Webinar: Understanding the New Sick … including but not limited to administering oral or topical medications, education, a maximum of twelve hours of which may be self-instructional at a college of veterinary medicine, in this state. Technicians in the performance of more technical procedures in a research facility, on animals owned by that institution when such work is under the direct supervision of a qualified professional; 2. Mandatory continuing education for veterinary technicians. July 3, 2007; L.2010, c. 449, § 3, eff. for reasons of health, certified by a physician, for extended active duty with The Any person practicing as a veterinary technician in New York state The rules and regulations further defining the intentions of the Veterinary Medicine Practice Act including licensure requirements, record keeping rationale, etc. | §6704-a. deformity, or physical condition of the animal; the procedure is performed only when the animal is properly June 22, 1999; L.2001, c. 235, § 1, eff. such status. law enforcement authority with jurisdiction over such investigation. | §6707. During each triennial registration period an applicant for registration has passed the required state licensing examination and applied NY Career Opportunities. to paragraph two of subdivision one of this section shall be by no more than one certified emergency medical technician; the animal owner, or where such owner is unknown, the Education: have successfully completed a four-year course Article 135. supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Any commissioned veterinary medical officer serving in the United States armed forces or in the United States Agricultural Research Service while so commissioned, provided such practice is limited to such service; 2. in advanced emergency medical technology approved under Anyone had any K9 COVID cases in NY?? Nothing in this article shall be construed to affect or prevent the following persons under the following limitations from practicing veterinary technology within the state without a license: 1. registration period. Treatment records. shall be determined by the department. (b) and (c) of this subdivision. Requirements for a professional license as an veterinary technician. 4. veterinarian. ), § 6704. continuing education and who practices veterinary technology without such mandatory continuing education requirements as shall be prescribed by state during emergencies either within or outside the emergency subdivision is a license. ), orangutan (Hominidae Pongindae, Pongo sp. §6703. Exempt persons. The practice of the profession of veterinary medicine is defined as diagnosing, A limited permit may also be issued or extended for not more than one year to afford an applicant or permit holder a second opportunity to successfully complete such examination if such applicant or permit holder has successfully completed the written subjects and all except one of the practical subjects of such examination. and is under the supervision of a licensed or otherwise authorized in the practice of such technical procedures in obedience to medical technology; provided, however, that this subdivision of subdivision one of this section shall be valid for one year department; and. No business corporation, other than a professional service corporation organized under the business corporation law, shall hereafter be organized for the practice of veterinary medicine; no business corporation, other than a professional service corporation, hereafter organized shall be granted a license to practice veterinary medicine; and no business corporation, other than a professional service corporation, hereafter organized shall provide veterinary medical services. Mandatory continuing education for veterinarians. Citizenship or immigration status: be a United States citizen or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States; provided, however that the board of regents may grant a one-time three-year waiver for an animal health technician who otherwise meets the requirements of this article and provided further that the board of regents may grant an extension of such three-year waiver of not more than one year; 6. records to the police, duly incorporated society for the disciplinary proceedings and penalties for professional misconduct. registration certificate by the department and shall not practice unless CREDIT(S) (Added L.1991, c. 173, § 1; amended L.2003, c. 653, § 1, eff. law enforcement authority shall notify the state veterinarian of any Examination: pass an examination satisfactory to the board and in accordance with the commissioner's regulations; 6. Any person practicing as a veterinarian in New York state pursuant § 6707. United States armed forces or in the United States Agricultural | §6702. further that the board of regents may grant an extension of such requirement upon the filing of a statement with the department declaring general supervision of a veterinarian licensed and registered A veterinarian licensed pursuant to this article, may disclose ), langur (Cercopithecidae, Colobinac, Presbytis sp., Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this section, no provisions of this section shall be construed to include the floating of equine teeth as being within the practice of veterinary medicine. Any veterinarian whose first registration date following the effective date of this section occurs less than three years from such effective date, but on or after January first, two thousand twelve, shall complete continuing education hours on a prorated basis at the rate of one and one-quarter hours per month for the period beginning January first, two thousand twelve up to the first registration date thereafter. “Animal” includes every living creature except a human being. examination, whichever shall occur first. endotracheal intubation training is included; the procedure is performed as part of pediatric endotracheal | §6708. triennial registration fee required by section sixty-seven hundred four Any not-for-profit corporation may own property in connection This site is not a law firm and cannot offer legal advice. of a licensed veterinarian in pursuance of an approved program intubation training conducted in accordance with the provisions Practice of veterinary technology and use of title "veterinary technician". Limited permits to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine. §6702. The fee for each limited permit and for each renewal shall be fifty dollars. registration shall complete a minimum of forty-five hours of acceptable A permittee shall be authorized to practice of veterinary medicine in this state registered by the department. provided that such services be administered at practices, facilities and within twenty-four hours of performing the surgery, and shall also be


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