See more ideas about Canning, Canning recipes, Food. Not just the techniques to ensure that your food is safe, but also the signs that there may be a problem, as well as the different food borne illnesses and their symptoms. Hot baths can be used if no pressure cooker is available, but the cans are less likely to seal. Canning. Safety of Old Recipes: When I teach canning classes, I always warn students against making their grandmother’s canning recipes because the standards for safety have changed dramatically. I enjoy all kinds of old-fashioned recipes, as well as canning, sewing, outdoor cooking, and other traditional skills. Jun 6, 2016 - Canning, food preservation, old-fashioned ways of doing things, homestead type of skills, etc. In some cases, what used to be common practices are now considered unsafe. A lot has changed over the years in terms of best practices for canning, and many old fashioned recipes are … In fact, you may have heard of your parents or grandparents doing this. •Old-fashioned glass-topped canning jars may look nice, but they aren't safe. This is an old-fashioned method of canning that’s favored by old-school homesteaders and home canners. I'm Sara. Canning became popular for long term food storage with the invention of the pressure cooker. •If you are new to canning, get a good canning book, such as Ball's "Ball Blue Book." I hope you will enjoy the content here and be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Canning is typically used for fruits, vegetables, soups and sauces. I'm so glad you decided to stop by! Even though canning is one of the most important traditional homemaking skills, make sure you are using modern resources for canning recipes and techniques. Ditto for old pickle or mayonnaise jars from the grocer; you can't rely on them to hold their seal. Use only new jars and tops intended for home canning.


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