0000054183 00000 n 0000059955 00000 n 0000051364 00000 n 0000057046 00000 n 0000004889 00000 n 0000004236 00000 n 0000054603 00000 n 0000054526 00000 n If you have the right sort of property, both Swallows and House Martins can be attracted to nest. 0000009917 00000 n Tree Sparrows 0000002786 00000 n If the box isn't taken then, then there’s a good chance it won’t be, so try moving it to an alternative position. This bluebird box is our favorite and a go to for most bluebird box applications. Sign up with your email address to receive local bird news, tips on feeding, and store updates, The Wood Thrush Shop, 6029 Highway 100, Nashville, TN, 37205. 0000050686 00000 n If it isn't removed, species such as Blue Tit and Great Tit won’t use it again. 0000058427 00000 n You can even watch what's happening inside the box with one of our Nest Box and Camera kits! These nest boxes are made of a mixture of wood fibre and concrete. 0000045032 00000 n For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 0000052490 00000 n 0000041215 00000 n Family owned and operated this company produces unique and functional products that are really eye catching. So, even if the nest boxes you put up now aren’t adopted by breeding pairs in the months ahead (sometimes it takes more than one season before they’re first used), they will also serve as a safe and dry roosting place to get birds through the long cold nights. The two garden birds most likely to take up a nest box are Blue Tits and Great Tits. 0000058798 00000 n 0000054921 00000 n h�d��KBQ�?�����T԰0%qli�"��������Z�˛ġ�!H����)Z�G- AA�7������� ]#a"K�ߊiG�'x��m.\��Eݟ������Wh����Q&���t벑b\�[�m�f�+��W]ѴwX'�⽈+. By using one of our Nest Box and Camera kits, you can watch all the stages of use from the birds first arriving, to the adults incubating the eggs, the young hatching, the young being fed by the adults, and finally the young leaving the box for the first time. House sparrows also use nest boxes, with the hole being similar to a gap in masonry in an old building – their traditional nesting choice. For both these species, they typically build their own nest but Swallows will take this artificial nest (though will add materials to it), and for house martins the presence of this type of nest box may well attract them to build a nest next to it even if another pair do not use the box you've put up. 0000045412 00000 n ... A great box for those of you who like to monitor the nest. 0000044847 00000 n 0000452162 00000 n Providing nest boxes for birds in your garden is a great way to attract different species of birds, plus it is fun and very rewarding to watch the whole process of birds first taking the box, building their nest, feeding their young, then the young emerging for the very first time. Both styles include the pole and pulley system and all the necessary hardware to set up and install your Purple Martin house. Nest boxes with a hole are prefered by blue tits, great tits, nuthatches and tree sparrows. The Wood Thrush Shop encourages people to be a little more involved during the period of time a bluebird, chickadee, or some other native bird, is raising their young in a provided nest box. Once a nest box has been used, it’s essential that the old nest is removed. This bluebird box is our favorite and a go to for most bluebird box applications. 0000058118 00000 n The ideal position is a sheltered north or north-easterly aspect. 0000052413 00000 n We carry a variety of nest boxes for all different types of birds. 0000059505 00000 n Other species which may take up nest boxes include: 0000038839 00000 n 0000039015 00000 n 0000415935 00000 n 0000013515 00000 n 0000004641 00000 n 0000002396 00000 n 0000009042 00000 n woodlink. Blue/Coal/Marsh/Great Tit and Tree Sparrow, House/Tree Sparrow, Great Tit, Pied Flycatcher and Nuthatch. And this can be witnessed by keeping an eye on the nest box entrance at dusk, when all of a sudden a Blue Tit, Great Tit or even a few Wrens (who despite their strong territorial instincts often roost together) may disappear through the hole and hunker down inside for the night. 0000040519 00000 n Here is some info on the different materials to use, or not to use when making your nest box. For birds which use an open-fronted box, the size of the opening is much less of an issue and a ‘one size fits all’ approach can be used. Wrens Eastern Bluebird, Chickadee, Wren, woodpeckers, Wood Duck, Screech Owl, and Purple Martins. 0000057357 00000 n 0000005487 00000 n For one, some species – in particular, Blue Tit and Great Tit – will spend a month or more investigating a suitable nest site before making a decision, and that process can often start in January. 0000045860 00000 n For more information on attracting birds to your garden, read our guide on "How to Attract Wild Birds to Your Garden". 0000057805 00000 n 0000060581 00000 n A great box for those of you who like to monitor the nest. 0000220880 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000044654 00000 n Coal Tits 0000011300 00000 n A tree, wall or even a high fence post can be used to secure the nest box too, but generally, the nest box should be at least 1.5 metres above the ground. Even if it is January - a good few months before your garden birds get down to the serious business of raising a family, it is still a great time to put up nest boxes. 0000052070 00000 n Certainly, these birds are capable of doing all the important work themselves, but by monitoring you will be treated to a very interesting and amazing process. Simple, quality construction with a downward folding front door make it super easy to clean and monitor. There are also more specialist boxes with … 0000045599 00000 n 0000021592 00000 n 0000023695 00000 n 0000005421 00000 n a climbing plant on a wall so it is not obvious to predators. 0000044468 00000 n For open fronted boxes, these are used by species which like to nest in fairly dense undergrowth, and include robin, blackbird and song thrush. The ideal site for Swift Nest Boxes is under the eaves or on walls facing north, northeast or north-west out of direct sunlight. 0000043977 00000 n We give 10 years warranty on our WoodStone nest boxes. The Wood Thrush Shop, 6029 Highway 100, Nashville, TN, 37205 (615) 356-7640 Info@thewoodthrushshop.com. 0000044299 00000 n 0000012945 00000 n Robin, Wren, Blackbird, Song Thrush: Open Nest Box: Wooden Open Fronted Nest Box: Different species of songbird favour different nest box hole sizes, with extremes being a small 25mm hole for blue tits, and 45mm for starlings. Besides the fact that this material is weather-resistant, it also has an insulating effect. 0000060270 00000 n Swallows need a relatively flat area to nest – e.g. 0000006147 00000 n ATZ also makes Chickadee, Carolina Wren, Woodpecker, Screech Owl, and Wood Duck boxes. 0000010740 00000 n 0000218911 00000 n House Sparrows 10 0 obj <> endobj xref 10 105 0000000016 00000 n 0000053113 00000 n Here is a design for Grey Shrike Thrush, who will sometimes choose to nest in tree hollows, or nest boxes to hide from predators. 0000005923 00000 n "How to Attract Wild Birds to Your Garden". Modern houses and renovated buildings exclude swifts, therefore, putting up a Swift Nest Box is an easy way to replicate these nesting places. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. So a wall or fence which is covered in ivy or other vegetation is ideal. 0000045228 00000 n So never put a nest box in a south-facing position. 0000044156 00000 n We typically carry these two styles of martin house made by Nature House. When you clean out the box, just use a small stiff brush – no need to use water, as it’s best to keep the inside of the box as dry as possible. Nest box for the Grey Shrike-thrush Distribution of the Grey Shrike-thrush Shapes needed (based on 15mm thick timber) • Top: rectangle 230mm x 400mm • Sides: 2 x rectangles 300mm x 250mm • Front and Back: 2 x rectangles 230mm x 250mm • Base: rectangle 200mm x 300mm Special Notes Ensure the box is well hidden in a dark place that 0000058875 00000 n Where you site nest boxes in your garden is important both to the likelihood of the box being used by birds, and the health and welfare of the birds once in it. 0000050101 00000 n Every sale supports the work of your local Wildlife Trust, With temperatures dropping, feeding your garden birds becomes critical to their survival, It's never the wrong time to think about putting up nest boxes, but if you want to attract Robins, they have a particular set of rules as to where they nest. Sometimes a nest box will be taken in its first season, but often you have to wait until the following year. Starlings nest in holes in trees and building cavities, so will readily take a nest box. 0000059193 00000 n 0000003644 00000 n 0000051759 00000 n 0000038515 00000 n 0000008913 00000 n This chart shows you which type of nest box and opening hole size different species of garden bird will use: Different species of songbird favour different nest box hole sizes, with extremes being a small 25mm hole for blue tits, and 45mm for starlings. Placing bird food and bird feeders near your nesting box will help attract birds to your nesting box. 0000006036 00000 n They also supply us with smaller boxes with a 1.25” hole that would be well suited for smaller birds such as Carolina Chickadee and Carolina Wren.


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