Each pack contains five gourmet thin pizza crusts … The kit comes with 4 crusts and 4 tomato pouches, great for game night or for 4 dinners at home. Molinaro’s prides itself in producing the finest par-baked crusts in the market, using only the freshest ingredients. Make your dinner preparation a family event, spending more time with your family is always a great idea. Pizza kits to make your preparation easier. At Molinaro’s, we believe that every great pizza begins with a great crust! I like my crusts to be not super thin and not overly thick and I thought this was the perfect thickness. By buying Molinaro's pizza crust kit from Costco, I found out the taste is pretty similar to the real deal italian dough balls I buy. Why not throw in a little fun while making your pizza! Pizza crusts are the base of any great pizza! With a variety of sizes and styles, you can start the fun tonight with your family by using a pizza kit to build your special pizza. Make your dinner preparation a family event, spending more time with your family is always a great idea. Product of Canada. Additionally, all of our crusts are Trans Fat free, the latest sought after feature by most consumers. This pizza kit is what you've been waiting for to make easy, delicious pizza at home. Includes 4 stone baked pizza crusts, 4 gourmet tomato sauce pouches, and 1 storage bag. When you want to make a pizza for your family or friends, why not get an easier start with a quality pizza kit.


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