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Ising model and its applications; Other models and their ground states ; Universality in different models; Problems and Hints 4; References 4; Mean field theory. << renormalisation group, aimed at "Part III" (i.e. /Length 447 stream >> endobj %���� Mean Field m i = tanh( X j J ijm j); i = 1;:::;N (1) Note I The intractable task of computing marginals has been replaced by the problem of solving a set of nonlinear equations. /Length 448 )�iM�}�,XjT\X������Dh�(��|ۻC3������2T�W��xݺ%׋�}h�q�_��؆������|�7�cN8e��T(F��00�>ǐ�LiM��cX����_�d�I�tVojV� OM� ������s*c�>a����� endstream /Font << /F23 6 0 R /F25 9 0 R >> /Filter /FlateDecode /Type /Page endobj [�C�)��H�2�H�3��G�$�l��w��~wTj>F�2�f$ /Filter /FlateDecode endobj Phase transitions: the song of fire and ice. /BBox [ 0 0 19.925 14.944] >> /Contents 3 0 R /PTEX.PageNumber 1 ���U�������2����ʷx8���J��4��U��-F�LS�x�5�l���q��D_�k�'��͘g:o1��͎�$��fv��z������4����⦅�ɮt�^×FS�f�3��љ֦T�Q�Ɂ��.T��J���W@��h�G->�]�K1۲�����kWa�s�nʰ �~h��� m,kbI$S��`�gR)�!c�����6� � 9�,����ȁ�b�+��>�6JEL�1�Y� /Filter /FlateDecode 2 0 obj << >> �2�� >> endobj /MediaBox [0 0 595.276 841.89] Permission is granted to copy and distribute freely, so long as proper endobj x�Mͱ�0�ᝧ��=ﮭ�*с���: !1֠��텢 �%��w;�ll�� � 3 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode The lecture notes come in around 130 pages and can be downloaded below. /Type /XObject /Resources 1 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 595.276 841.89] �`����ϭ�Z����8���4;��q��s4�3B3�A����p�^,�c��R�� C[k��?�1e�t�%{�|��6� 22 0 obj << 19 0 obj << >> /Length 325 The Monte-Carlo approach to the Ising model, which completely avoids the use of the mean field approximation, is based on the following algorithm: Step through each atom in the array in turn: For a given atom, evaluate the change in energy of the system, , when … ��9O�b��'�u ��Í�)7!PE=+�s�Ya* |*���tlԇP �����B� �,�r��q添����B��,�E��`�5���4 �wc�W�E�4�\����U���[�iA{T/��X�6�2P�T�ҋ��p4��gf����h,Th� `��Bv\ �q�K��p\�Nu�\90W�EZڞ�2��8�(�FSW��P��^7B���9+A�� �n��G��]�5X�l#�G Al#�cR�B;.��Soˉ8��?���N�m7�jؑ1h��׫A��a��͡1��_���a����. /Length 15 stream /Length 1458 endobj From Spins to Fields: PDF Introduction; The Ising Model; Landau Mean Field Theory, Universality, Critical Exponents; Landau-Ginzburg Theory, Domain Walls, The Lower Critical Dimension. /Interpolate false /Fm2 82 0 R Consider a system of half integer Ising spins with the Hamiltonian H = -JEơi dj -T -roiz where ir = - (); =(:-), This model was originally proposed by de Gennes (69) and has recently been much studied as a model for "quantum phase transitions” in systems such as LiHoF4 (see e.g. /Parent 10 0 R /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] /Filter /FlateDecode /BBox [ 0 0 1.993 1.993] Unbinding of a vortex-anti-vortex pair in the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition, by Brian Skinner. depend on which microscopic model is being studied. Rönnow et al. 13 0 obj << xڝTKn� �s Mean Field Theory for the Transverse Field Ising Model. /Type /Page /Subtype /Form Perimeter Institute Statistical Physics Lecture Notes part 7. /Subtype /Form Mean-Field Theory for Percolation Models of the Ising Type L. Chayes,1 A. Coniglio,2 J. Machta,3 and K. Shtengel4 Received February 9, 1998; final August 20, 1998 The q=2 random cluster model is studied in the context of two mean-field models: the Bethe lattice … endobj /Length 863 84 0 obj /PTEX.FileName (/usr/local/texlive/2014/texmf-dist/tex/latex/beamer/art/beamericonarticle.pdf) >> endobj /Parent 10 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode we x all m j except m i. I In each step MF free energy is convex. %PDF-1.4 /Matrix [ 1 0 0 1 0 0] /FormType 1 /Resources 17 0 R endstream 74 0 obj 36 0 obj }����s+b���&32�(�s�$���N:�*���?�҂����q�1�L�(�f���.ߦ��ohe��2���s�F{9w~�%T�[�agA�ɬ-���s��Bqg���׷F�te��Z�������袬�,aA`���8,1@j��z+%槭���+���L��kG����IU8��@��X�C+4���D�9%�l�V*[;]z�Yo�Q�� ,X�(���,߹�U�`f�c"��!�P7����me�-^��_����(����������lB�.�S������p6ޥ�d;N�7�ư�N��d?�"�D|cxgI�忽��={]v�Ti��a����ci���1Jr�B~��pD��A"�NC�#��"ȶ��n4��Ӿ���R؋�ĕ�WƔJ �A#zx����:\ ��}��ltrJ�Hs��d3|�HtI�]`������U=�N�J���^/�Ӎg�z7A�|��>;{ �螺f���F�R��b�p��|_�֛���R��l����q3�"�lj5�d�Y9||���S�n�'S��xwI�z�b]W�fU����|�H?�6�����^��uݬ�WѼ�C��&[o����o�Շ��Y� ��ɩ���:fč��7{k�w�h�׋�I� ���ގ?���Ň�M��[J�`$m�g��6�D^��|}���&}H�^�?MiM endstream Though mean eld theory often leads to answers which differ from their actual values, it has always been the rst approach taken by reseachers to predict the phase diagrams. There are various formulations of mean eld theory, but perhaps the best appreciated one is the Landau’s mean eld theory approach. /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] /Resources 86 0 R x�mRMO�0���19��g�����X@%�T!&q����A��ہ����ϼ�捿6�/;���5=b\`QqT�S�P�=d?���*�Q���:8��D$��Eɲ�!��H��p��}���&��y�+�݆������`Z�~q��`�V�m��>�مx2Qĩ��)`-�XH)T0�9�����`�d���Om� 4.7. /Length 164 >> x��WIo�0��W�19$x�n�j�mn�!�q;�f�!q The sign of cmust be positive, in order that the free energy be bounded from below. }o�~o /�ܻ"�uY��0�g*��:���_�^�ؓ�k��� ���?l�� Using natural path integral expansions, this quan-tum model reduces via a large deviation principle to a variational problem. stream /PTEX.InfoDict 81 0 R 6 0 obj /BBox [0 0 10.959 13.948] /Length 15 endstream Mean Field Theory Version 1,7 9/11/09 Leo Kadano! My First Path Integral: PDF >> /XObject << 11 0 obj << Applying of correlation inequalities, i.e. x��XYs�6~����I��`\���I�q�4��c��-Q2'e�J:����E���N�$��bw�LJ�Œ, #/Xo�0r��ˆԂ��ʅ&��,�� �ۑFu��J��L_=�V� ��!�%�Q޻���!9�"'�!���9�c':�$����E���B[fa=�9�DRir)� 6�2�1yGޡ�Q$����C�NE��Pe�5dڐ"�x�x$�`�@Y��[m�q��L]�hߗX;�F�"�~��ijsi1 l(v95`�����K�"��s��\�`[�2�af�f.S�{ 1����ų!GfɸIKz�T?J��=3�hf�\��:-X�BRt#��e� �D�+Ds�h�}�J;>��DM �Ղ�V�Q��������N���0�Й5�kj�����>����$�Z3�� >> 0_8��X�" ��Z��E�����kn�!�ba!�"�D��7X2kVp�|N�%�fa�b ¬�@�#����q��hF���!����\)�Hc�E}�����R�_{��{��o .����Ug]͢�]L��U�_���3J��B ��{�����]�j�g���'��k���oj��h' �$f܌wh��7[Ĥg6ŵ�1*�sL$J*;H�_k%���|�W� ����r�L�/���to�eG7��=���>��m����}����訣������4g����'�n\,�f�ޏM r����N���]�� << /Contents 19 0 R /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] æ��SZi��3�aJf�ێ�!��&�D��2œ��l��=�|����dfT��ʌ�'=�{���9�(3�������4���?K��Q27�Wq���e��;��G|��~���ګ{����8�)ܒk7�n_�;Ҥ�,��=I:��.�y[J�7IG� ��E�D׫�Ż��~�������o_�J�s"�2�� C���1�>c��"��s��B|����E����gA��o������vc:i_9?O��VT*-�tu!c��N�L��d��\l�zV6����}������������r�2��+��Z����}���f���I�����¡��/�x"���|T��m��z��Toj��=/�C�6��E5+�֞myQ4M��z�\��!ppe�9g������p���.ޘz��x��;*�Q>X�!p�������2�9U��e�[ޜG���s!�#���z۔�G�ຓģz���@@�f�j]wsuSn��v9������ͫ�3��M9��C2L�:&�i�:�(�/Þ��t=��s���l��"�u@�l��pE�{�8f� p�i�C Gb� x��XKo7��W�(��Ǵh�$(jǺ�=,V+K�Vo���\r���v�$N@\9��f�0�f�:-`�nQˆМZ�7��dW������m�0�~2*�Gr�}��V�������nHG�!����pTsC �%e=ؒ����&�����K�ʖXʵcǍ3���!�i��w�5�"�+�i%i~�� O$0ؔ��?� ��9Kj��%$p��&+&|�;pff7���9����X����ҢHbH)I� ~ � �O���.����,�,D*ή� ��w����=�iE�)�/h{f�U��}0:Dƚd�&я�ʖ�m�$��2�͟�9=�ܮ�,����m-�8��Y�~�~�+�����������YC{�þa���$m�=�.�՚��G�c��nE��bN{p�ݦ���I-����a�*Kҵ#YH��H�%��@&! stream


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