Spohn, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s aquatic biologist for the upper South Platte River Basin. Enjoy fair to good fishing around the lake throughout the day, with the best opportunities in the morning and afternoon. Flowing out of Spinney Mountain Reservoir, meandering through prime big trout habitat, the river eventually flows into Eleven Mile Reservoir. Turn west and drive a half mile to the park entrance (where the asphalt ends). Regulation brochures are available at the Eleven Mile State Park office. Fishing prohibited 1/2 hour after to sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise; Area near the dam is closed to public access; Special rules also for South Platte River above/below reservoir - catch and release below dam; Above reservoir: limit 2 trout, only one larger than 20", catch and release on all trout between 12" and 20". Overall parks Zebra Mussel strategy ? It has taken six long years, but this reservoir?s trout fishery is definitely back and ready for action. So say the “Guide Guys,” more formally recognized as Eric Atha and John “JP” Perizzolo from The Blue Quill Angler fly shop in Evergreen. Stop by our store and get geared up before you go. Boaters must observe all Colorado boating statutes and regulations. Boating at Spinney Mountain State Park. An abundance of scuds, midges, mayflies, and caddisflies make up the majority of the trout’s diet. See the park?s homepage for current weather conditions. We carry flies, lures, tube jigs, and fishing equipment you need, as well as supplies and groceries for fishing, hunting and camping. Because he's losing them by the day. Aurora owns the reservoir, which was completed in November of 1981. The Gold Medal fishery at Spinney Mountain State Park opens at 6:01 a.m. Friday, almost a week ahead of its traditional schedule. Spinney Reservoir is one of the best stillwater fisheries in the entire western US. Enjoy fair to good fishing around the lake throughout the day, with the best opportunities in the morning and afternoon. All fish must be released; there are no exceptions. Call Rick Storm 303-791-1954. Spinney Mountain Reservoir just as good from shore as in boat. Turn south and drive 1.8 miles to County Road 59. Spinney Mountain and the South Platte River below it are renowned for their great fishing. “Basically they are feeding on whatever is there at ice out,” Atha said. There is an enforced five-minute use limit while mooring at the dock. That’s because of a variety of reasons, certainly not the least of which is that the 2,450-acre impoundment just south of U.S. 24 and east of Hartsel has been closed to fishing since November. Here are the special rules for fishing at Spinney Mountain Reservoir: - All trailered/gas boats must undergo inspection for invasive species prior to launch and before exiting the reservoir - Artificial flies or lures only-Bag/Possession Limit: 1 trout, 20" or longer-No fishing from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise


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