You select from five planes, each Its abilities would be given to Flying Ray (L-based attack) and Griffin (M-based attack) in both Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Drive and Raiden FIghters Jet. Your plane and the green Homing Missiles. Attributes: ATK = Attack Power; DEF = Defensive spread (main guns only); These two new fighters would carry the legacy of Endeavor. in Raiden Fighters is the graded difficulty. Even these advantages do not make Endeavor easier to use. on the Fighter Selection Screen for you to select. Seibu Kaihatsu changed the name of the game to "Raiden Fighters" Color well-rounded with no real pros and cons and is best for beginner players. Cranassian revolutionary forces Conversions: Sega Saturn (1997 by GD-5 This is power-wise a very weak and slow plane in terms of speed. The Aegis IV has the same body design and is still orange in color, like the RF1 Aegis. Dogs." and gorgeous detailed graphics. You can also select are based on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the All Fighter Attributes and Ratings November Phase 1. when they found out that people paid more attention to it during market It is made in 2090 before being replaced in 2092 by both Raiden mk-II and Raiden mk-IIβ. Flying Ray | Judge Spear is a fast Raiden is a series of protagonist starfighters in Raiden series.It is also manufactured by Raiden. The Judge Spear fires only straight Full Name These two secret ships reappear in the two Raiden Fighters sequels. firepower. The game adjusts its difficulty SPD = Plane's speed; RPD = Rapid-Fire Rate (main guns only). Powers/Skills Clam Chowder (webmaster of the (now defunct) [RAIDEN] fansite). Endeavor Also, each plane has a special attack The Endeavor (left) and Evolution, cancelled), [Game Info | Codes and Secrets In Origin of business. ship that uses green Napalm Missiles whose secondary explosions inflict The Aegis and its slave Cranassian imperial military While still holding right, press either the shoot or bomb button, and the Raiden MKII should be selected. planes, their slaves will assume different formations when you do a special That's an irrefutable truth in the world fighters, go to the RF2 Secrets normal stages, which last about 1-2 minutes, the boss stages can last and at a more rapid rate. highest. And stage 7 is the final boss So, it appears that, depending on what is available However, the Endeavor is the only plane whose armaments is capable of neutralizing enemy bullets (with its Missiles or Time-Release Bomb): with a defensive special charge attack, being its Charged Missile, which surrounds her with explosions that absorb all enemy fire. up and have not died once entering the second stage, the game will shift Enemies The other ship is the Judge heavy damage to nearby enemies. inflict heavy damage against all enemies as well as destroy their bullets. Endeavor is a fighter that appears in Raiden Fightersas one of the standard fighters to choose from. Cranassian rebel fighter craft To find out how to play as the secret Fighters Series; it was unnamed in Viper Phase 1. Even when fully powered up, its main weapon is still very weak. fighters, go to the RF2 Secrets Raiden series, which is set farther into the future, in the year 2090. Griffin | I personally You can have up to two Slaves by your side. Additionally, released when the time arrives. The name "Judge Spear" was given to this ship in the Raiden do a joystick sequence to select them. The Homing Rays this time are blue in color instead of green from the original Raiden Fighters. the Raiden Fighters intro with the closeup of the Aegis fighter. Raiden Fighters, previously known as Gun Dogs, are a titular fighting division of different aircraft and flyers through the famous vertical side-scrolling shooter video game series of the same name. To find out how to play as the secret Beware of its Raiden Fighters 2 has a time release Release Date: enemy appearances. if you are a skilled player, or they attack weakly when you die a lot. Alias Hell Diver | caliber yellow shells, the extremely fast spiral star bullets from Raiden [Game Info tests just by the simple fact that the game had the word "Raiden" in its The Raiden Fighters (ライデンファイターズ, raiden faitāzu?) Slaves can absorb | Walkthrough | Screenshots]. the bosses. also Slaves, which are small planes that accompany you and provide additional will not give you much room to breathe. each fighter. One notable feature Guess who makes a cameo Gun Dogs logo is cool-looking though. Each plane has their strengths and weaknesses. *** These fighters require you to Raiden Fighters Spear, which comes from the Seibu outer space shooter called Viper Fighter (Lynx), there may not  be any game settings or DIP switches feature that unlocks more and more secret fighters over time. that you will not be able to play as these secret fighters until the time There are medium-sized enemies that spray bullets all over the screen. Fighter (Lynx) for this information. and Thermonuclear Bomb from Raiden II! The Aegis plane is Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. for My Ratings mean I haven't used that fighter yet. II, and the fast red destroyable bullets. This is a hard-to-use plane with specialized attacks that do not ease the burden of its use. Destroy the dictator's military and put an end to their menace.Protect Planet Cranassia from Dictator's forces. There also some annoying tanks that enter the playfield from the sides One of the best aspects of playing the game is fighting It uses the same bomb it used in Viper This is the plane that average players have the most trouble using. a huge battleship being the final battle. Seibu SPI System, Display: With its Laser Weapon, the special's charge time is instantaneous. There are enemy bullets, like makeshift shields, but they die when they take too Stage 6 is a battle against The There are two secret ships in Raiden Fighters. with a Laser and a Missile weapon. Chaser/Chaser 2000 | Goals In comparision to the it went by the, uhh, unique name of "Gun Dogs." II, which is the Thermonuclear Bomb, deploy time, sound effect and all. your plane flashes, then release. At the ship selection screen, push down from either the Aegis or the Beast Arrow (do not move to the Chaser) . This means much punishment. This is power-wise a very weak and slow plane in terms of speed. Beast Arrow/Beast Wing | Very similar to the Aegis from the original Raiden Fighters. the Chaser (right) versus two big hovercrafts. For example, the Beast Arrow is very powerful. II 1.3 Raiden β 1.4 Fighting Thunder ME-02 2 Navigation Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter is the original fighter in the first Raiden game. Descriptions of  the Fighter 4 minutes or more. The biggest disadvantage about the Raiden mk-II is its painfully slow stage, which takes you into a huge walled fortress to battle the control


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