Thanks to his earlier medical training, he was able to provide at least rudimentary medical care to many victims of the atomic bomb detonation. You, Lord, are The Life. Many miraculous healings have since been attributed to their intervention. His In less than three years, recrudescence of his lung infection led to a painful death at the age of 32. Blessed Mark spent the remainder of his life in austerity and prayer, actively preaching the message of Christ’s Love throughout all Italy. He compared his role as a priest with his role as a physician: A doctor must be familiar specifically with each of his patients as an individual, if he is to cure the illness. He became not only a Catholic, but a Catholic priest; and not only a Catholic priest, but a Catholic bishop! All Rights Reserved. 5. Also Benedictines, Bentley, Delaney, Encyclopedia, Farmer, Sheppard,,,, La precoz madurez del joven mártir Joan Roig Diggle, Medical Student and Resident Boot Camp (June 2021). Meditation on these two reciprocal roles of Christ, central to the Christian perspective of the Healing Art, would serve us well, as prayerful Catholic physicians and caregivers. Pope John was the author of “The Poor Man’s Treasury,” a book of cures. family to the castle, and turned one wing into a hospital specializing Saint Luke, on the other hand, uses the Greek word for a surgeon’s suturing needle. And it is he who recounts how Saint John the Baptist, while still in the womb of Saint Elizabeth, leapt for joy at the approach of Jesus, unborn but very much alive, within the womb of his Virgin Mother (Luke 1:39-45). WHO IS CALLED TO BE NEXT? While in prison Doctor Canh and his fellow Christians converted many of those imprisoned with them. He is invoked against tuberculosis and other lung diseases, and he is also patron of bachelors and of victims of torture (not that these two latter conditions are necessarily related). He became a physician and later was converted to Catholicism by the Franciscan missionaries there. From his first year of practice, Saint Philip combined his commitment to medicine with a fervent devotion to the Holy Bible, and to contemplation of the crucifix – his “textbook” of Faith. when they would, but never asked a fee from anyone, except that they pray an knew that his skills were simply God working through his hands, and saw his Francis was a native Japanese from Miyako. Finally, it is within the Gospel of Saint Luke, that Jesus makes his only reference to us practitioners of medicine: “Physician, heal thyself!” (Luke 4:23). A PERSONAL REFLECTION. Saint Emilian, a physician in Northern Africa, was flayed alive, along with Saint Tertius, for refusing to convert to the Arian heresy. However, his eloquence and spiritual insights soon led his superiors to direct him to Holy Orders. She is the patron saint of wheelwrights, and also a patron saint of teachers, jurists, philosophers, students and teachers. Although he was very worldly in his youth, resolved to become a Passionist, in fulfillment of a promise he had made when he was serious…, St. Gemma Galgani was born in 1878 near Lucca, Italy. To the advancement of this objective, the following roster of Physician Saints is offered. Also known as: Many wicked people, criminals, and false-swearers find themselves in a hospital by God’s mercy. To appreciate Christ’s personal answer to each of us, the only reflection we need is the one in our mirror! His medical studies were interrupted by military service in World War I, during which he served as a military medic – a Second Lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps. Ultimately, he was ordained a priest, and became the founder of the Clerks Regular of Saint Paul – the Barnabites. Having gained the highest degrees in medicine, Giles went to Paris and became a successful physician. Of the North American martyrs, best known are the Jesuit Fathers, Saints Isaac Jogues and John de Brebeuf. Who is called to be the next physician saint? Technology, Computers, and the Internet - St. Isidore of Seville. 1998 Saints Calendar and Daily Planner. His legacy is that of a scholar, devout Christian, and major contributor as both a historian and letters. A mystic, she received the stigmata, knew her guardian angel personally, and had many ecstasies. In art, Saint Pantaleon is a physician holding a phial of medicine. His death reminds us to celebrate the sainthood, not only of noble doctors, but of heroic patients as well — saints as diverse as Saint Thérèse, the Little Flower, who died painfully but patiently of tuberculosis while still in the flower of her youth, and Saint Roche, a medieval saint who suffered from a fungating tumor on his leg, and who is now considered a Patron Saint of Surgeons. Saint Pantaleon is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, known for their efficacious response to prayer, who are especially venerated in France and Germany. Hippocrates: The Father of Medicine, this pagan Greek physician, in his Oath, as well as in his other writings (“Corpus Hippocraticum”), set a standard of practice, which has remained the hallmark for the Christian practice of ethical medicine through the centuries. But he did, we did, and we are; and the rest, as they say, is history! A physician known throughout the province of Milan for his generosity and kindness, Doctor Pampuri ultimately experienced an irresistible attraction to the religious life. Rene Goupil, surgeon and martyr, is one of the least known of those who might be considered physician saints. She was eventually decapitated. Saint Joseph’s torture and death took place within Southeast Asia in a region which is now part of Vietnam. She is the patron saint of students. People were queuing up for hours, and youth, in particular, flocked to view the Saint’s relics. Hudson, WI, 1997. He prayed over each patient before working on them, Today, when our profession needs to be reminded of these values most, we seem to be attending to them least. Saint Martin’s surgical and tonsorial skills, as well as his great love for the Lord in the person of the poor, soon brought many to seek his care. He died at the hour of the Angelus on the Feast of the Assumption, 1285. Enable them to cure the ills of both body and spirit that afflict so many in our day. And Saint Niels addressed his commitment to faith with all the energy, brilliancy, insight and dedication which had characterized his former, scientific endeavors. Sadly, his legacy has most recently been attacked both by left-wing advocates who resent his communication with US Military and Intelligence sources (as though cooperating with our own government were a source of shame), and by cruel homosexual activists, who ironically exploit Doctor Dooley’s personal struggles to embarrass him among his admirers. His noteworthy address, “The Identity of the Catholic Medical Doctor,” is available now for your review on the WebSite for our Catholic Medical Association: d. 22 January 1931 at Vienna, Austria of bladder cancer. They practiced medicine on the coast of Cilicia in what is now Turkey, with remarkable generosity and outspoken zeal for their Christian faith. He is an example, too, to those physicians who do not share his faith…”, “Sick people are Jesus Christ’s creatures. Of course, there are countless others — not the least of whom is Father Damien of Molakai. ©1999 Catholic Online. From that time Pantaleon’s skills were at the disposal of the poor. Having lived in poverty himself, he treated them with the gr…, St. Joseph was born in Cupertino in 1603. Thomas Dooley, M.D. He was a Professor of Fundamental Genetics on the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, but even more impressive than his research was his dedication to the care and protection of these handicapped children. “Well known for his love of God and his boldness in spreading the Gospel,”4 he was arrested during the persecutions conducted by Emperor Marcus Aurelius. An exceptionally valuable site on the InterNet for related information is the WebSite for the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Healthcare Workers.,,, Calendar of Saints O’the Day – Saint Patrick’s Parish,,,,, Catholic Encyclopedia on-line – re: Saint Rene Goupil,, also, Saint Yves Mission, Packwood Catholic Group, Western Washington State,>,


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