{\displaystyle p_{x}} r The spin angular momentum vector of a rigid body is proportional but not always parallel to the spin angular velocity vector Ω, making the constant of proportionality a second-rank tensor rather than a scalar. 0000025938 00000 n At this point, Bohr made an assumption that departs radically from concepts of classical mechanics. = R Rankine was mistaken, as numerous publications feature the term starting in the late 18th to early 19th centuries. {\displaystyle p=mv} {\displaystyle \mathbf {r} } The Schrödinger equation therefore has the form, \[ -\dfrac{\hbar^2}{2M} \nabla^{2} Y ({\theta , \phi}) = E Y ({\theta , \phi}) \], with the wavefunction conventionally written as \(Y ({\theta , \phi}) \). ω The angular momentum equation. = ) 6276 0 obj <>stream , {\displaystyle L_{x}L_{y}\neq L_{y}L_{x}} v Other particles, including the photon, have integer values of spin and are classified as bosons. r 0000048615 00000 n m A particle of mass M, free to move on the surface of a sphere of radius R, can be located by the two angular variables \( \theta, \phi \). The radial variable r represents the distance from r to the origin, or the length of the vector r: The coordinate \( \theta \) is the angle between the vector r and the z-axis, similar to latitude in geography, but with \( \theta= 0 \) and \( \theta = \pi \) corresponding to the North and South Poles, respectively. L (just like p and r) is a vector operator (a vector whose components are … In 1852 Léon Foucault used a gyroscope in an experiment to display the Earth's rotation. We can show, not only that this result follows (Public Domain; Maschen). R Related questions 1) The orbital angular momentum of an electron in 2s orbital is: (IIT JEE-1996) a) 0.5h/π . , m i m × x L All elementary particles have a characteristic spin (possibly zero),[31] for example electrons have "spin 1/2" (this actually means "spin ħ/2"), photons have "spin 1" (this actually means "spin ħ"), and pi-mesons have spin 0. {\displaystyle \mathbf {L} =\mathbf {r} \times \mathbf {p} } Conversely, the Linear speed referred to the central point is simply the product of the distance 0000036899 00000 n If we write, \[ Y ({\theta , \phi }) = \Theta ({\theta }) \Phi ({\phi }) \], and follow the procedure used for the three-dimensional box, we find that dependence on \(\phi \) alone occurs in the term, \[ \dfrac{\Phi^{\prime \prime} ({\phi)} }{\Phi ({\phi}) } = const \], This is identical in form to Equation \(\ref{5}\), with the constant equal to \( -m^2 \), and we can write down the analogous solutions, \[ \Phi_{m}({\phi}) = \sqrt{\dfrac{1}{2 \pi}} e^{im \phi}, m=0, \pm 1, \pm 2 ... \], Substituting Equation \(\ref{24}\) into Equation \(\ref{22}\) and cancelling the functions \( \Phi ({\phi }) \), we obtain an ordinary differential equation for \( \Theta ({\theta }) \), \[ \left \{ \dfrac{1}{sin \theta} \dfrac{d}{d \theta} sin \theta \dfrac{d}{d \theta} - \dfrac{m^2}{sin^2 \theta} + \lambda \right \} \Theta ({\theta}) = 0 \], Consulting our friendly neighborhood mathematician, we learn that the single-valued, finite solutions to (Equation \(\ref{27}\)) are known as associated Legendre functions. Note, that for combining all axes together, we write the kinetic energy as: where pr is the momentum in the radial direction, and the moment of inertia is a 3-dimensional matrix; bold letters stand for 3-dimensional vectors. × The primary body of the system is often so much larger than any bodies in motion about it that the smaller bodies have a negligible gravitational effect on it; it is, in effect, stationary. in the MKS (meter-kilogram-second) system. in the hydrogen atom problem). m m 0000047649 00000 n r {\displaystyle \mathbf {r} } Therefore, the moment of inertia, I, equals mr2.


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