Finally, learn how to track progress and fade assistance. How do I get/purchase copies of the data sheets? ������ ��430�1�3. We live in a rule-driven world yet so often our children and adults lack the understanding of these guidelines. Make it Fast! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. %PDF-1.6 %���� These maps are an ABA based intervention and help identify the ABC pattern of behavior (antecedent, behavior, consequence) and will give your student or child a concrete way of understanding that “if, then” relationship – “If you do this, this will happen.” In this session, audience members will explore the purpose & use of Behavior Contingency Maps as well as  leave ready to implement this strategy immediately in an effective and positive way! Otherwise circle “on”. Embrace the power of ‘yet’ – these are skills they don’t have, yet. 0000011507 00000 n Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. However, there are some common pitfalls we fall into when it comes to appropriate schedule use. In this workshop, we will investigate how to increase positive behaviors, decrease negative behaviors, and how to handle emergency situations where nothing goes as planned! The data made no sense to me and had no value to me. Staff training is also essential. 0000001100 00000 n The forms below contain methods to obtain frequency, intensity, duration, latency and ABC - (antecedent, behavior, consequence) data. Four different Data Tracking sheets to obtain measurable, observed data for targeted behaviors. No matter how great your data system is – if it’s too complicated you won’t use it. 0000106814 00000 n It’s a daunting tasks setting up an autism classroom or appropriately integrating students with autism into the general education setting. Learn how to use your academic data to drive your instructional decisions and plan supplemental activities, write additional goals, or strengthen foundational skills. Utilize behavioral data to create function based interventions, determine the success of behavior plans, and increase functional skills. An adapted book is any book that has been modified in some way that makes it more accessible. 0000080548 00000 n This presentation covers instructional strategies for both lower level learners and more advanced academic and functional skill sets. My favorite part: everything is editable! These maps illustrate the consequences that result from both appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. We will also examine how appropriate and purposeful use of visuals helps build executive functioning skills with our younger learners. In this session, we will discuss a multitude of interventions for each type of behavior. Learn how to use your academic data to drive your instructional decisions. This session will explore using higher order thinking questions, play based learning, a focused read aloud, discrete trial training, and fluency instruction to build vocabulary with your preschoolers. The goal for all general education and special education students is to be learning, engaged, and independent. It can seem impossible to effectively teach a group of such different students when so many of us our understaffed. In this session, learn how to make your data system work for you. Let’s take a peek to see everything that’s included. 0000034812 00000 n Once you have all this data, you need to know what to do with. Children with autism are capable of learning to read when provided structured and individualized instruction! I keep a binder of all masters to all my data sheets so whenever I have a new client or new goals – I can quickly find and copy the right sheet. 0000050211 00000 n The key to successful data collection is to make it easy and doable! 0000080378 00000 n In this session, learn how to identify the skill deficits that your students are struggling with under the area of executive functioning skills. 0000050624 00000 n Students with autism are all so different and have a vast array of needs. Aggression and other problem behaviors can be the biggest obstacle to running a successful classroom. In this section we’ll review Task Analysis (TA) and Discrete Trial Training (DTT), as well as several methods of data collection. This workshop highlights ready to use interventions and real-life scenarios. Learn my 10 dos and don’ts for classroom schedules and make the most out of this must-have strategy! This is the only data sheet I have found to be efficient in this area! Learn how to approach teaching and developing these skills with the same rigor and systematic planning that we give to other areas of need. In this session, we will explore ways to create your own adapted books that build both foundational language skills and more advanced literacy concepts. Many of these learners need to be taught individually. We will discuss ways to take data that are efficient, time saving, and useful. 0000091282 00000 n For children with autism who may struggle with receptive language processing, schedules are even more important. We will discuss ways to take data that are efficient, time saving, and useful for both academic and behavior data.In this session, we will review using rubrics, rate of responding, frequency count, and tracking prompt levels to take data on both basic and more complex skills. Increased vocabulary will lead to more advanced reading skills in early elementary and overall school achievement. Data for Behavior. 0000011771 00000 n We will discuss methods of organizing your data so you can access it readily. We live in a rule-driven world yet so often our children and adults lack the understanding of these guidelines. In this session learn how to organize, setup, and structure your classroom. You can guess how long I kept trying to take data for…, When you have data sheets that are straightforward, simple, and easy to use you will be one billion times more likely to actually collect data. Making data based decisions is critical in determining if progress has been made. I tried to take data but after I did – I could barely make sense of what I had written down. Learn how to work with your staff so data is taken consistently across all areas of your classroom! This session will begin by exploring how to apply these strategies to everyday situations in an applicable and proactive way. By using the Task Attendance data sheet, teachers will be able to see the amount of on task time for a variety of activities, as well as determine the reason for the ending. Learn how to utilize your data to plan supplemental activities, write additional goals, or strengthen foundational skills. 0000035044 00000 n This session will also focus on the organizational aspect of reading instruction. 0000035335 00000 n Task Analysis (TA) Data Collection.


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