Parasitic mites and ants (question) - posted in General: There is a big difference between parasitic mites and phoretic mites living on ants or other invertebrates. Two times I have witnessed mites on ants that were parasitic with certainty. Since the reasons why termites damage wood differs vastly from why carpenter ants destroy wood, it makes it a little easier for you to determine who the culprit is. What Termite Vs Carpenter Ants Damage Looks Like. Since I cant ID most of the mites I see, does anyone know how tell the difference? Mites: Mite’s color has different colors, including reddish-brown, brown, tan – or a mixture of colors; some species are green, blue, or bright red. During spring, the two insects create swarmers and send them to go and create new colonies. One time it was a bunch of Myrmecocystus testaceus I caught. The sarcoptic (scabies mites or mange mites) are about 120 species. When the host plant is depleted of nutrients, the ants carry their aphids to a new food source. Remember that carpenter ants can't eat wood. If predatory insects or parasites attempt to harm the aphids, the ants will defend them aggressively. Larvae mites (arachnids) are red (natural pigment). These species are pale-brown and tiny in size. Termites vs ants. There are several similarities between ants and termites. Aphid-herding ants make sure aphids stay well-fed and safe. They include the following; Ants and termites are both insects since they have three body parts (head, thorax and abdomen) and 3 pairs of legs that are jointed. Carpenter Ant Damage . Some ants even go so far as to destroy the eggs of known aphid predators like ladybugs.


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