I'm going to post a follow-up in a month or so after I get the comfort+ option. Long story long, my wife and I both LOVE the Novosbed Medium. Have had the Novosbed for almost 2 months. We recently tested their flagship memory foam mattress and in this review, we'll break it all down for you and cover all the details, like edge support and construction, as well as who will like this bed and who probably won't be a … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The ability to effectively isolate motion within a mattress is a nice feature if you or your partner is a particularly active sleeper, or if one of you is a light sleeper and the other wakes up earlier. Also, the floor and adjustable bases should work. I wanted the slower response and adaptiveness. The Comfort+ topper comes with a cover extender, as well, so you have the space to add in the extra foam and then zip the cover closed. Want a pillow to go with your new mattress? Yes, it does! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I could not be happier with my Novosbed Medium after sleeping on it since December. Novosbed is a Canadian-based bedding company that was founded in 2009. It’s typical for all-foam beds to have edge support that’s just okay, and we wouldn’t say the Novosbed diverges from that stereotype. The Medium version is the concentration of this review, but you may also order a Soft or Firm. Compared to the other numbers in the industry, the Novosbed’s price tag is pretty middle of the road. The company is pretty awesome. I have a feeling that side sleepers will have hip pain until they adjust to the new mattress. They seem to genuinely care about making customers happy, responding to negative reviews in a manner that suggests that they actually care. So onto the actual bed... My wife and I were close to buying a Tempurpedic and decided to shop around the Internet companies before making a final decision. In some of the reviews, I noticed that the Novosbed medium was compared to the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme, which was really comfy for me at the mattress store. The Novosbed didn't have any noticeable hugging effect. Yeah, I kept the bed. How is it holding up for you? 2″ of aerated memory foam. Couples typically opt for an all-foam bed for the motion-dampening effects of the foam. I too, was sleeping on an old worn out spring mattress. They have a 120 night trial period in which you can return the mattress free of charge if you don't like it. After reading reviews on Novosbed, it seemed most similar to the Tempurpedic design and was less than half the price. I contacted Novosbed and they had me wash the cover and told me it will stretch out over time as I sleep on it. We recently tested their flagship memory foam mattress and in this review, we'll break it all down for you and cover all the details, like edge support and construction, as well as who will like this bed and who probably won't be a fan. The topper does change the softness/firmness of the bed and helps to get away from that prototypical memory foam feel. “Responsiveness” is how we talk about the time it takes for a mattress to bounce back to shape after being depressed. Novosbed Mattress vs. Juno Mattress. And I can attest the company fully stands behind their return policy if something doesn't work out, as long as you're willing to wait 60 days to process the return. I never considered the soft as I had concerns over the lower density memory foam it used so if you haven't decided yet I highly recommend the medium, just be patient even if it seems really firm at the onset. Browse our mattress comparisons. First and foremost, the company is fully legit and was more than responsive and even pleasant to deal with. I had the unique experience of trying out both a Novosbed Soft and a Novosbed Medium. I decided to give it a try based on the high number of reviews that indicated that the mattress is like the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme. Novosbed never re-sells used mattresses. I am returning my Leesa because I find it too firm. Should you decide to send your mattress back, Novosbed makes an effort to donate the used beds to charities when they can. I'm a big dude as well and currently researching mattresses - it helps that the Novosbed doesn't skimp out on the densities of their comfort foam layers - 5 lbs! So in the case of the Novosbed, you’ll likely get better edge support with the Firm model, and rather poor edge support with the Soft model. Start with our mattress finder quiz. Douglas by Novosbed Unboxing. There really is no comparison here, the Tempur was softer and had more give (maybe because it was broken in), and hugged my body like I would expect memory foam to do. Your bed will arrive in a box and it’s all on you from there.


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