These shows are often organized by an industry’s trade association, and may be part of the association’s annual meeting or convention. For example, ‘Buy three get one free’ offer or ‘50% extra’, etc. Sales materials and samples for customers, v. Offering products at free-of-costs or at concessional rate, vi. Coupons, premiums, contests, free samples, and frequent buyer programs are examples of: a. personal selling b. trade sales promotion c. publicity d. advertising e. consumer sales promotion ANS: E 11. Coupons Popular dealer level sales promotion tools are as below: v. Gifts on special social occasions and festivals, viii. 2. We call the process two-step flow of communication in which messages are directed to the opinion leaders in society rather than to the masses. Much of the advertising process is aimed at encouraging brand switching among consumers, thus helping to grow market share for a given brand or set of brands. For example, if the amount of insurance policy increases more than set quantity then the rate of commission offered is 15% besides additional bonus which is also given. Dealers’ promotion methods include the following methods: This method is aimed at stimulating and motivating distributors, dealers, sale-staff, etc. They either go to consumers who are not interested in it or to people who have already used the product. Sales promotion is needed to attract new customers, to hold present customers, to counteract competition, and to take advantage of opportunities that are revealed by market research. In the Indian perspective, we find only the beginning but in the coming days, it is to gain momentum. xv. Such sales promotion tools stimulates their buying behavior and induces them to buy the product. Premiums are bonus items given free with the purchase of another product. Loyal customers Reward Points – Consumers collect points, miles, or credits for purchases, and redeem them for rewards, gifts or money. Brand switching is also known as brand jumping, brand switching is the process of choosing to switch from routine use of one product or brand to steady usage of a different but similar product. Fans are sold at a reduced rate in rainy and winter seasons. TOP: AACSB Reflective Thinking| TB&E Model Promotion 29. Visible price-related promotions like discount coupons, rebates, buy-one-get-one offers, etc. Push money or extra commission – it is also known as “spiffs” wherein extra commission is paid to retail employees to push products. Distribution of Free samples to customers. Premiums are low-cost items given to consumers at a discount or for free. Both the goods manufacturing as well as the service generating organisations can rationalise their selling expenses fantastically if they assign due weightage to telemarketing. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. They offer substantial cash or merchandise prizes to call attention to their product. Telemarketing and a Few Others. The first is consumer promotion method which motivates consumers to purchase. For example, a cellphone manufacturer may offer access to free downloadable ringtones for those purchasing a cellphone. Different sales promotion methods are applied at different levels: Consumer level sales promotion aims to provide information to consumers and educate them about the product. Such a consumer can be motivated to jump on the side of the marketer through effective advertising. More innovative the tools of sales promotion, more positive would be the results. Discount induces the customers to buy more. Through this method, producers train their dealers so that they may make more and more sales of products easily and smoothly. The growing sensitivity of the words and experiences of hidden salesforce simplify the task of promoting the business. Coupons normally perform two specific functions for the manufacturer. This is an incentive given to the sales people to sell more products to cross the quota or targeted sales. Plus, delighting people with freebies is great for brand loyalty. The task of word-of-mouth promoters or the hidden salesforce is found much more difficult when the quality of service product is found poor. Product Combination/Bonus Offer 11. Coupons, premiums, rebates, and other discounts; Personal Selling – An Integral Part of the Online Experience. They are not competitive of each other but are complementary. Some of the methods of sales promotion are as follows:-, 1. An example is the professional meetings attended by college professors in a given discipline. iii. It gives a list of dealers or retailers who stock the product or who are engaged in its promotion. In this method, producers announce some incentives to the dealer. Shows are also used to reach the ultimate consumer. Coupons offer a discount, usually of 5 to 10 per cent, on the next purchase of a product. Sometimes, there is a coupon inside the packet which is returned to the shopkeeper and premium item is collected. The gifts create a lure to buy the product. Gift Coupons or cash back coupons – coupons have become a standard mechanism for sales promotions. Not only the selling processes but albeit advertisement processes find telemarketing instrumental in their desired goals of offering more but taxing less. Under this method, every purchaser of the product is given a prize coupon during a certain period. We have a big network of the telecom and telecast services and therefore, the future looks prosperous. ix. product in newspapers carries the names of the stockists of their products. Meetings are conducted by producers for the purpose of educating, inspiring and rewarding salesmen. This makes it pertinent that the service generating organisations assign a transcendental priority to the quality of services offered. Under this method, new products and new selling techniques are described and discussed with salesmen. This type of non-personal selling is so varied that many find it difficult to comprehend or define it clearly. • Prize Contests – The consumers are given rewards for analytical and creative thinking about the product in the form of slogan writing, sentence completion, quiz, etc. Trade credit period – a bigger trade credit period is offered to the most loyal and big dealer as an incentive. Free deals like one package free on buying twelve packages. Sales force promotion schemes are necessary to increase sales. A coupon is a certificate that reduces a price. iv. Samples, coupons, premiums, contests/sweepstakes, refunds/rebates, bonus packs, price-off deals, loyalty programs, event marketing Trade-oriented sales promotion vehicles (pull strategy) Contests, dealer incentives, trade allowances, point of purchase displays, training programs, trade shows, cooperative advertising Partial Refund 8. Examples: 20% off coupon, buy two get one free coupon.


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