A very useful tool for this on Twitter is Twitonomy. You will then track the referral links to learn who shared the links and what were the results. How can you help them create something pretty for Instagram!? There are a lot of social media influencers that are very influential on social but don’t get a lot of traffic on their website. Many successful product companies run advocacy programs to inspire their best customers to share their experience on their social accounts as well as in testimonials, blog posts, case studies, etc. Generate sales as a result build up, generate brand awareness. The listener uses that promo code and, because it is unique to the influencer, you can easily attribute that sale to a specific influencer campaign. However, if you’re running a bigger project, influencers will charge a fee and ideally you’ll want to try before you buy! Negin Mirsalehi is a fashion Instagrammer and entrepreneur who has built a successful career on Instagram. Most mega influencers don’t have an intimate relationship with their followers, so are sometimes considered less trustworthy (when it comes to brand partnerships) than social media influencers with a smaller, but more engaged, following. To assess your campaign reach and engagement and its impact on brand awareness, you’ll want to look at the following: Warning: When Twitter reports ‘impressions,’ those are not actual impressions. However, while mass appeal is a big perk of working with mega influencers, there is a downside. And because of that, their priority is maintaining that strong connection with their followers. Campaign and Name of the influencer. Run a smaller part of a big project on a no fee basis and then, based on the results, you can extend the relationship and agree on a fee for a full project. Something that brands should be aware of, is that while more affordable than a mega influencer, many macro influencers also have agents ready to secure a good deal. While her engagement rate is on the lower side (at 2.54%), her reach is fantastic as she’s prolific on Twitter (248.7k followers) and YouTube (490k subscribers) as well as Instagram. Is there any proof of how valuable/useful their collaboration was? But…how can you tell if they’re considering your product at all? The new influencer kid on the block is the nano influencer, an Instagrammer with less than 10,000 followers. On Facebook, you can look at some of the popular/active groups relevant to your product or service and find out who is running them. When the authority score of a website is high, it means it’s typically easier to rank for content. Iconosquare’s Instagram Marketing 2019 Trends & Benchmarks Report found that almost 30% of businesses pay social media influencers $100-$500 per Instagram post. The reason why many influencers don’t track the results they generate for brands is because they either don’t know how to (which is not good) or the results were not that good! When they talk their audience listens. People want to connect with real people that share experiences they can empathise with, and for many, they’re not finding that on the accounts of bigger Instagrammers. The paid methods speed up the process (and usually involve using an influencer identification tool) but there are still some effective free methods you can try out. Instead of a simple product review, create an experience for your influencers to share with their network. You’ll need to track each campaign with the help of promo codes or UTM links depending on the type of influencer campaign you’re running. At this stage of the funnel, you should see if the influencer campaign is moving people one step closer to buying your product. The code offers a discount or some added value for buying your product or service. Like with any other search engine, you’ll get the most relevant results by searching the right keywords. If I use Ahrefs (great tool) to assess the authority of a website, this is what I’ll get: The Ahrefs Rank is a ranking system which is based on the analysis of all the websites that Ahrefs have indexed (millions of websites). For example, Twitter Lists can be a great source of influencers. Knowing the authority of a website is a good high-level indicator of the strength of any domain and, since it’s ranked out of 100, it fits perfectly with our framework. This tool has a huge database of blogs that you can search through to find the bloggers that would be the best fit for your campaign. This way you can focus more campaign effort on the social networks that drive more leads. They are so well known that they typically have gatekeepers that protect them.They charge mega bucks for product endorsements or other type of influencer campaigns because one tweet from a celebrity can make a big difference for a product or a brand. After reading this guide you have all the knowledge you need to confidently take that first step. Connectors – You know the people who seem to know everyone. Let’s dive into the four types of social media influencer in more detail. You’re probably most familiar with this kind of social media influencer. There’s a good chance that these people are experts in this domain and have influence over an engaged audience interested in your topic. Always think visually driven. Mega influencers refer to social media stars with 1m+ followers. Make a list of those people and take action in the online world (consume their content, comment on their work, share their articles on social, mention them in your tweets, etc.) We have created a simple framework that you can follow to evaluate influencers. And if you don’t have access to the analytics you have no other choice but to rely on a third party tool. Description of the agreed work to be done, Rules to be followed (e.g. And as Instagram won’t typically be the only platform they are popular on, their content has the potential to reach a massive audience very quickly. This literally takes two minutes and will enable you to track the results (sales in this case) of your influencer campaign in Google Analytics. If the content is high quality people will link to it. Using social media influencers in your marketing is the practice of building relationships with the people who can build relationships for you. This makes Twitter look good, as well as anyone running campaigns for clients. An often referenced report is the one that states that every $1 spent on influencer marketing yields $7.65 in return. There you’ll be able to see a list of social channels that are generating the most potential leads from your influencer marketing campaign. An influencer is a guest on a podcast and mentions they have a special discount code for a product. The more testimonials and good reviews you get, the more advocates your brand has! These could be your main keywords (words that best describe your product or service) or even branded keywords from your competitors. Social media influencer Louise Thompson starred in TV series Made in Chelsea. Some people have a lot of influence on social media and an authoritative website, too. And finally, are you seeing more visits to product landing pages? They will know most, if not all, of their followers, and that level of intimacy could be a huge benefit for the right brand or campaign. If you want to do some further SEO analysis of the influencer’s website you may look at things like: An influencer has 10 million followers and 1 million monthly visitors to their website. Consider more content quality and niche topics as priority. Successful influencer marketing campaigns generate sales and you should be able to track and measure the sales that result from your collaboration with influencers. This value is measured in mentions of your product on social channels, the level of engagement that’s happening around influencer-generated content, and the growth of your follower base. The most powerful social media analytics, management & scheduling platform for brands and agencies. One way to go about this is looking at the number of new testimonials from customers i.e. If you want to dip your toe in the influencer marketing first, you can start by reaching out to influencers and see if you can work with them on a smaller project on a no paid basis. Equip your influencers with high resolution images and photo opps for their content. This lack of relatability, or trust, is why we’re seeing a shift back to peer-to-peer engagement. Keep an eye on ROI, as some macro influencers have better engagement rates than others. What are the engagement levels like for these type of topics? Need help finding, evaluating and working with social media influencers?


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