Pour over potato and onion mixture. Cook the other side of the Tortilla de patatas, When done place in a plate in slice into 8 even wedges, Keywords: how to make tortilla de patatas, what is tortilla de patatas, where is tortilla de patatas from, Tag @mayihavethatrecipe on Instagram and hashtag it ##mayihavethatrecipe #tahiniandturmeric, Subscribe to receive our latest recipes right in your inbox, Thanks! Here in Spain you can find it everywhere. Add the remaining oil to the pan. Pour over potato and onion mixture. Whisk eggs and season well. Make sure you flip the tortilla de patatas over a bowl in case some of the mixture falls off the skillet. My daughter was living in Sevilla, Spain for a couple years and LOVED tortilla de patatas...she has just moved home and I made this for her...made her very happy and it was DELICIOUS! 10 %, Potato Tortilla (Omelet) With Tuna and Asparagus (Ww Core). Made with 3 simple ingredients potatoes, onions and eggs, it's vegetarian and gluten-free. A beloved Spanish classic, tortilla española, or potato omelette, is a soul satisfying tapa. Cook tortilla over low heat for 10 minutes until eggs set. Learn how your comment data is processed. See our full line of tortillas, chips, and other products and where to buy them. Make sure the potatoes are not too or they will take a long time to cook, Heat olive oil in a large 12" skillet with a lid with and add potatoes and onions, Cooked covered until the potatoes are cooked. Pour the egg/potato mixture and cook on one side, over medium heat, until the bottom starts to brown about 5-7 minutes or longer if necessary. Holiday Sale! Home » Tapas » Tortilla de Patatas, Post created:March 23, 2020-Post updated: October 25, 2020-May contain affiliate links. Cook on a medium heat until the sides and top have just set and the base is lightly golden-brown. Not being able to physically check up on them, and make sure they have everything they need, has been incredibly challenging. So, since most of us are stuck at home right now and probably won't be traveling anytime soon, we invite you to take a little trip without leaving your kitchen, and go ahead and get cooking! Slowly slide the uncooked side onto the skillet and return to heat. Delicious luncheon dish or serve as part of tapas menu. Hi Leora, same ingredients, but it tastes different, less "eggy" and with a more distinct potato and onion flavor. Beat the eggs in a medium bowl. Fry until potatoes are tender; drain excess oil and set aside. Pat down to compact layers of potatoes and eliminate air bubbles. Please let us know how it turns out if you try it! We guarantee it will be worth every second... , Slice onions and dice potatoes into medium-size pieces. We promise not to share your email address. Get exclusive offers on great Spanish food, new arrivals and recipes from Spain. Transfer to a bowl and wipe the pan clean. Season with salt to taste. , ahhh, I didn't get it! And we're sharing a recipe that's 100%  Spain, and it's one of the most popular "tapas": Tortilla De Patatas or Spanish potato omelet. Just be sure not to overcook it or else it can become dry. Hi Cheryl, yes you may add cheese to the Tortilla de patatas. This is my favorite tapa, the one I crave after a holiday in Spain. Tortilla de Patatas (also known as Spanish Omelette or tortilla de papas) is an easy Spanish recipe made with potatoes, onion, eggs, salt, and oil. Thinly slice the Spanish onion. We we raised in Barcelona in a Jewish-Lebanese household, we moved to the US over 25 years ago. sorry all you vegans!! Let the cooked potatoes and onions cool. We created May I Have That Recipe to help you explore new spices, flavors and cuisine with simple, easy flavorful dishes! COVID-19 has hit our beautiful city pretty hard. Wearing oven mitts, place a lid on the skillet. Since I came back from Spain I have been looking for a perfect Tortilla de Patatas recipes and this is it! (Note: Be very careful not to burn yourself while doing this. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So, I'm making it tonight for my husband along with a beautiful Steak. Wash and peel potatoes, then thinly slice or cut into small cubes. Since 1977, Mission Foods has been creating fresh and authentic Mexican food products. In the meantime, we'll try to stay positive and focus on remembering all the good things Spain has to offer.


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