The most widely recognized and observed species of the four birds is the ruffed grouse. If possible, I try to be out during the part of the day there could be sunshine. A low electronic hum created an ambient sound that complemented a smell that was a mix of what I could only guess was steel, gun oil, and concrete well aged in this fluorescent-lit room hidden in the back of a parking lot. Check out this post I wrote for the Project Upland website for a detailed species profile. Normally DNR staff would get together and assemble sample kits to hand out to hunters. These are some of the weather-related things that I consider before heading out to hunt and train dogs: Where will the birds get out of the wind? But if you’re grouse hunting by yourself, smart birds will often hide themselves and let you walk right by them. He’d had other covers before and since but this one was his best. Located in the UP of Michigan, with cabin accommodations, expert dogs and decades of experience. Yet innovation is at every corner in the modern age. ), move slower and keep your shotgun ready to mount to your shoulder. A brown bird, walking in the open on white snow, is an easy meal for a woodland predator. It was no shock what we would find. But start by finding an area with a mixture of young forest and mature forest – that will likely be the best place to grouse hunt. at October 02, 2020 No comments: Email This BlogThis! They got up all ‘round me. Male grouse have a curious habit of “drumming” with their wings throughout the year. Most abundant in the north half of the state, “ruffies” are so named for the black collar of feathers located on the birds’ necks. The future of the local population depends on the birds we encounter on our winter grouse hunts. Learning where to consistently find and how to outsmart these birds gives you such a sense of accomplishment. Learn how your comment data is processed. Also, periodically stop (rather suddenly) in small openings for 30 seconds or so. As I snapped pictures, Doc spoke. I look for specific habitat combinations. Bob smiled and nodded at Robbie, picked up a piece of chalk and turned his attention to the class. Your email address will not be published. Here in Wisconsin, the snow is deep, and the winds are howling, and we have settled in for the winter. Bob walked up the ridge watching Tessie work the thin undergrowth between the mature trees. We were hunting north of Deer River MN, Focus Outdoors National Hunt MN Ruffed Grouse Hunting with RGS Video, Grouse hunters are always chasing the next great shotgun. The modern version is a rendition of, On the surface, when a grouse hunter walks out of the woods, side-by-side in hand, grouse dog in tow, bell jingling around a modern GPS collar, it does not look much different than 100 years ago. Things to consider before your next winter grouse hunt. “She hasn’t been out bird hunting for ten days. I got a real close look at ‘em. It’s the most perfect way I can think of to learn to hunt. Bob’s hunting partner and the owner of Tessie, Jim Heath, was coaching a football game that afternoon, but upon hearing Bob’s plan to hunt/scout a new bird covert Jim had lent Bob Tessie for the afternoon’s hunt. Many thanks. “Where was this, Robbie?”, “Up in the old apple orchard above my house. Gregg took careful time to show me the inner tooled workings of the original shotgun. Five, six of ‘em. Our northern forests are still actively managed for timber production, making many early growth timber areas so vital to the grouse's success. It will likely be next winter or spring before the final results of the study are available. Despite their similar names, these guns are not the same. I look for areas where the winds go over the tops of the pines instead of hitting the pines broadside. When I started, I wore some very basic upland hunting gear (blaze orange vest and blue jeans). The shadows are a grouse’s friend. This was not the first time I found myself looking over Elliot’s shoulder learning the ins and outs of the double gun. Brrrrrrup. This is important information to consider. Whether you’ve hunted something your whole life or you’re a newcomer, ruffed grouse hunting should be near the top of your list. Yet innovation is at every corner in the modern age. The Wisconsin DNR is in its third and final year of study looking at the impact of West Nile Virus on ruffed grouse. If you’re out bird watching or elk hunting out west, I could see how they would be useful, but I can’t recommend any out of personal experience. Bob took his time walking the long way up to the flat plateau on top of the ridge. New technical fabrics, more durable and practical boots, even the advancement of electronics have infiltrated this timeless pursuit. One after another. Labels: MN. I first read these words well after I had been on my first grouse hunt as a kid. Let’s look at some more specific details for hunting grouse. Usually, I am looking for areas where prime age aspen, older aspen, and conifers come together. I look for places that make it easy for grouse to feed, loaf and escape to cover quickly. Let me tell you…. by   Robert Sohrweide Once upon a time Bob Sohrweide had a ruffed grouse cover. Here are some of the things that I consider before heading out: The National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center is the place to check out for current observations for snow depth around the country. Put another way, in the manner they stay warm in the winter during the coldest days and nights and when stormy weather occurs. They’re relatively small birds and you could destroy the meat. Not only is it nice to soak in a bit of sunshine while winter grouse hunting, it just feels warmer. I always think of grouse hunting like playing chess in the woods, learning to anticipate the bird’s next move. Vast public lands are available and many are managed specifically for forest wildlife like ruffed grouse. The introduction of the Anson and Deeley action by Westley Richards in England, or more commonly referred to as the boxlock, was invented in 1875 and as Elliot wrote in the article, Ruffed Grouse Covert - A Sporting Classics Daily Story, A Lifetime of Grouse and Woodcock Hunting with English Setters Hardcover – January 15, 2020, Finding the Perfect Grouse Gun is a Lifelong Pursuit, Wisconsin DNR Asks for Help from Hunters for Final Year Ruffed Grouse Study. Check out the images below. Healthy Forests, Abundant Wildlife, Conservation Ethic. Bob found it in his eighth grade Latin class. “About 20 to 30 percent of the grouse that we’ve sampled have antibodies to West Nile Virus which means that they’re contracted the disease but they’re building up antibodies and flushing it out of their system and actually surviving the disease,” said DNR Assistant Upland Wildlife Ecologist Alaina Gerrits. He carried his twenty-gauge Ithaca over/under at port arms, with thumb ready on its tang safety, and listened to the merry music of the dog’s small cowbell. NH Grouse Hunting Update: 10/28. Grouse are notorious for surprising the most focused hunters! It is an exciting time to be a hunter. Lastly, I sit down and study maps of habitat combinations and look for areas where habitat that grouse need in the winter come together. I got a good look.”, Read the rest of the Sporting Classics story. In a dry environment, under the pines, they can blend into the shadows and escape quickly if needed. A Lifetime of Grouse and Woodcock Hunting celebrates the great joy of spending time in the outdoors and hunting wildlife, especially with English setters.


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