Across Asia, there are legends, myths and folktales describing bamboo’s supernatural capacities. But if you study the Bible the way that Jesus intended and if we look at it the way the apostles use the Scriptures, people won’t make those mistakes and we can have a true understanding of this constitution for human life. The spider has no chance of overpowering the snake who is mighty and strong. Sara: My question is—no, actually you answered—I had two questions, but you answered the first one. All rights reserved. Pastor Jëan Ross: We’ve got John from New York listening on WMCA. Try as he may, this turns out to be an impossible task, another dishonest trick. She was called Kot. Heart-touching stories of lives impacted by the ministry. We have special messages there, study material. We still have mission work to do. With the rise in temperature, the bamboo shoots outside yelled continuously, “Too hot! Mary: Hi. Dear Father, once again we thank You that we have this opportunity to study Your Word and we ask Your special blessing upon this program. Another Polynesian legend associates bamboo with the creator god Kāne. (1) achu, translated "reed-grass" (Genesis 41:2,18; Job 8:11 margin). In the Philippines, the pandemic and the famine have not passed yet and powerful Typhoon Molave, Goni and Tropical Storm Atsani have landed. Outstanding! The drooping panicle of this plant will answer well to the "bowing down the head" of which Isaiah speaks. Back to Words index: Back to Artifact words index Pot. We want to, you know, make sure that our hearts are right with God because there is this judgment. And the apostles were all Jewish. While he sleeps, he dreams of a beautiful woman. The witch did not resurrect Samuel the prophet. And one more thing since you sound like you’re really interested in studying, we’ve got a Bible study course. Gradually what happened though, as the church headquarters sort of moved to Rome—which, you know, eventually the Roman Catholic Church grew up there—but as the church headquarters moved to Rome back in the days of Peter and Paul and the church began to grow with the conversion of Constantine—Constantine was the one who kind of established Sunday as a national day of rest with his Edict of Milan in 313 A.D. or is it 321 A.D. It’s called “Baptism: Is It Really Necessary?”—“Baptism: Is It Really Necessary?” And if you’ll call our resource line—I’ll let you grab a pencil so you can write it down—it’s 1-800-835-6747. Listen to all of Amazing Facts audio programming whenever and wherever you go. Welcome to a fresh installment of Bible Answers Live. Go ahead. A gift from the heavens. But in the real life, no one experiences sufferings willingly, and no one will take the initiative to request God to arrange sufferings for himself. No surprise then that we find a bamboo episode in their mythology. Pastor Doug Batchelor: Well that’s a good question. Pastor Doug Batchelor: Okay. Jane: How do these demons actually know him? Have you read and do you agree to our privacy policy? But if someone insists you not grow it because they consider it "lucky" and a pagan practice, if you can't convince them that you don't believe in the lucky aspect of it, it would be better not … A fantastic creation myth from the Philippines, entitled “Malakas and Maganda” (The Strong One and the Beautiful One), tells a story of the first man and woman being born from a stalk of bamboo. So, Hi, Pastors. Everything we learn about Christianity is really learning something about Christ, and the greatest field of study through eternity is going to be studying about Jesus. He gives us these prophecies so that we can know when it’s near, but He’s very careful to say we shouldn’t be picking a day or an hour for that—I know that you’ve heard this over and over again because this was a common echo of people that were disagreeing with brother Camping—but He wants us to know these signs, and I believe the signs are everywhere that we’re near the end. The two lived together, and Jutpu continued to make more people from clay. Amen. Charles: Yes. There’s a popular story from Malaysia in which bamboo features prominently. Anyway, in order to grow up, we must go through all kinds of ordeals, failures and troubles. Can We Obtain Happiness Through Pursuing a Superior Life? By the way, our team went to Oakland and interviewed Harold Camping last week. This explains the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. Pastor Doug Batchelor: Or They looked green and strong, full of vigor. As important as it is to go with the flow, in the spirit of Taoist philosophy, bamboo goes beyond even that. It’s the story of a wealthy and devious landowner with a very beautiful daughter, and a hopeful young man who works for the landowner and longs to marry the daughter. According to one story, the first man was born from a bamboo cane. There are around 1,500 different species of bamboo in the world that come in several different colors such as black, green, gold, grey, red, yellow, and powder blue. So, when you tell the story of Jesus coming through the Jewish nation, and some loved Him and some hated Him, that doesn’t cast all the Jews in a bad light because every Christian believer in the world today uses a Jewish book as their constitution. There are a lot of things we do that have their origins in non-Christian religious practices, but have lost their religious significance. background-color: #ccebd5 !important; But if any man say unto you, This is offered in sacrifice unto idols, eat not for his sake that showed it, and for conscience sake: for the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof: Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other: for why is my liberty judged of another man's conscience? I’m curious because they always tell you that you cannot go to prophets or to fortune tellers. Proud member Pastor Doug Batchelor: You’re welcome. border: 1px solid #ccebd5 !important; Let me share with you—and you know when Mel Gibson came out with his movie dealing with Jesus, there was quite a bit of fear among the Jewish community. Camping going to say? Keep in mind that we are a Bible ministry that needs your continued help as well. Sarah: I go to a non-denominational church. Giving you the history of the Sabbath and the change that took place, how it happened. My question was, “Did Gilligan go up in the rapture? Sign up for your daily dose of spiritual insight and encouragement from Amazing Facts. Special insight and inspiration straight from the president’s desk. That’s 1-800-835-6747. It’s just like the Holy Bible says: “The prosperity of fools shall destroy them” (Proverbs 1:32). When the bamboo split open, the little boy stepped out. Your email address will not be published. The way bamboo appears in so many legends and creation myths tells us how vital the plant is to their way of life. A guide for walking through all of Scripture in just a year—with catch-up days built in. (3) 'aghammim, translated "reeds," margin "marshes," Hebrew "pools" (Jeremiah 51:32); elsewhere "pools" (Exodus 7:19; 8:5; Isaiah 14:23, etc.). An inspiring passage from Scripture delivered to your inbox every day! So that concerned and I did my part in telling others—. (4) `aroth; achi, translated "meadows," the King James Version "paper reeds" (Isaiah 19:7). In other words, if it doesn't bother you because you know that "lucky bamboo" is no luckier than any other plant, keep it. Pastor Doug Batchelor: We have a book on it. No doubt, we spend plenty of time talking about bamboo, writing about bamboo, and thinking about bamboo. When it comes to seeing the promises of God unfold in your personal or business life, it can take time. There’s no submarine they’ve made that will go to the depths of God’s knowledge in the Bible. Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s right. Pastor Jëan Ross: You know that’s such an important point because there might be some listening right now that feels as though, you know, they weren’t raptured so they must be lost. Here at Bambu Batu, our lives are literally filled with bamboo. John: Well I’m a follower of Harold Camping and I love the man dearly, in God’s scheme of things—I don’t mean to put it that way.


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