Under Dark Falz's influence, Lassic would spread monsters all over the three planets of Algol and imprison or kill all who opposed his rule. A full walkthrough for Phantasy Star II on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Has a little roar while doing this attack. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=licSKiVTb3g, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VufawM-GPA0. When Nero, a resistance soldier, is killed by Lassic's soldiers, his sister Alis vows to avenge him. Phantasy Star Portable 2 Gwanada uses his burrowing and surfacing to move around the area and can constantly do so, making it fairly irritating of a fight when it happens. Often used when the target is behind or to the side. Fairly long start-up. Can be avoided easily by standing underneath him. The populace are divided between two warring factions: the ones led by Orakio and the ones led by Laya. Both versions share the same attacks. When fighting with a party, there will be multiple Gwanadas, which makes breaking the tentacles a lot harder. The benefit of such an occurrence is that you can have beyond the 4 party member limit in the event this happens in a Multi-Party Area. There is an AI detection range to this, where if the target goes out of, Rockbear immediately stops the wind-up. Vol Dragon will stick its tail into the ground to do so. After performing this attack, Vol Dragon reverts to his 1st form automatically. Weakpoints : Head Breakable Points : None Appears anywhere else in the Forest or Ruins as a random E-Trial boss. Catadran/Catadransa does this attack when the target is behind. Done only as a follow-up attack to the Forward Lunge when enranged. Since then we have been powercreeped so if you level up quite a bit these aren't as difficult as they used to be but those last two quests in Episode 3 are the only quests that I can recall early on are set to Level 80 enemies instead of something close to your level. Despite having no direct relation with the original series, all subsequent spin-off series from Phantasy Star have featured Dark Falz, either as a major antagonist, final boss and in a few cases as a optional super-boss. A simple forward run, knocking away anything it hits. (Spoiler)". Sometimes done even with the target in front. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Phantasy Star Online 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Two swings from his tail, covering a very wide radius around him. Dark Force Phantasy Star Portable 2 If there are any incorrect information, or anything you wish to add, let me know and I will do any necessary corrections to this guide. Hobby Embodiment of evil Travels a long distance but causes Gwanada to lay down for awhile afterwards. The second Dark Falz sets himself in Dezoris, where it takes over the Garuberk Tower, causing a huge blizzard to storm the planet and spreading it's dark energy, which slowly kills those who lived in villages close to the tower and killing all inhabitants from Reshel, which get turned into zombies. Upon entering Alisa III, Dark Falz corrupts the people from the floating city of Lashute and incites the pilots of the ship to begin a civil war. The aim of this guide is to provide information on bosses, ranging from weak points to their attacks and tendencies, as well as possible patterns from bosses. Here Dark Falz is a malevolent being which was sealed away within the Maximum Attack battle simulation program. Fires a single fireball forward, travelling fairly slowly. Warcry does this as well. When fighting with a party, you will encounter multiple Catadrans/Catadransas. Comes out fairly quickly. Causes a fire geyser to pop out a short time after stomping the ground with its front legs. Head Shove, A common attack done when the target is in front. Dark Falz appears as a super-boss, whom the players can find in the depths of Rykros. Jumps either forward, upwards or backwards and falls down. Bosses are normally fought at the 3rd Area of Exploration Missions. 4tified Gaming. However, the people of Algol grows too dependant on the supercomputer, becoming weak and defenseless as the Earthlings intended. Comes out fairly quickly but doesn’t do that much damage. Phantasy Star Occasionally done when the target is in front at medium to far distances and is always done after Vol Dragon jumps backwards. It's an optional high difficulty fight, but she's definitely beatable, just gotta learn her patterns. Catadran, found in the Volcano, is weak to Ice while Catadransa, found in the Floating Continents, is weak to Darkness. I do not think the bosses have official names for their attacks, so I will be giving names to them according to what I see fit to describe them. For certain bosses, many of their attacks can be avoided by simply being above them, and as such, becomes easily abused in the event the terrain has objects for you climb. For Phantasy Star Portable 2 on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Final Boss is pretty annoying eh? Dark Falz appears as the final boss of the game, being revealed as the true mastermind behind Mother Trinity, the game's main antagonist, having possessed the organic super-computer and causing it to go haywire and turn on humans. If anything reaches his mouth, he grabs it, bites for awhile, and throws the target, dealing strong damage. So these enemies are hard-locked to Level 80 during a time way back (years ago) when level cap was originally Level 75. The first Dark Falz encounters the magician Zio, who contracted the creature through an unknown means, and turns him into his herald while giving him control over powerful dark magic. Bosses on Super Hard mode have a much different attack pattern, usually chaining between attacks immediately in a pattern which is why I will not include them. I remember spending a few hours doing this mission until I finally got it. In both Boss fights and random E-Trials, the amount of players in the party can affect how the boss fight goes. Dark Falz once again appears as a super-boss. Weakpoints : Body Segments, Broken Tail Breakable Points : Tail Crystal Appears in both the Volcano and Floating Continent. Alias Only used on its 3rd form. Almost 1000 years later, the people of Lashute start working to reignite the war and free their master, manipulating the first generation heroes into realigning the satellites orbiting the ship so that the generals of Orakio and Laya trapped on them would resume the conflict. Often done when there is a large distance between the target and Rockbear. Walls, rocks and such objects can be used to obstruct a bosses’ attacks while the bosses themselves clip into the terrain, effectively preventing you from attacking certain points. This move can be a 1HKO if you do not have a high enough defense. Sep 2 @ 6:55am Current Final sidequest is high bs Hardcore Only Quest: Check Level 80 Boss: Check 1 Touch Combo Kill: Check 1 AOE Instakill: Check Level 80 Ranger/75 Hunter be damned < > Showing 1-15 of 46 comments . Dark Falz is the main villain of the Phantasy Star series. Both pilots, however, realize the presence of Dark Falz and secretly work together to stop his plans, imprisoning the monster on a underwater palace but dying in the proccess. When fighting in a party of 2 or more players, minions will spawn, mostly being Diggs. For each part on a boss broken before it dies, additional drops are added to the red crystal they leave behind. If Rockbear does not hit anything on its second swing, it will perform an elbow drop. Bosses can also appear as part of their own Emergency Trial or as a Changeover in any area.


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