They’re free, encouraging, and blossomy :-) Here’s the link to sign up:, And if you’re on Facebook, consider joining our She Blossoms group: I suddenly was without the 2 most important people in my life. I have lots of friends and wonderful people that help me all the time. One thing that has helped me enormously is working with another widow who’s husband died five years ago and when we are both overwhelmed by a sudden memory (and one never knows what will trigger them) we understand that it’s alright to cry. I am an independent woman, but I had a wonderful husband who was a true friend, lover and partner in life for 40 years, and I miss that kind of closeness and sharing. The grief is overwhelming. I ask myself “do I want to travel?” I’m not really excited about that. Months after my Husband unexpectedly passed away I began going to a Christian based support group, called Grief Share. I think my biggest issue besides missing him is being afraid of being alone and what I will do if I get sick or hurt,etc. Dear Ann When you’re starting over in your 60s – especially when you feel like no one cares that your husband died – remember that you won’t always feel this way. As I said, I try to do things on the weekend alone and I’m very lonely. Even when there is some ambivalence about certain aspects of the life shared, it is important to verbalize your anger or your regret about what you lost and never had, or about what could or should have been. The very idea of starting over when you’re 60 years old and have depended on him for so much may be exhausting. I want his things honored with appreciation for their usefulness. I do not want to make others sad. It was very sudden diagnosed with cancer on 6th April died 15 days later at home because of covid. I do not want to be babied but a simple kind action would have been nice. I do have a daughter in town but she is busy with her own family. How can a person cry so much? It’s been a little over 3 months since I lost the love of my life, my soulmate has been gone He was a very healthy 73 year old until he suddenly suffered out of the blue a stroke. How do you start over as a woman over 60 after your husband dies? Please hang in there and believe that you will find joy again. Life is filled with joy but also suffering. It’s cold comfort but confort nonetheless. I am taking one day at a time and trying to keep busy, but each day the feelings fluctuate from total helplessness to just getting by. Not even my wonderful children. Different things work for different people…what has brought you comfort and peace when you were grieving? So I have just given up to just live the the life I have been dealt His burial plot was on Long Island, so I had to travel alone to bury him within 48 hrs. It is horrible, and terrifying, to have the life you’ve known and the man you’ve loved for so long just disappear. Prayer and my hearts understanding that we are nothing but loved by God helps to sustain me. I know the fragility of your own pile of twigs scares you and you need to know it can be reimagined quickly. The night of his death keeps replaying through my mind. I am religious but privately, the church is making me wait to have a mass in his honor. The phrase “Starting Over” just doesn’t feel accurate to me. It is ALWAYS a shock when our loved one dies! My friends live 3500 miles away from me and Covid might as well have put our friends Mars that is how unreachable comfort is. I try to give thanks for the blessing of having had Ed in my life to counter the immensity of the ache. Thank you for making this site. If you are like me, you will wish your husband were going with you and feel like a fish out of water going out without him by your side. It will be 5 years since my husband died .. we met at the university when I was 19. Larry said the heart attack was more pain that he would have thought a human being could endure. But once I got through that, I felt like I didn’t have to look back. I hope you have found your way. Then, to make matters worse, my 14 year old dog died. Im very confused. You will heal and get stronger. Still, I did my will and left everything to them. Some things stand out such moving in with my son and his family and moving out 5 months later. You pre-pay for funeral or cremation expenses at the time you sign up and lock in these prices, regardless of how expensive everything gets in years to come. We felt God put us on this Earth to take care of each other so that was our purpose in life. “I was with him for 30 years and we did everything together. But anywy i see mostly wpmen sharing on here; i hope i have not intruded , but just wamted to say thanks for giving me a little hope again. Sometimes I think some people (women especially) love deeper than others. My Mom hung on for about 6 weeks but my sweet husband only lasted 13 days. My husband passed away March 21 2016. A week before he passed, we went whale watching with our blended adult children. I was a widow at 59, my husband passed at 60. I been to counseling, started on antidepressants, and believe Jesus will see me through this some how. I go to work everyday and come home to an empty house. Knowing we had done this, we could both be stronger together. Our grand babies show hope and joy but our will to live must come from within us, with Gods help. are moving across the landscapes, As with the trip to London, I went alone; no tour group, no friends. I can’t believe all the things I still have to do. We have 2 daughters who are 30 and 26 so i am so very lucky. My sister lost her husband a little over a year ago and she seems to be doing ok, She is still in her house that her husband died in and sees her grandkids a few times a week, she saids that helps her. Seems everybody else has their own life and I’m not included. I was my husbands 24/7 carer for three years and I would have loved to have had half a day to myself once a week, now I have all the time in the world and I don’t care about going out anywhere. Sorry – rant over – I guess this is how my form of grief manifests itself instead of tears etc!! He’s a young 66. Having to do things alone is terrible remembering how we did everything together. I had COVID19 too so I was quarantined. My husband/love of my life died one year ago on the 29th of October, 2015. Never been sick in my life. I would like to have someone to share life with again. My heart aches for you because I know exactly how you feel about being lost without the love of your life and the life you loved living with him. the mountains and the rivers. And being self focused is a sin, in God’s eyes. I talk about that in the article, that I have to meet about 10 people before I find one I’d like to go for coffee or walk with. i do not want to talk to others about my husband because I start crying and I’m unable to speak at times. So I asked myself “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?” I want to do something significant but I’m not exactly sure what just yet. They liked & admired him, but have moved on with their lives, as well they should. He was a wonderful man and we had 44 wonderful years until pancreatic cancer took him in 3 and a half months. I still have those moments, but I am going longer stretches without the all consuming pain of losing my sweet husband. He was on medication and was careful with his diet and drank a lot of water. Sometimes this has to do with an understandably low physical energy and emotional stamina. I feel sorry for myself sometimes and I cry a lot and I WISH sometimes things could have been different. Empty words attempting to be comforting. Seventeen years after Lou’s death I am in contact with no one who was primarily Lou’s friends or family. 8 months after my husband’s death I was still in shock that he was gone. Take care of yourself, be gentle and kind to yourself. We did absolutely everything together and went everywhere together I really really miss him so much. When will it end? if you don’t feel better after a while…think about a support group or another widow to talk to…Take care.


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