Placing them closer together can cause the fluid to travel more quickly, increasing the pressure drop as well as the heat transfer rate, according to National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning, a technology education initiative in India. Pressure drop challenges are commonly related to too high a flow rate for the equipment, but there are instances where engineers must work to increase velocity and pressure drop to ensure a highly efficient shell and tube heat exchanger. A smaller shell diameter can increase the flow rate of the shell-side fluid. For example: If the total pressure drop is specified to be 15 PSIG, the pressure drop for the entrance and exit nozzles should be less than 6 PSIG (15 X 0.4 = 6). The programs used to select heat exchangers assume equal flow in each channel. Plate exchangers such as the Bell and Gossett GPX series have significantly higher velocity limits than shell and tube heat exchangers, but there are still limits. An important consideration in estimating the volume that can be injected into such a system will be the maximum allowable pressure to prevent reactivation of existing faults or fractures, or the creation of new hydraulic fractures (discussed in Section 12.5). Do not use soldered joints in fuel lines. The manufacturer's pump specifications in Table 3.6 show that several liner sizes meet this designed flow rate. In field drilling operations, there is often confusion about the maximum pump pressure and the maximum circulation rates. If the minimum velocity is 5% of the design velocity, the Reynolds number is high enough to continue turbulent flow. Boyun Guo Ph.D, Gefei Liu, in Applied Drilling Circulation Systems, 2011. Installation of a check valve in lieu of an isolation valve. To avoid flow maldistribution, Bell & Gossett recommends a maximum pressure drop through the nozzles less than or equal to 40% of the total pressure drop of the heat exchanger. Install drip legs on gas lines to trap dirt and moisture and prevent fouling of regulators, valves, burners, etc. Disclaimer: R. L. Deppmann and it’s affiliates can not be held liable for issues caused by use of the information on this page. (2009), who noted the importance of assessing the compressibility of non-storage components of the storage complex for proper assessment of capacity and far-field pressure effects. Norm Hall May 16, 2016 Heat Exchangers, Monday Morning Minutes, Plate Type, Selection & Specification. Do not use the burner as a pipe support. Tubes arranged in a triangular pattern rather than square allow for faster velocity, and can also contribute to a stronger tube bundle construction, according to John E. Edwards’ “Design and Rating Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers”. All Rights Reserved. For example: If the total pressure drop is specified to be 15 PSIG, the pressure drop for the entrance and exit nozzles should be less than 6 PSIG (15 X 0.4 = 6). Isolation valves should be car-sealed open (locked-open), and a log should be kept. There are many considerations to account for. Relatively high temperature and pressure for some aerospace heat exchangers such as recuperators: Compressed air leaving the HPC flows on one side of the recuperator and the exhaust gas exits from the turbine flows on the other side. These metal plates direct the path and control the speed of flow. Since plate exchangers are used for very cold refrigerants, including secondary glycol refrigerants, it is best to check with your B&G representative once the minimum flow rate is determined. When pressure-testing new equipment, be careful not to exceed the allowable maximum pressure for included components.


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