Minimum requirements for safety devices on automatic gates Swing Gates. Established since 2010, Gate Safe was the pioneering force to first address the issue of automated gate safety. The second, using a melon (to simulate a child’s head) was a more devastating example, showing the strength of the gates if the safety precautions are not adhered to. Touch sensitive or resistive safety edges (ideally category 3 edges). Date of Assessment: Risk Assessment Number 5 For “Track Guided Gates” there is a potential nip/entrapment point between the floor-mounted guide track and the leading edge of the gate leaf wheel LO FE DPH NP HRN DOR 1.0 5.0 1 1 5 Low Risk … It does not, nor is it intended to cover all and every risk associated with an automatic gate system. It is the … Call us today to arrange a risk assessment and ensure your electric gates … Today, Gate Safe enjoys the support of a number of high profile industry / health & safety organisations and continues to offer independent approved training, share best practice, and deliver practical jargon-free guidance to improve the safety of automated gates … On a double gate… SLIDING GATE RISK ASSESSMENT GUIDE FORM The following form is only intended as a guide. We also tested the same fruit under the weight of an 18 stone adult as a comparison.


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