With the strong economy, Spain was one of the founders of the European Monetary Union in 1999. ES stands for Español (Spanish). Unlike in English, where most abbreviations are capitalized, many Spanish abbreviations are not.Generally, abbreviations that are capitalized are personal titles (such as Sr. and Dr., even though the words themselves are not capitalized when spelled out) and those derived from proper nouns. The northern coast typically has a Atlantic climate, while the southern parts of the country are considerably warmer. This comprehensive offline reference for commonly used medical acronyms gives you easy access to thousands of medical terms with their full meanings, optionally expanded by most reliable on-line resources (Wikipedia, acronym databases). PSP, HIPAA Major cities include Madrid (population: 3,255,933), Barcelona (population: 1,621,526), Valencia (population: 814,197), Seville (population: 703,195), Zaragoza … Along the coast to the north and south there are fertile plains. At the beginning of 2013, unemployment was over 26 per cent, one of the highest in Europe. The Pyrenees in the northeast and Sierra Nevada in the southeast are the largest mountain massifs in the country, while the Cantabrian mountains rise to 2600 meters above sea level northwest of the country. See authoritative translations of CED in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. Large rivers such as Ebro and Guadalquivir flow around the mountain massifs. Spain is a constitutional monarchy where the king has minimal power. Discover meanings of Polish medical terms&phrases in prescriptions&diagnoses. The most commonly used abbreviations about Spain are ES which stands for Spain and EUR which means Euro (Spain currency). 1. Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Towards the end of the 14th century, Spain was united for the first time into an independent kingdom. Spain was hit hard by the global economic crisis in 2008 and unemployment rose sharply. After Franco’s death, the country quickly developed a functioning democracy. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Acronym Finder, All Rights Reserved. ES is the abbreviation for Spain, the 51st largest country in the world. It is especially the many young people in the private sector, for example in the service profession and the construction industry, who are struggling to find a job. Spanish politics is characterized by the tension between the central power and the country’s 17 regions, where the Basque country and Catalonia in particular have gained considerable internal autonomy through their own elected parliaments. The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. © 1988-2020, We upgrade both abbreviations as well as their descriptions regularly, making sure they are most accurate and up-to date. The tourism industry has been particularly important and in 2018 Spain was the country in the world with the most tourists. Discover meanings of French medical terms&phrases in prescriptions&diagnoses. In the area around Madrid and further north towards the Atlantic coast, income and employment are far greater than in the southern regions of Andalucia and Extremadura. Spain is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Discover meanings of Norwegian medical terms&phrases in prescriptions&diagnoses. Vocabulary. And when Christopher Columbus traveled to South and Central America and declared these territories as Spanish territory, Spain quickly became the most powerful country in Europe. Translation. Feel the power of MAG users community! es: Spanish: es-AR: Spanish (Argentina) es-BO: Spanish (Bolivia) es-CL: Spanish (Chile) es-CO: Spanish (Colombia) es-CR: Spanish (Costa Rica) es-DO: Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-EC: Spanish (Ecuador) es-ES: Spanish (Castilian… The height differences mean that there are large variations in climate between the regions of the country. Madrid is the capital city of Spain. Spain remained a great power until the 19th century, when it began to lose control of its colonies. Pages in category "Spanish abbreviations" The following 187 pages are in this category, out of 187 total. Both parties have ruled against the political center, and have been willing to compromise to achieve political results. Examples: NFL, Major cities include Madrid (population: 3,255,933), Barcelona (population: 1,621,526), Valencia (population: 814,197), Seville (population: 703,195), Zaragoza (population: 674,306), Málaga (population: 568,294), Murcia (population: 436,859), Palma (population: 401,259), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (population: 381,836), and Bilbao (population: 354,849). How is Español (Spanish) abbreviated? Grammar. Discover meanings of French medical abbreviations in prescriptions & diagnoses. ,random Medical abbreviations dictionary for health records, MD diagnoses & treatments. Conjugation. ... abbreviation. There, the forces of fascist Francisco Franco took control of the country, establishing a new dictatorship that lasted until his death in 1975. The executive power lies with the prime minister who is elected in democratic elections. After many years of financial problems and dictatorship in Spain, a bloody civil war broke out in 1936. In the middle of the country lies a highland plateau almost without trees, with poor soil and harsh climates. Spain struggles with high air pollution, and is vulnerable to pollution in the Mediterranean and to emissions from passing oil tankers. In the central inland it can get up to 40 degrees of heat in the summer, and considerably much colder than the rest of the country in the winter. Even the country is struggling with high unemployment, especially among young people. Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7, Your abbreviation search returned 152 meanings, Note: We have 82 other definitions for ES in our Acronym Attic, Search for ES in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia, The Acronym Finder is Now users can help other users to find the meaning of an abbreviation. ES is the abbreviation for Spain, the 51st largest country in the world. Disagreement between the government of the capital Madrid and the separatist movement in the Catalonia region has developed into a difficult and important political issue. PocketDoc - Diagnosis of more pathologies with standard prescriptions. MAG Medical Abbreviations ES is a free and easy to use dictionary of most popular Spanish medical abbreviations and terms. Several of the regions have their own police forces and control their own customs regulations.


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