Plantains are also bigger in size than bananas. Plantains have easily become one of the favorites in my household. Open the plantains out a little and spoon half the butter into each with some seasoning and the chilli flakes. These 3 easy recipes will blow your mind with their flavors and textures. The moment she asked “How do you use plantains?” “Well everything!!!! Plantains are used to prepare many popular street food dishes like emborrajados and platanos asados. Smoky spiced Jollof rice & coconut-fried plantain Bake again for 10 mins, squeeze over the lime and serve. Plantains are a starchy, unsweet variety of banana that are inedible raw and must be cooked before eating. I’m not much of a baker but for starters, try replacing bananas with plantains” Then you can move on to the many different dishes you can make using plantains. Most are larger and slightly more angular in shape than ‘sweet’ bananas. Our top plantain recipes 1. I love plantains and while most of these recipes are good anytime of the day, my favorites are the breakfast dishes like bolon de verde, majado de verde, tigrillo, sango de verde, fried (or baked) ripe plantains with cheese, and green plantain empanadas.


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