Apparently, the game is set in September 2012, according to the front cover of the game. The main menu will show several game options along with a slideshow background imitating human world history with cars with this menu music (link coming soon). Road Trip Chronicles - An alternate counterpart to RTA2. If it has 1 star, it will only take 4 minutes for the tires to wear out. Tires may wear off faster after long hours of driving, or if you drift way too much. Tony Augustus is a silver Ford F150 Raptor who has a boastful bully-like attitude. Overtake - You have 5 laps to overtake as much vehicles as possible. Also the cars can fuck in this one baby!!!!!!!!!!!! Items you have found go here. A dirt and concrete track built around a mountain with a moat. Part Four: 22 July 2018 Speed sensitivity - At what speed should the blurriness be at full effect? If the infected cop car wrecks you, you become infected, too! Next, the player is left to do whatever he or she chooses. A long track with many shortcuts and alternate paths with some hazards inside a manufactuering plant, on a large floating island. Duel - A winner-takes-all boss race between 2 vehicles set on an 8 mile point-to-point route. Intensity - The intensity and brightness of bloom. The car will explode, with bits such as the wheels, engine, seats, etc. You get points based on your final race position. When a camera goes fast enough, corners on the screen become blurry. 2,480 articles have been created since October 28, 2008. You must beat a track with a set amount of time to win that race. The song suddenly stops and turns into a dark orchestral score when 5 black cars arrive about to hit the Corvette, before the scene ends. Depending on how far each player is in the game, one racer may have an unfair advantage if they are further along in the game. You can play on tracks with vehicles you purchased in Adventure mode, OR if you don't have any vehicles, choose the coutesy cars instead. This allows players to sell/buy parts to a friend via inserting both memory cards into the PS2. Stamps - You can earn stamps in the game. One of the main other criticisms is the lack of graphical detail, with broad areas having plain textures. Detachable flashlight with 5 sound triggers. Theme: Medieval, village, mountain, forest. The car turns completely black as it floats and fades away. At the start of the game, you are asked to specify a name for the currency used in the game, and also display preferences too such as optional motion blur, bloom, and measure units. This pack includes 4 tracks based off of real world grand prix circuits. He has a cocky attitude and is pretty confident in races. The car will drive on a frictionless trail, driving at top speed and seamlessly avoiding obstacles. Win a race by a 1 millisecond difference. Any further values may result in unstable bloom. Cars that were featured in popular movies. This will take you directly to the story mode of RTA2. The game takes place in the year 2002 (on Earth, it is actually 2014), after the events of RTA1. You can even check out the Vehicle Encyclopedia to learn about the citizens you have befriended or at least talked to. There are multiple ways a race can be started. James Hunter is a 4-time GT1 World Champion from the United Kingdom. This is far better than the first Road Trip Adventure game, allowing you to do more than just travel around the world in a scaled down car. hit a ball in football. The car will take no damage at all, not consume fuel, or be destroyed. Part Three: 14 July 2018. The AI in the game will crash into walls, go the wrong way, or basically stop driving. Instead of there being 28 vehicles, there will be 50, yes, FIFTY opponents competing. A dynamically changing dirt track built inside a volcano with some parts that you can fall off of, and a manufacturing facility you have to drive through. There, you have a chance to rest and change any parts to suit the difficulty of the next sections of the track. He is very competitive and never lost a race in 2005. A dirt track around a beach with some temples you have to drive through.


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