[2], The construction of new buildings served other purposes beyond reaffirming Nazi ideology. The Espaces d’Abraxas is a set of social-housing blocks in Marne-la-Vallée, a new town in the Paris suburbs. The construction was interrupted because of the war. In a time when art was changing rapidly, he deemed the avant-garde movement as degenerate. Several were destroyed after the war, but the ones that remained were turned into restaurants, nightclubs, or music shops. After World War II, Speer was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity and sentenced to 20 years in prison. A number of premises were constructed solely for these assemblies, some of which were not finished and so many examples of Nazi architecture can still be seen in the city today. Architectural style was used by the Nazis to deliver and enforce their ideology. It included eight housing blocks, swimming pools, and a cinema theater and it was supposed to house 20,000 guests at once. Later, the building was returned to its initial purpose, as it houses several regular exhibitions. The stadium and the Games that took place in 1936 were depicted in a 1938 documentary film by Leni Riefenstahl, titled Olympia. Gerhard Sommer. Part 2 shows the area of the site of Adolf Hitler's death and burial at his Führerbunker, sites where his body was autopsied and later buried by the Russians, the site of Martin Bormann's death and burial, and Horst Wessel's grave. The building was designed by Paul Ludwig Troost and it is considered to be the first monumental example of Nazi architecture. The notorious Keroman Submarine Base became the starting point of numerous U-Boat operations, especially the ones targeting Allied supply convoys during the U-Boat Happy Days. On May 4, 1945, the members of the 101st Airborne Division, together with elements of the French 2nd Armored Division, conquered Hitler’s famous mountain resort. The Nazi government under Adolf Hitler saw architecture as a means of imposing fear and respect. It housed around 4,000 athletes from all over the world during the Summer Olympics. With the fall of the Third Reich, the schools were used for other purposes. The complex was commissioned by Martin Bormann 1937, and the entire endeavor was paid by the Nazi Party. The term "Nazi art" is commonly used to describe various types of art, created in Germany or German Occupied Territories during the approximate period 1925-45, that received the approval of the Nazi authorities. It was designed by Ernst Sagebiel, a prominent architect that was also responsible for the reconstruction design of the Tempelhof airport. The Neo-Nazi movement was started as an attempt to revive Nazism, using many elements from the original Nazi doctrine and belief system, including racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism, and other ideals. Working conditions were harsh, and many laborers died. In Berlin, three were built, two have survived the war and are still standing today. The basement of the museum was turned into a nightclub that is considered to be Munich’s most famous high-society destination. Although Lorient was heavily damaged by Allied bombing raids, this naval base survived through to the end of the war. In Flossenbürg and elsewhere, the SS built forced-labor camps where prisoners of the Third Reich were made to mine stone and make bricks, much of which went directly to Albert Speer for use in his rebuilding of Berlin and other projects in Germany. ... Across Germany some 70,000 were killed as part of the Nazi euthanasia program. Like much of their cultural control they disapproved of modern buildings that had been constructed in the Weimar Republic. Prora beach resort was designed by Clemens Klotz, who won a design competition organized by Hitler and Speer. The former headquarters of the Luftwaffe is perhaps Berlin's best-preserved example of the Hitler regime's imposing architecture. In addition to the giant stadium, an Olympic village was built in 1934. The largest and best-preserved building that remains today is the Congress Hall. ARCHITECTURE • Seen as the most important artistic form of propaganda • Hitler described it as ‘the word in stone’ • Buildings were experienced by large numbers of people • Could be constructed in materials that would last • Could represent the Thousand Year Reich the Nazis were building • Hitler was fascinated by architecture • He spent many hours drawing schemes for new Formal elements like flat roofs, horizontal extension, uniformity, and the lack of decor created "an impression of simplicity, uniformity, monumentality, solidity and eternity," which is how the Nazi Party wanted to appear. It still stands today, on the island of Rugen, relatively preserved, but without further use. Sommer, 94, lives in a nursing home just north of Hamburg, about two hours drive from the German border with Denmark. Architecture. More than 9,000 workers were involved in the project. Today Hadamar is a memorial to those victims. In Internet Archive (1941 edition by Reynal & Hitchcock, New York). In Hamburg, two of the flak towers remained partially. The Nazis used buildings to emphasise their power over Germany. It was located on the shore of and in the pond Dutzendteich and marked the entrance of the rally grounds. Another three were built in Vienna. It consisted of (east to west): the Olympiastadion, the Maifeld (Mayfield, capacity of 50,000) and the Waldbühne amphitheater (capacity of 25,000), in addition to various places, buildings and facilities for different sports (such as football, swimming, equestrian events, and field hockey) in the northern part. Its appearance today is almost exactly as in the 1930s (minus the Eagles and Swastikas). Nazi architecture is the architecture promoted by the Third Reich from 1933 until its fall in 1945. Efforts are being made to restore the site into a living museum.


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