80%. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 6 Mesh Range Extender EAX80 - Add up to 2,500 sq. If not, then it will use access point mode. NETGEAR is a well-established US networking company, Dual-band AX6000 Wi-Fi extender or access point, AC6000 is 2.4GHz/1.2Gbps and 5Ghz/4.8Gbps, Wi-Fi only backhaul in extender mode – Single SSID capable*, Ethernet backhaul in access point mode – Two SSIDs, *Mesh (single SSID and sign-on) depends on your existing router supporting 802.11k, 1 x USB 3.0 port (for READYSHARE USB or PRINT), OFDMA supports up to four devices each on 2.4, and 5Ghz bands (8 streams, 4×4 MU-MIMO allows four concurrent streams, VHT160 support allows compatible devices to connect at up to 1.2Gbps, Use the Nighthawk app or via a web browser. In reality, it is a Rolls Royce to do the shopping. ft. and 30+ devices with AX6000 Dual-Band Wireless Signal Booster & Repeater (up to 6Gbps speed), plus Smart Roaming at Amazon.com. It received 287Mbps (2.4GHz), and only 52Mbps (5GHz) or a total of 339Mbps backhaul. The app will tell you how much bandwidth it has to retransmit. What you want to achieve needs to come into it, though. Plug one into the powerpoint near your internet point and connect to it via an Ethernet cablet. The EAX80 AX6000 does what it says – provided you have enough bandwidth. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. Netgear Nighthawk EAX80 Review Rating. (Ethernet cable full-duplex). COVID-19. This means its own SSID, login and password, e.g. NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 EAX80 - Wi-Fi range extender overview and full product specs on CNET. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … We recommend this article if you want to solve a Wi-Fi black spot. Seamless roaming. You can also use the access point (AP) mode. If you want to extend the signal upstairs (in a two-level home) and the main router is on the ground floor, then the extender needs to be somewhere line-of-sight – around the stairs to the upper level. I got average throughputs at close range of 457.99Mbps, 313Mbps on the first floor and speeds dropped to 189Mbps on the second floor. (GIGO). This requires the EAX80 to be connected to your existing router via an Ethernet cable. But it is far faster (up to 866Mbps or more with VHT80/160 aggregation). You plug the other into a powerpoint near the ideal placement of the router and connect the router’s WAN port. They are usually Wi-Fi 5 AC1600 dual-band (300/1300Mbps) and have low power processors and antennas. The Netgear Nighthawk AX8 is faster than this extender, although it is a touch more expensive; the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6 mesh system gives you more options too, and is faster at range, largely due to its dedicated wireless network for communication between satellites. But it is the perfect add on to a crappy gateway! Verdict. This forms the backhaul (total 1431Mbps) between it and the router. Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. The cure is to use it in Access Point mode with an Ethernet backhaul. If not NETGEAR has other extenders, access points and Ethernet-over-Power solutions that could help. The next best option is to use a pair of Ethernet over Power (Powerline) AV2 adapters at $199. Most routers have four gigabit LAN ports. That means placing it closer to the existing router to get a strong Wi-Fi backhaul or using Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet cable is full-duplex (1000Mbps up and 1000Mbps down at the same time). We need to talk about the whole gamut of routers, placement, extender mode or access point and more. Netgear Nighthawk EAX80 WiFi Extender (Hands-on) Review: Reliable WiFi Mesh through Brick Walls. Shop By Price. Understand if you place your router there you will get CRAP signal strength and speeds as you move further away. We tried! Smartphones will seek out the strongest signal anyway, so it is not so much of an issue. Learn More. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. A cut above other wireless extenders, the Netgear Nighthawk AX8 WiFi 6 Mesh Extender (EAX80) can work with your existing router to create … Now to be fair to NETGEAR, it does extend Wi-Fi to black spots, but it is quite expensive. Technically, if you use AP mode, you should use a different network name, as without smart roaming your devices may not switch to use the extender even if it has a stronger connection. Importantly, the Netgear Nighthawk AX8 WiFi 6 Mesh Extender is faster than any Wi-Fi 5 device that I’ve tested. If you have already invested a lot of money into a high-end Netgear … Or this device also supports a dedicated Ethernet backhaul in Access Point (not extender) mode. More so if you can get an Ethernet connection (access point mode plus single SSID). Liked: Easy to install Strong 5GHz throughput and file-transfer performance Disliked: Expensive So, we thoroughly recommend a wired gigabit Ethernet connection. You can manually change the channels that the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks run on, although you must connect to the web-based management interface, rather than using the app. As is the case with many recent routers, small changes (like setting up the Quality of Service and 802.11AX mode) can be made with … Garbage signal in – garbage signal out! Because all these do is take an already weak signal and retransmit and even weaker one!!! As an extender, you get fewer features on this product than you do with a full Nighthawk router, so you don’t get the same access control features, and there’s no guest network. An extender for a NETGEAR AX8 or AX12 – it scores very well. OK, do you have Wi-Fi black spots in your home? But even that can be an issue.


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