- Torquay is quite rough in places but also some nice areas. Reposting in chat in case better place for this. Raising our son in fresh air, with an outdoor lifestyle and not having to worry so much about his safety. The thing with Devon is lots of places don't have much money but where it can, rely on tourism so have a certain feel. Traffic worries are all relative, Devon bad traffic is probably very different to London bad traffic for example! What to expect living in Devon Stretching (north to south) from the Bristol Channel to the English Channel, Devon is the only county in England with two separate coastlines. Nice town feeling, also very popular. The children are not keen to be somewhere very rural or at least want somewhere with reasonable transport links. Depends what you and your family want really....- Exeter is great but and to drive to Torquay with new bypass is better but traffic getting in and out of Exeter can be awful. It's not near the moor, or the sea, not particularly Devon like or different. Even Exeter has some really rough parts, and as PPs have said it’s a ball ache of a commune. The grammars are single sex in Torquay if you really want that. Everyone knows that moving house is stressful … Headache? By chance in January, when doing another house hunt in Somerset, my husband pulled a ‘wild card’ out of his pocket. To think boycotting to my DS wedding is too far? We did a lot of research but, however much research you do, it will never be enough. Girls is better than boys. It is rich with history, the locals are so welcoming, and there is so much to see and do in such a short distance. Torquay itself seems quite run down.I am torn between being near the sea and the moor.I wondered if anyone has any recommendations of possible locations for us and might be able to describe the pros and cons of the places and whether they might suit a family/ what the roads are like, etcMany thanks. Beautiful views. Comprehensive? Ashburton, located on the border of South Dartmoor, is a dream town for lovers of hiking, nature, and fishing. You should - it’s totally lush. Website Terms & Conditions South Devon forums . I grew up in Devon. I have just read my post back and realised that it sounds like you shouldn’t go to Devon. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this or not but would be really grateful for any advice.We are relocating to Devon due to my husband's new job in Torquay. After 16 years she finally made the leap to a small village in Devon. Schools are key here. Both companies are based in Devon and for us, this turned out to be a much better option than using companies from London, especially as completion was delayed by a day and we ended up in a hotel overnight, not knowing when completion would actually happen. It is also conveniently close to the South Coast and the lovely Dart Valley. A key decision for every family to make and research is the quality of local schools. There was a small town with good amenities either side of the village, and Taunton and Exeter were both a half hour drive away. Reply to: Moving to South Devon, help please? Most kids who grow up in Devon head for London for university precisely because it's so difficult to be a teenager there. It is quite hippyish though, but has quite a lot going on that might appeal to young people.Some of the areas futher along the coast e.g Salcombe, Dartmouth are nice but have a lot of second home owners and are exoensive and probably not ideal for teenagers in the winter. Up around cockington is pretty etc. Independent? - ashburton / bovey tracy might be worth a look as well as smaller towns nearer the moor but seem to be well liked. You just sort of learn to live with it. Similarly Newton Abbot (Newton Armpit) has some nicer areas (up on the hill overlooking the gold course). Our removals company, Wotton of Tiverton, were second to none, courteous, considerate and very professional. Chrissie is a writer with two published books. Places like Churston and Upper Preston part of Paignton have beautiful coastal views and quite close to Torquay- depends what your budget is really. There are train links from Exeter to Torquay. Newton Abbot area might be too far depending on time of day. Teignmouth is dead but there is the beach in the summer and Muse came from there. Lots of people do it. Read our community guidelines. The house was in a village just over the border in Devon. Top Tips & Useful Websites Are Shaldon/ Teignmouth or even small villages outside Torquay worth considering? It’s a county I know very well, and we both liked it so house hunting began in earnest. Good transport links and easy to get everywhere from. Go and get an covid test? It was painful in the summer. Moving to a town with great facilities as well as being near the sea. We also needed to be reasonably close to a mainline train station as I still (at present) don’t drive, and we needed to be near to amenities like shops, a post office, a good doctors and veterinary practice. The commute needs to be 30 minutes or less. Born and bred in Bristol Chrissie Parker moved to London with her husband. They are actually keen on Exeter itself but I'm concerned the commute might be a bit too far for my husband. - Teignmouth, Shaldon, is lovely. Ideford has nothing and zero transport, why would they want to live there? Maybe have a look around Chudleigh, Ideford or Kingsteignton? Sadly the West Country is still lacking in superfast broadband and we had to discount a few areas of Somerset because the broadband was so poor or super fast wasn’t expected to be rolled out for a while (in some cases years). @DobbyTheHouseElk- I heard that the commute from Exeter to Torquay isn't too bad now they have built the bypass.Do you have any specific recommendations of places to consider outside Torquay? (I have tried to be even handed but I dislike Torquay because I went to school there and I think Totnes is full of pretentious twats and I refer to Newton Abbot as Newton Armpit... but I’m clearly bitter). As my husband and I are both freelancers it didn’t matter where we lived, but there were still things that were very important to us. I have friends who live near there. The other thing that was top of the list for us was connectivity, because we work from home we needed to find somewhere that had good broadband, preferably super fast.


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