I had a similar experience last time I bought anything from them, PLUS a couple of things on backorder for a year, and then the email saying they were no longer available. I suspect a store, IF it wanted to do so, could easily make it policy to adjust, especially when items have not shipped. If the purchase had been made in the store, I'm quite certain an adjustment would happily have been done, but it is a different story dealing with customer service over an online purchase. My order is still "processing" and the sale price is now lower than the cyber Monday deal but they don't make price adjustments. Start Earning 10% Back In Rewards With The Pottery Barn Credit Card. I called our local JCPenney and was told that shoppers had 30 days to get a price adjustment. But, forboystoo, you hit the nail on the head. As a member, you’ll enjoy the following exclusive benefits: 3% back in Rewards Dollars on qualifying purchases within Pottery Barn’s family of brands. $(document).ready(function() { From their website, they “do not offer price adjustments on shipping charges at this time.”. But that, to me, goes both ways. IMO, the appropriate response to seeing a price drop is to call and ask if you can be credited the difference. Thank goodness Kohl's isn't like Pottery Barn, tho it does have its own fluke, as do many merchants who also sell on the Web. I feel differently, particularly in a case like this, where I haven't even received the items. Good customer service is not the same thing as giving the customer everything they demand. Good luck. So I know that the Kohl's workers see the benefit in keeping customers happy and coming back. DD did end up getting a large rug and bed linens with the discount. PB's approach on this one is quite customer-unfriendly. This is not something to be angry at the store about. The question here ?Why the "adjustment" requires you to do their dance !! Once again, Vielen Dank..!! You cannot get an adjustment when there is a difference in an online price vs. an in-store price. Play it safe, shop early! Kohl’s: Kohl’s will allow you to return any item with an original receipt within 14 days for an adjustment, excluding clearance and 2-for-1 deals. Pottery Barn Kids - No price adjustment policy Jun 12, 2015 @ Pissed Consumer I called customer service about returning the other rug. I know it was canned because I inadvertently sent the same email twice and received answers from two different people. A problematic situation with Kohl's? I don't think PB is wrong. Now I have to haul a large piece of furniture down to the store to return and reorder. I’m returning all if not most of the things I ordered because of them not honoring their own price adjustment policy – bad business practice. Cancel cancel cancel.....Sell your gift cards or re-gift them..Avoid shopping there and post like he!! PBKids do offer the price match, read below to know more about it. But guess who pays for that policy? Return to the Sears store of purchase with your receipt and get some cold hard cash. They were $54 originally, on sale for $27. Within 30 days items went on sale. PBteens is the first home company retailer that focuses on teenagers. As the idiom goes, “One man’s meat is another’s poison” which doesn’t take away from neither as much as it is a matter of choice. Photo credit to Mike Mozart (1, 2) and LancerE. Target will give you exactly 7 days to bring in your receipt (you don’t need to bring the item back in) and get a price adjustment if the item you bought goes down in price. Contrarily, this company only presents price match policy for PBkids not for the entire sections of the company. There are some generals rules followed by pottery barn price match policy to help customers understand easily like price match is only done on the online purchase for the PBKids section.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'pricematchguarantee_net-box-4','ezslot_4',106,'0','0'])); All this was about the pottery price match policy. Take in your original receipt within 7 days of purchase and get your price adjustment at Gymboree. She said that, yes, that can certainly be done. The difference would have been around 50 or 60 dollars. Has anyone purchased Logan Media Suite from Pottery Barn? They were selling for $14.99 in the store plus 20% off. I purchased almost $400 worth of clothing online this past Sunday. (PS: Nothing had been worn and no tags were even cut off. And again, it goes both ways. To claim your price adjustment, just see an associate at the customer service desk at your local store or call Staples at 1-800-333-3330. It had some discoloration that I only wanted to ask about, not complaining or asking for a replacement; I just wanted to know if it was normal for this to happen. The next day there was an additional 10% off all sale items (and the day after that, it went up to 30% off), but the fine print stated “doesn’t apply to prior purchases” meaning I couldn’t get a price adjustment.


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