Shincha is harvested during the first flush of a plant, and normally hold a bitter taste. Fukamushicha contains leaves from the Sencha, Gyokuro, Kabusecha, and even Bancha processes that are deep steamed providing a deeper color and brew. Many health claims have been made around this roasted green tea, but people have begun wondering if hojicha is as beneficial for our health as regular green tea. This doesn't mean that it's bad quality. 4. 100% Money Back Guarantee | High-Quality Tea | Free Shipping | Superior Customer Service, 10 Different Types of Green Tea You Need to Know About. Kukicha is also known as twig tea because unlike most teas, it is made with twigs and stems instead of the leaves. Rolling the leaves gives them their needle-like shape. The research doesn’t seem to think so. In fact, a recent study on the antioxidant content of tea based on its processing and brewing method showed that high-temperature roasting significantly reduces the final antioxidant concentration in those brews. Today all segments of society drink genmaicha. Although there hasn’t been much research done on hojicha yet, there are a few studies that can give us a good idea on what makes it different from steam and fan-dried green tea. Instead of steaming the freshly picked leaves, Chinese green tea farmers pan-fry the leaves, which flattens and dries out the leaves, but also makes the leaves more stiff than the Japanese green tea. Sign up for Free Green Tea Club for to Get The Two Books for Free. Bancha is the second harvest after the first flush has been taken for Sencha, then regrown. The main defining differences between types of green tea stem from the where it is grown, the harvesting method, and the processing method. Konacha is a cheap tea since the leaves are essentially filtered out bits of other types of green tea, and does not have to be cultivated itself. The bitterness comes from higher levels of fluoride, becoming effective against tooth decay and halitosis (bad breath). One that has been garnering attention lately is hojicha (AKA houjicha - ほうじ茶), or roasted green tea. Leaves from these bushes are especially suitable for the very light processing method of green tea. Because Tencha does not undergo the rolling process, the larger leaves release high levels of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Secure Shopping Protected by Shopify Inc. I suspect that it has less caffeine than the green type, since roasting removes caffeine from tea leaves as well. It’s an inverse relationship, of course, meaning that drinking green tea significantly reduces the risk of a tea drinker having a stroke. The blog is focused on scientific research related to Japanese Green Tea, and how it can help benefit people to live healthier lives. This tea is most well known for being served at sushi restaurants where it is called “agari”. Well, not really. This study couldn’t find any relationship at all, good or bad, between drinking roasted tea and stroke. Green tea also reduces the risk of death even if a person does have a stroke and the likelihood that they’ll have a second stroke. They concluded that the roasting process actually destroys many of the catechins present in the fresh leaf. For example, Japanese and Chinese green tea differ in the steaming process. Green tea is generally produced from smaller bushes. Shincha differs from other types of tea because you will typically find the year of harvest included. While it’s important to keep in mind that all tea will have health benefits, the chemical composition of each particular variety will determine the extent and strength of the wellness boost it can provide. Beginning with our previous list, I will now describe the health benefits of each of these teas offers your body. With just a few tips on how to brew this powerful leaf we can change your mind about the taste and enjoyment of drinking Green Tea. Did you know that the same green tea leaves can be steeped for more than one time? There are so many sites out there that talks about tea but let me tell you straight the 17 most useful and captivating tea blogs that would surely make you time worthy to read into.


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