The griddle was problematic in that the grills were not a lot of surface area but they chewed the pads up quickly. I don't want to offend, but I would dissuade anyone from trying this themselves (this is not a proper technique for sanding and repolishing cast iron). I don't think there is an addition work to make it smooth. As a natural complement to cast iron, Lodge created the Seasoned Steel line with 100% light weight carbon steel that can take the heat. I used 80 grit sanding paper and linseed oil, and sanded all the black stuff off. I used 80 grit sanding paper and linseed oil, and sanded all the black stuff off. I wasn't sure how they would season, but I had smooth shiny skillets that a few hours ago were a rough mess. But at 3mm thick, I'm sure it's not a lightweight carbon steel pan, especially with how thick and solid the construction looks. You've never used quality cast iron before have you? It required reseasoning afterwards, but otherwise has had noill effects after two years. My advice is don't rush it, and don't worry, seasoning isn't about how it looks in the end. Either way the wood bracket will be re-purposed. I then seasoned it with 4 layers (canola). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For my daughter. Old cast iron is beautiful stuff and I don't want you wrecking that on my shoulders. Our Blue Carbon Steel Pan is the perfect hybrid of a cast iron skillet and a stainless steel frying pan. I used to think like you, but research into this changed my mind. You are going to grind metal off the pan and then polish it. The other one was beated up by rust from staying in someones moist garage for years. And of course you wouldn't mess with it by grinding it down. The first season was more about corrosion protection then anything else. They also differ in heft: a 12-inch cast iron pan weighs 8 pounds, while a 12-inch carbon steel pan weighs 4.4 pounds. In no time the once black surface was now a dull but vibrant silver colour. I don't really know what to do with the comment you made, as there's no altewrnative to considser. I stopped with the griddle. Still seems to hold heat just great and obviously it's durable, despite being thin. Don't worry, while you couldn't offend me, you need to read this: 6 is for you. No offence taken. Share it with us! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskCulinary community. When finished you will have a piece of cookware that you will love, and wonder why you ever spent the money on a new high cost cast iron pan.. Lodge skips this step, and it shows. The square skillet has some flash rust develop, but it was easily wiped off with a rag. There is some truth to the rougher surface for seasoning. Carbon steel is much harder than stainless steel (which makes it ideal for making knives that stay sharp, but are likewise more difficult to sharpen), but it can corrode and rust, whereas stainless steel doesn't. Then I marked the other side. The pan comes in sizes ranging from 9.5 to 14-inches, so you’re bound to find the perfect size for your home. If you own a version of the Neti Pot, use it after the project just to clean out the sinuses. Shiny or rough, cast iron will cook the same because it is cast iron. Turns out the griddle was not my most valued piece at this stage. I guess my concern is sanding a pan that is worth $120 or more is not something I would want to do first try. I'm seasoning it right now. After a while, it gets smooth the way it should be to cook. If you take a look at the photo above, this Wagner Ware skillet is not in the best shape but it is older than the cast iron I will be working on (Made after 1959). The before pictures you showed look like beautiful cast iron to me. Nothing stuck to grandmas pan, just like i hoped to see from it. TL;DR: modern cast iron pans aren't done yet. Afterwards, this will be used for fire wood or a replacement landing for my compost entrance. I can't tell you much. I patted the skillets dry and popped them into a 200 degree F oven to dry off completely. Carbon steel is also more expensive (sometimes significantly so), than cast iron. I agree!Just because the factory/company doesn't, or even has never, doesn't make it right.Just because the factory/company says so, also doesn't make it right!The things I pay money for are only things I'm willing to go the rest of the distance for what I want. This piece was in the trash, rusted and rough before I scrubbed it and seasoned it to what you saw. Yeah, cast iron usually has the handle made as part of the pan, doesn't it? What Are These Carbon Steel Splotches? Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel. The cast iron I inherited from my mom is smooth because she cooked on it for 40 years. I'm sorry if I offend, but I just don't want to see people try this and learn their cast iron was better the way it was before. New cast iron has thinner sides. Instead of the blackening, I was getting a yellowing on the silver surface. It started off very rough. I'd be interested in knowing how reseasoning goes! This bit about iron "needing to be rough for the seasoning to stick" is pure marketing B.S. My smaller old Wagner cast iron started off very smooth but my big skillet started off with a texture as rough as sidewalk concrete. After that 120/220 pads will at best polish your pans smoothed surface. Also the taste of cast iron lingered for days. For sure 3 decades of use will smooth out those poores, and make it smooth, but sanding seems to just have removed the vast majority of them altogether. I had little areas of my carbon steel seasoning flake off and am slowly re seasoning but worry those parts will continue to flake now that the seasoning is uneven. Just like the name says, this carbon steel pan is perfect for making crepes, but the shape is suitable for pancakes and eggs as well. Solution: sand it all off! The yellow/browning continued as the 4th and 5th cycle completed. The polymerized oil layer on my cast iron pan started cracking. Don't know if you messed it up though. It should not have to take 40 years of cooking on it before your cast iron is finally suitable for cooking. How to Strip Down Your Carbon Steel Pan for Re-Seasoning. UPDATE: After reading a few articles on seasoning, I think I know why my pan isn't going black. I think I could have sanded the pan flat with a few more 40 grit pads. Carbon steel has a matte finish, compared with stainless steel which is shiny. The old stuff was ground smooth before it was sold. I'm interested in this as well. I just throw it in the oven and put it on the cleaning cycle. Make sure to get more of the rougher pads and maybe even another mounting pad. If I had to do it again I would have borrowed a more sturdy and powerful drill to mount the scrapper. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Not bad and comparable to what you can buy today from Lodge at Costco. The pan comes with a 25-year consumer warranty, ensuring that you’ll be able to use your cookware for years on end. I had little areas of my … I would genuenly welcome another approach if you have one. I wonder what the folks at r/castiron would have to say. – Carbon Steel Cookware I've sanded my big cast iron skillet. You will get out what you put into the skillet. Don't just season one piece, fill the oven up with as much iron as the shelves will allow. A long handle allows you to flip pancakes with ease. If you had a pan that was worth $120, it would be the vintage kind that's already smooth, and you wouldn't need to sand it! Looking back I wish I had bought more if these. If you need to strip your pan down to the bare metal, here are the instructions you will need. Instead I have a found rusted skillet, with $20 of supplies and a couple hours of work which I think resulted in at least a $120 surface. Now, does it cook as nicely as it looks? Why doesn't the modern Lodge brand cookware? Hence, we the consumers have to finish the job, as outlined in this instructable. If you're cooking, the old smooth as glass cast iron is the way to go. It will be a slightly different pan than it was. Is it standard practice to sand your cast iron frying pan? Most of the surface issues will come out faster with a 40 grit pad than if you jump to 80 grit.


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