I always advise you to log in half an hour in advance. Matthew Ley:  Yeah. You know what it is that you’re going to do. But, in a one-hour webinar, I say the most questions that can be asked are 24. So, I would caution. We’re different. Pete Vamos:  Right. And the things that I like to ask in the pre-call–the most important things–are how is this presentation generally given, because if it’s generally given as a webinar, that’s good because they understand the medium. And I try and get my head around what–you know, how they’re going to be building their story. All the fun engagement tools in the world can’t overcome a bad speaker. And I try and always consider the people on the other end to make sure that they get the most out of it. With me is the number one webinar nerd, Matthew Ley, President of The Streaming Network. Are there other things? We’re not–that’s not what we’re doing here. Well, I think that with like–well, let’s just talk about that, right? As good or bad as they are, you got to answer real questions. It's also a good idea to know the content of the presentation, so you can quickly answer questions during the webinar.’ Pascal always recommends having 1 moderator for every 50 participants. Matthew Ley:  Do you know what I mean? But, can you do it on the fly? Do you want a webinar presentation to sound like a lecture from your seventh-grade science teacher or like a conversation with a colleague you’re commuting with on the train? What I see a lot, too, is the person who is like–they’ve got like–even like they are in their console building it. So, it can happen to the best of us. He can’t do that, right? This makes it much quieter for you during the webinar.’ Online Seminar has the possibility to put all answers in a specific list of answers. And then, they are also tasked with moderating what’s going on. If you’re not that, then hopefully you still get something out of it. The speaker should have some of these qualities: Shows passion about the topic: When the speaker really understands the subject matter and feels strongly about it, it comes through to the audience. You know, who your audience–know who your audience is. You don’t need Tony Robbins delivering your presentation, but you do need a compelling speaker at the podium. But, you choose as the head of marketing or whatever your position–. By understanding this difference, you can be sure that you have hired the right person for the right job. It takes some extra time to prepare, but it certainly pays off. The same thing has to happen even on audio webinar or a webcam webinar when it’s remote. It depends on how much the subject matter expert wants to talk, I guess. Right. But, oftentimes you’re taking a presentation that’s usually done either one-on-one or in front of a live audience, where there’s interaction and feedback in a different way. Not so long ago, I was asked to moderate when in fact after some discussion the client and I agreed they needed instead a Master of Ceremonies. I provide–I usually feed you some of the stuff for this–surprise, surprise. I would plan for 8 to 10 questions, that you get you through your content, have a backup list of four or five in case you have an inactive audience, and then just know that that is going to leave you with this much room when it’s all said and done. If you are interested in this blog, have a read of other blogs on moderating. Matthew Ley:  –Well, you can, I think, in some cases. I said, “We have to get off, we have to talk to the client who hired me.” And we walked out. Twenty-four would be the most. And they look around the marketing department, there’s five social media graphic design writers, and they are the only one in webinars. Right. Is that–but people do. Nice to be back in your basement after a few weeks or months–depending on the distribution of this–that we haven’t, but–. Matthew Ley:  So, I wouldn’t plan for 24. © Copyright 2015 - 2018, Claire Doole. We’ll also send a message that we’ll make sure to answer all technical questions. Pete Vamos:  It depends on how much the subject matter expert wants to talk, I guess. A Wish Collaboration company. She was great. A welcome message works wonders.’, ‘Are there any questions you can expect? And then, you should have a pre-call with the presenter. I am a more over-the-top sort of verbose–whatever. And then, there’s another blog post–quite old–but it reiterates a lot of what we said–that you can print off and look at about, you know–so, you are asked to be a moderator, you know, here are some steps sort of printed. And, I mean, everything is fine when nothing goes wrong, right? Matt is an accomplished speaker, moderator and a sought-after thought leader. And if you’re not–if you’re stumbling with the technology, or you’re uncomfortable, or you don’t have it, it’s going to make the person on the other end not deliver, for sure. Often that is you, Mr. Marketing or Miss Marketing Manager, who has the webinar program. Understands the audience’s attention span: All human beings have a short attention span, and really busy people have an even shorter one. So, I would just say don’t rush it, always take the time and do it right. There is a maximum of about 10 moderators. Keep the topic moving. So, I know more about autism spectrum disorder and what’s going on in Ontario than someone off the street, but I am by no means an expert. And if you see it going awry, like we’re, you know, almost halfway in, and we haven’t gotten through all of our questions, you’ve got to start speeding up the host–. So, they are here as an external who’s got a great wealth of knowledge, who maybe doesn’t know your audience as well, so you got to make sure that that’s in place. Q�q+j$d�F!�D0f�QD�3�S1�� And the truth is is that when we come up with our topics, it’s a combination of things I think we should talk about because I hear it on the street. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Yeah. As a moderator, ask them questions and follow up on their answers to establish a connection quickly. The moderator sets the tone, the pace and control of the content, staying ever-vigilant in keeping it relevant for the audience. 1. Matthew Ley:  So, in a one-hour webinar, and I’m–it’s my whole math (SP) that I’m going to have to look up–but it will have the link to it. Hopefully. A straw poll of colleagues and clients confirmed my view that people often confuse the different roles. The goal of the moderator is to make the panelists look smart. Then, we’re going to go have coffee, and we’re going to chat, and we’re going to get relaxed.


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