Water cycle video. Run Off When water precipitates onto the earth’s surface without it infiltrating or evaporating it becomes runoff. The most familiar type of natural runoff is snowmelt.Mountains that cannot absorb water from heavy snowfalls produce runoff that turns into streams, rivers, and lakes. For example, in 2001 during a major storm at Peachtree Creek in Atlanta, Georgia, the amount of water that flowed in the river in one day was 7 percent of all the streamflow for the year. But what you may not know is why this process is so essential. In this animated video on the water cycle, children will learn the following: information about the water cycle, processes in the water cycle, infiltration, precipitation, runoff, underground water, lakes, facts about the water cycle etc. However, the water cycle also includes two important concepts often overlooked: infiltration and runoff. Runoff and Infiltration Runoff, in hydrology, quantity of water discharged in surface streams.Runoff includes not only the waters that travel over the land surface and through channels to reach a stream but also interflow, the water that infiltrates the soil surface and travels by means of gravity toward a stream channel (always above the main groundwater level) and eventually empties into the channel. Runoff can come from both natural processes and human activity. PLAY. Runoff is the water that is pulled by gravity across land’s surface, replenishing groundwater and surface water as it percolates into an aquifer or moves into a river, stream or watershed.It comes from unabsorbed water from rain, snowmelt, irrigation or other sources, comprising a significant element of the water cycle as well as the water supply when it drains into a watershed. Water can move through the troposphere by way of another water cycle step – water transportation. You've likely heard of the hydrologic (water) cycle before and know that it describes how Earth's water journeys from the land to the sky, and back again. Run off is the process of water flowing over the grounds surface to reach streams or oceans. What does infiltration mean in the water cycle? Condensation. Which is called scientifically hydraulic cycle. Of the world's total water supply, 97% is salt water found in our oceans.That means that less than 3% of available water is freshwater and acceptable for our use. The water cycle is basically the complete journey that water makes in its life. 3.Exact opposite of precipatation 4. In this process water move from one place to another, and from one state to other as well as in different conditions.. As the word ‘cycle’ says that … More importantly, given the development in human communities, our water cycle has been altered in numerous ways, but most especially in infiltration and runoff. If there are water bodies nearby, the infiltrated water can also end up in the water bodies after. The water cycle video for kids - What is a water cycle ? Runoff occurs when there is more water than land can absorb.The excess liquid flows across the surface of the land and into nearby creeks, streams, or ponds. Many streams water supplies come from surface water runoff. Water cycle steps in the atmosphere are easy to see wherever a cloud is visible. Runoff of course occurs during storms, and much more water flows in rivers (and as runoff) during storms. Water Cycle: Condinsation, Runoff. In this video lesson, you will learn about the processes of infiltration and runoff, and how they are an important part of the water cycle on Earth. STUDY. 2.Condensation is crucial to the water cycle because it is responsible for the formation of clouds. This is called percolation. Infiltration and Percolation Depending on how saturated the ground is, the water can continue downwards to replenish water tables and aquifers. A cloud is the result of water condensation that is added to the atmosphere by way of water evaporation, water sublimation, and water transpiration. 1.Condensation is the process by which water vapor in the air is changed into liquid water.


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