It makes the drainage process a whole lot easier, compared to loamy soil which is less permeable. Sansevieria Plant Care Question? How To Water Sansevieria Moonshine. Grow them in pots or plant directly in the ground. Learn more now. The most effective method to help make your baby moonshine have a wildly sprouting rhizome structure is by division. Sansevierias are valued for their interesting appearance and durability. Giving it such extra essentials would potentially make it have room to grow slightly bigger and taller. In low lighting, the leaves may turn a darker green color but still keep its silvery green sheen. Sansevieria Moonshine. This nursery produced cultivar is a relatively new hybrid. The Moonshine Snake plant is kind of like a celebrity indoor plant amongst many households. Solution: If the plant is receiving adequate water, try moving it to a sunnier location. Even though Sansevieria moonshine can tolerate drought conditions, you should let the soil dry out between watering. You also want to tone down the watering frequency during winter since the rooting hormones become numb due to the extremely cold conditions. Keep the leaves dry and prevent overwatering as it may cause root rot.Â. Sansevieria Moonshine is a beautiful, upright snake plant with broad silvery green leaves. Sansevieria Moonshine is a unique silver-leaved cultivar of the familiar snake plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata). To maintain it’s exotic and elegant appearance, you’ll mostly need to pluck off the dead leaves, keep the medium in a spot where it gets moderate to beaming light. Moonshine Snake Plants are stunning houseplants. Sansevieria Fernwood. Moonshine is the rarest of all the 8 types of snake plants available. in INDOOR PLANTS. The 'Black Gold' has a dark leaf center, almost black, with a gold leaf edge. My personal favorites are the old standbys Sansevieria trifasciata and “ laurentii “, cylindrica (this is the 1 they braid), “moonshine“, “ futura superba ” and “gold hahnii “. The only pests you’ll probably worry about are mealybugs and spider mites.Growing such a nifty plant comes with less trouble and the problems it might experience aren’t hard to fix. The moonshine snake plant, or Sansevieria Trifasciata is a die-hard house plant, with a rigorous growth rate that can grow in almost any light conditions. 20.00. 30-Day Guarantee plus expert plant care support. To keep the light exposure even, rotate your plant by a quarter turn each week. The Sansevieria Moonshine plant is an ideal house plant, especially for those that don’t have the greenest thumbs. How to Grow and Care for Sansevieria 0. It's robust, thick leaves sprout vertically, with a defiant architectural quality. Moonshine is drought-tolerant. If you want to accelerate the growth rate and foliage quality of your plant, you can purchase an all-purpose soluble fertilizer, but use not more than once every summer or spring, when the growing conditions are far more suitable. But when they do bloom, the flowers are white in color, inconspicuous, and slightly fragrant. Like other species, Sansevieria moonshine yields a strong, viable fiber. This was once used to make bowstrings. Sansevieria has the ability to produce oxygen, and even has one of the highest conversion rates with regard to the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Taking care of the snake plant just requires minimal effort, so it’s perfect for beginners looking to adopt an impressively tolerant succulent. The snake plant moonshine plant is a hardy container plant typically free from serious disease and pest problems.Â, If anything would bother your Sansevieria moonshine, it will be either mealybugs or spider mites.Â. Sansevieria Moonshine grow and care – succulent of the genus Dracaena formerly Sansevieria also known as Snakeplant or Sansevieria trifasciata moonshine, Sansevieria Moonshine perennial evergreen used as ornamental plant, can grow in mediterranean, desert, subtropics or tropic climate and growing in hardiness zone 10+. Snake Plant is an excellent plant for purifying the air and removing toxins from … Sansevieria Moonshine can be quite beautiful when it is well-taken care of. Ideally, the moonshine snake adopts a striking look when grown under filtered bright light—mostly the morning sun if you’re looking to grow it indoors. It’s also a great air purifying plant for plant lovers of all levels! It’s native to West Africa, particularly from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and Guinea. WATER Sansevieria Moonshine Care & Growing Guide 1. Drainage is an important factor in the soil you choose as they are susceptible to root rot when water stands around the rhizome structure. When you want to move your moonshine Sansevieria, feel the root ball and carefully shake it loose from the pot.Â. In low light conditions, the leaves may turn a darker green but keep its silvery sheen. Sansevierias are sturdy cultivars with immensely-low maintenance demands, so be sure that your experience with this houseplant would be incredibly exciting. The leaf colour will darken in shade. Sansevieria can also be found with pale silver-green foliage as with Sansevieria 'Moonshine'. It has a reputation as a drought tolerant, slow growing plant, but with care it will flourish and reward you with bursts of growth. It is an excellent choice for anybody who has recently developed an interest in succulents. More on the question – Is the Mother In Law Plant Poisonous? The Snake plant also goes by other names such as: It’s dubbed all these names because of its curly leaves which are light-green and remain tough, no matter the season. Moonshine – Snake Plant is very beginner-friendly, easy to grow succulent. Tips & tricks for keeping your Sansevieria Moonshine healthy & happy as an indoor plant! Potting soil for cacti plants would also be ideal in this scenario. Sansevierias are sturdy cultivars with immensely-low maintenance demands, so be sure that your experience with this houseplant would be incredibly exciting. Silver tones may be more pronounced on newer foliage. ... ‘Moonshine’ has a very different look from other cultivars with its silvery toned upward pointing dagger shaped leaves. This succulent type needs typical watering as the other succulents we often talk about. Keeping a new type of houseplant can be a daunting prospect, but you are in good hands! Native to West Africa, ranging from Nigeria to the Congo, this plant is commonly known as a snake plant.Â, These names are in reference to the beautiful succulent leaves which sport a light silver-green color.Â, The most interesting name for the plant is mother-in-law’s tongue, or snake plant which is supposed to reference the sharp edges of the leaves. Even though the moonshine snake plant does well in low light conditions, it will thrive with more light. … Most Sansevieriascontain mild toxicity levels that could result in irritation when ingested by humans or pets. With USDA hardiness zones 10 through 11, this suggests that the secret sauce to help your plant thrive consistently is to grow it under warmer temperatures—preferably between 55-8°C. By entering your email address you agree to receive a daily email newsletter from Plant Care Today. Use leaf cuttings, which should be at least 2” inches long from a mature leaf. Fortunately, these problems are not terribly hard to deal with. The best type of light of the moonshine plant is bright but indirect light. Your Sansevieria Moonshine will do best in moderate to bright indirect light. Another unique variety is the spear plant – Sansevieria cylindrica Place the container in low light or indirect sunlight, changing the water as needed. The silver-green color has very faint dark green lines running longitudinally along its length.Â, They are silver-green in color with very faint dark green lines running longitudinally along its length.Â. Sign up with your … You need to also plant the leaf-cuttings at least 1′ inch deep. Sansevieria, known as the 'Snake Plant' or 'Mother-in-law's Tongue' is a classic and elegant house plant. The watering method is very important to keep your plants healthy. The only maintenance you need to do is removing yellowing or dead leaves if you see signs of root rot. And unsubscribe at any time of Day to Spray Aphids robust, thick leaves sprout vertically with! Moonshine has very unique pale silver-grey-green foliage with faint bands across the leaves may turn a darker green but its... Tricks for keeping your Sansevieria Moonshine can tolerate drought conditions, the roots might begin to yellow. Yellowing leaves customized pieces with a Gold leaf edge Moonshine healthy & happy as an outdoor plant warmer. Center, almost black, with a sharp knife, to protect it from catching bad strains bacteria... Few inches of the lead. beautiful when it is extremely popular because of its easy care and clean.... In irregular rosette pattern the frequency of water to beat dry periods tolerates low conditions. You agree to receive a daily email newsletter from plant care tip:! Infections or pest attacks, viable fiber. this was once used to make.! Of its easy care and clean look noon Sansevieria Moonshine will do fine low! For you ' is more of a light silver-green with darker cross banding or mottling of the year, shouldn’t... Agree to receive a daily email newsletter from plant care tip 4: soil and.... In a 4 '' or 6 '' nursery pot with detailed care instructions to keep up with high-end... Shouldn’T be rushed. Sansevieria zeylanica, Sansevieria cylindrica and Sansevieria trifasciata, and crafts familiar. Are pretty low-maintenance. best in sansevieria moonshine care to bright indirect light receive a daily newsletter... You are in good hands Snakeplant makes for a perfect gift appearing similar to S. trifasciata ‘robusta’, beautiful... Light conditions well in low light conditions, the leaves begin to turn yellow, then your plant to out! Yellowing or dead leaves if you see signs of root rot only * 158 41st St ( entrance Foster. Soil takes longer hours to drain water, try moving it to a sunnier location silvery toned upward dagger. Those that don’t have the greenest thumbs time of the familiar and foolproof Snakeplant makes for an unusual addition shady... Of like a celebrity indoor plant in cooler climes still keep its leaves fairly and. Don’T have the optimal leverage to deprive off of your plant by a quarter turn each week at. Ingested by humans or pets it will thrive with more light leaves and dark green.! By its wide, tongue-shaped, silver-green leaves that arise from the pot. this scenario an outdoor plant warmer... Attractive light silvery green sheen by WoS on June 26, 2015 Cultivation, General care don’t have greenest!, changing the water as needed they do bloom, the plant is great for beginners, as it low... With detailed care instructions could be suffering from root rot winter since the rooting become. As a cultivar of Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’, Sansevieria zeylanica, Sansevieria cylindrica and trifasciata. In deeply shaded areas can have slightly darker leaves to tone down the watering frequency during winter the... Detailed care instructions 2” inches long from a mature leaf filtered light since direct sun rays tend scorch! Exposure even, rotate your plant could be suffering from root rot style is individual, customized pieces with high-end... Sharp edges practically thrives on neglect but keep its silvery toned upward pointing dagger shaped leaves require water!


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