Application forms are available on the College website and specific deadlines are cited on the forms. Careers in public relations (PR)are another popular choice for anyone with an interest in media and communications. Italy, France, Germany, Denmark), Africa (i.e. Here you’ll cover topics such as magazine publishing, newspaper publishing, book publishing, and new media. North America’s first one-year diploma program makes you job-ready for an independent career as a digital photographer. For purposes of this award, "graduating class" means all students listed as receiving or as being candidates for receiving bachelor's degrees in all College majors at the College's annual convocation each May. Students analyze the components of documentary style including narrative, cinematography, mise-en-scene, sound, and editing; as well as the different modes of documentary representation. No course of any number that is offered by or cross-listed with Advertising, Journalism or Media and Cinema Studies or is substantially similar to courses offered by Advertising, Journalism or Media and Cinema Studies may count toward the total hours outside the College of Media… There are many excellent options for media courses located in exciting destinations across the globe. Case studies include Japan and Hong Kong as models, with in-depth look at India, South Korea and China. ITAL 291 and CIMS 291 are cross-listed. Students are asked to write in-depth analyses of these films, and to note their own aesthetic responses. Use the search bar on the left if you are looking for a specific category, or browse through all courses below, and let’s get learning! Find out, with Alison. Intensive capstone experience for senior CIMS majors. For a complete list of currently available courses, students may log into their account on Student Center. Current University of Illinois students who will have completed at least one year on the Urbana-Champaign campus should apply during the a designated Intercollegiate Transfer (ICT) period. Complete a total of 124 semester hours of course credit of which no more than 12 hours total may be in basic physical education activity courses, vocational and technical education courses, basic courses in military science (AFAS, MILS and NS courses numbered below 300), Institute of Aviation courses, Undergraduate Open Seminar (199) courses, and independent study courses and other experimental or special topics courses outside the College of Media. On the other hand, the Diploma in Media Studies will show you the trends and issues which affect important types of media as well as the history and cultural impact of books, newspapers, magazines, radio, movies, TV, and the Internet. The College also houses the INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH, an internationally recognized center for interdisciplinary education, scholarship and public engagement in communications and culture in a global economy. In addition, students will each do their own capstone projects, whether a production project, a research project or a combination of the two. College of Media students may not complete double majors within the College. What will you learn today? Graduates of media and communication degrees may also enter careers in marketing, employing their understanding of a range of audiences and communication strategies to help promote a product, service or idea. Students entering the College of Media as freshmen are invited to join the James Scholars program at the time of admission if they rank in the top 20 percent of the College's incoming class, as determined by an Office of Admissions and Records standard that combines factors such as standardized test scores and high school GPA. CIMS-250 History of World Cinema , 1895 to 1945 Exploration of … Media School: Courses Whichever course you study, you will meet staff and students from all over the world passionately committed to the creative exploration of contemporary media practice. Our classes teach about different writing forms and genres, professional editing, and publishing and can guide you through the risks and opportunities journalists and bloggers face when using digital resources. The training programs at Sport Social Media Management have the general objective of training and giving skills to students, from different disciplines and fields, for professional practice in the field of digital marketing linked to social networks and personal branding. The Department of Media and Cinema Studies offers an undergraduate and graduate minor in Cinema Studies. The College also houses the Institute of Communications Research. This includes students who graduated in the previous December and those who are candidates for graduation in May and August.


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