A lot of people visit our showroom with this common complaint, "We paid a lot for this mattress. It was a very big mattress but we had no problems bending it to put it into our delivery truck or take it up the stairs in the customer's home. The store offered us a replacement mattress but we decided to keep the mattress because it was comfortable. They are more expensive to make. As such, with a pocket sprung mattress I would advise you to look at our Artisan Naturals mattress; This is the true medium model in it’s comfort layers so you won’t sink in to it too much and will get a good level of support from the spring. We compare the Vi-Spring Herald Superb with our own Artisan Bespoke; This is the firmest mattress that we have in terms of the upholstery layers on top of the springs. It was the most expensive mattress on the floor. You spend a third of your life in bed, why not use that time properly so that you can be the best that you can be. 4.4. UK, We have all our mattresses built to our precise specifications and therefore we can personally guarantee each model for a period of time. Cooling, Cushioning ... EcoSleep A flippable mattress design allows you to choose between a medium or firm sleep … Unfortunately, this is not the only problem with a mattress like this but it is a good indicator of how a company like this operates. Design to help solve 4 common sleep problems: lossing and turning, back support and alignment, partner movement and sagging.2. If you want you can try our foam in your sofa first, before committing to one of our mattresses. The Sapira hybrid mattress is the first luxury pocket spring and performance foam mattress ... Brunswick Quilted Hemp-Based Cover An ultra-soft and breathable cover infused with hemp fibres surrounds multiple layers of premium gel foam and pocketed steel springs. Pocket Spring. At Foamite, we believe in certified quality. They did not understand the concept of shopping factory direct and how, if you go to the right source, you can get better quality for less. Extreme Comfort . They are heavier and they will give you better comfort and support for a longer period of time. Our products have been tested by independent labs and they are certified. We also did not know what a family bed was until we made one. How to buy the best custom mattress at a great factory direct price. If you are one of these people you should know that very few things are as important as a good night's sleep. I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419. This is the most beneficial benefit of a pocket sprung mattress as it encourages your body to sleep in an ideal body alignment. Here are our picks for Australia's best pocket spring mattresses. Spring mattresses are 'Old Technology'. Some people retreat to the couch which is made with 4 to 6 inches of foam. They are sealed so that you cannot look inside. A lot of the spring cores are imported from China in a 1 inch thickness. Give us a call on 0161 437 4419 or email [email protected], Mon – Fri 8.00am – 8.00pm When we got it home we found out that the legal label that was on the mattress described it as only 21% latex and 79% polyurethane foam. See Delivery for more information. I need a firmer mattress to support my weight. We’ll send you occasional news and mattress expertise. Based on your preferences and criteria we can direct you to the mattress that best suits you. Full foam mattresses have become so popular that even the big three spring mattress manufacturers are now offering full foam mattresses in their line-ups. Spring Mattress technology was patented in 1865. It will be used solely to follow through on your request for additional information. We bought a nice looking mattress that was sold to us by a high-end mattress store in the city as a 'natural latex' mattress. Don't do it parents. In many cases their parents will still advise them on what to buy. Koosh is the best natural High Resiliency foam for sitting or sleeping. Call us today for free advice on  0161 437 4419 or email us at [email protected], Recently slept in a comfortable hotel bed, I toss and turn because I can't get comfortable, I wake up with stiffness in my back or neck, My partner moves around a lot and wakes me up, My current mattress is worn or sagging making me uncomfy. All our mattress covers are made with zippers so that you can check and make sure you got exactly what you ordered and so we can easily make changes to your mattress if your needs or preference change in the future. OFF. Six months later the bed was really uncomfortable. Advertising is good but sometimes it is used to create perceptions that may or may not be true. When you call for warranty then you discover that the warranty mostly applies to the spring core of your mattress and any softening or sagging (up to 1.5" of your comfort layers is considered normal wear). We know better and before you buy your next mattress, so should you. Unfortunately to a lot of people this means buying a mattress from a store that advertises the lowest price. Little did they know that memory foam works as a system with all the other layers that support it. You are paying for mostly air. The Eva Mattress. pocket spring mattress problems. 4. This is described as ‘Full Repair or Replace’. Many newlyweds have never had to purchase their own mattress before they get married. However, when it comes to mattress shopping they will buy the cheapest mattress thinking that it is not as important because nobody sees it. You will go right through the memory foam and feel the harder lumpy foam that is under it. Notice how they didn’t talk about specific weights and densities. Bonnell Spring. Then more of these light weight fluff materials are quilted in the cover to give you a pillow top. It was fine for about five years but over the past year I have been having difficulty breathing when asleep – which I initially thought was apnoea. Pocket springs are individually wrapped coil systems that are stitched into mattresses below a comfort layer of foam or other material. Everyone says that they have the 'best quality' or the 'most natural' or foam 'just like Foamite'. People will spend thousands of dollars on designer clothes, shoes and things like dining room sets that they may only use a couple of times a year. It is very important to sleep better. When he asked the company what quality of foam the mattress was made with they said, "It was made with a high grade of memory foam, which ensures longer durability and better support." Paying the most for your mattress does not mean that you got the best quality materials on the inside. Along with making mattresses we also cut foam to size for use in sofa cushions. Spring mattresses are still popular because they are inexpensive to produce and the people that sell them can make very high profit margins. He was originally attracted to the lower price and really didn't pay much attention to the details (what made up the mattress) until after it was too late. The other thing that stuck out was that they said the memory foam was put on a cemented core of polyurethane foam. I would always recommend testing latex before purchasing as it provides a similar sink in sensation to memory foam but is firmer overall in the feel. John Ryan By Design Ltd It was the most expensive mattress on the floor. Visit evamattress.com.au. Sleeping better on a good, properly configured mattress will provide you with a number of key benefits - you will look, feel, heal and think better. We doesn't provide pocket spring mattress problems products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. We paid a lot for this mattress and it is not even what we were told it was. But while the best do all that and more, the worst we've seen cost hundreds of pounds and fail on both counts. These springs move separately and not together like in open coil mattresses. Really? The pillow top has become distorted even though neither my wife nor I are particularly heavy. They are truly maintenance free. It is very common for spring mattresses to start squeaking after a short period of time. He only got a portion of his money back but instead of turning away from foam mattresses he started researching the market to find out what really makes a good foam mattress.


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